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Sale / Specials ★ New Chippewa Oxford ▼ 9D / 27 cm ▼ Black / Black ▼ Wedge sole ▼ Made in USA
Auction ends 6 days
Current price ¥26,800 $264
Start price ¥26,800 $264
Buy-now ¥26,800 $264
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller shoepop_mens +3359
Condition New
Start time 2019-05-24T06:17:07+09:00
End time 2019-05-31T04:16:49+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number w143812826
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ShoePop Auction

★ Discontinued model special price. ★ (Size exchange with bargain items, please forgive me for returned goods. It is not the case if there is a serious problem with quality. )

★ New, 100% genuine guarantee, parallel import regular goods. ★
★ It is a commodity that arrived as a first grade product. It is not factory second etc. ★
★ It can be delivered at a reasonable price because it is purchased directly in the US. ★

Chippewa OCM305001Black Oxford Wedge Sole
Made in USAChippewa OCM305001Original Series Oxford, Black, Round Toe, Wedge Sole,
Maid in USA! ! !

Thank you for your visit!
■ It is a platinum rank member of Yahoo auction. Please use with confidence. ■ USA direct delivery *, parallel import import regular goods. ■ We can deliver intermediate price at reasonable price by purchasing directly in the US. ■ New, with original box, shipping included, no worries about duty! ! !
■ It is the first grade product which passed quality inspection in the manufacturer. ■ We guarantee 100% genuine. It is not fake, factory second, B class product, outlet product. Of course there are no punch holes etc. Please make a successful bid without worry. (Because I sometimes make a management mistake of stock because there are a large number of exhibitions, please forgive me. 99.9% is ok. )
■ We may end early because we sell at net shop.
■ The delivery number including express number airmail postage with tracking number is about 1-2 weeks from the shipping date is standard. ■ The same amount will be refunded later, even if a customs duty is imposed upon receipt. ■ After inspection, shipping with responsibility in the United States Shoopop can be done by the Japanese side for trouble handling.

9D (27 cm)<D= Regular width,E= Slightly wider,EE= Wide width (wide and high)>
■ I think it is a sense of size larger than half size. ■ Due to the nature of leather, please allow some time for the break-in period.

Estimated size (Of course it's best to try on the same brand / style in some store)
US size
twenty four
twenty five

■ The answer may not be in time just before the end, but at such time, it is good to meet you below. cs@shoepopjapan.com

■ Discontinued model. ■ Chippewa original series OCM305001, Oxford. ■ Shiny black leather. ■ Round to style. ■ Engraving "Chippewa USA" and Chippewa head on the side of heel. ■ Silver colored eyelets. ■ Partial leather lining such as the counter part. ■ The toes are pretty solid. ■ TEXON & maple leather insole can not be removed. ■ Goodyear Leather Welt. ■ Full leather midsole. ■ Vibram Wedge Sole. ■ Chippewa product certificate included. ■ Made in USA. アメリカ国旗■ It is a product that has passed quality inspection as a first grade product with Chippewa and has been shipped. Leather is a natural material, the texture may be partially different, fine scratches, stains, color unevenness may be seen. Practical intention for the manufacturer of work boots, there may be seen some parts of the making. We recommend the Japanese brand, Made in Japan, for nervous people who want perfection such as stitching etc. :)

★ There is no worry about shipping costs / duty
● Price including postageShipping anywhere in Japan. Express delivery mail with tracking number from the United States, delivery about 1-2 weeks from date of shipment is standard. * Please note that shipments to areas with many cases where it takes a long time to be stopped by customs may be delivered via the Japan office of Shoepop to facilitate delivery.● There is no concern about tariffsPlease be assured that the same amount will be refunded later, even if import duties are incurred at the time of receipt. Import of leather products to Japan may take expensive tariffs (very rare, but usually around 5000 yen). The same amount will be refunded later in exchange for a customs receipt, even if the customs duty is charged when receiving this item). If there is a duty, please let me know first. Do not forget to keep the customs receipt. (I can not accept what I copied. )
★ Trust and reasonable price
● We can deliver at reasonable price by purchasing directly in the US. ● We will be responsible for shipping from Shoopop. ● If there is no inspection at customs, there will be no delivery on weekends. Can be delivered by). ● Japan can handle the trouble.It can be delivered at a reasonable price because it is USA direct delivery, but it is safe even when something happens!

● Please understand the difference between the sense of quality for the quality in Japan and overseas, the damage of the box, the color shift of the image on the monitor. ● We try to ship within 3 days after payment confirmation, but shipping may be delayed due to reasons such as holidays / weekends / weather / many applications. Thank you for your understanding. ● Because we have stated clearly "There are products with reasons" such as those that have difficulties, please make a successful bid with confidence. ● We are forgiven by refund such as mistakes in stock management. ● See also self introduction column Regards. ● Please contact us before making an evaluation in case of trouble. ● Desired size, brand, other, are you looking for?
Up to "Questions for Sellers". The answer may be delayed due to time difference, etc., or it may not be in time just before the end, but if there is no answer within two days, there is also the possibility of mail trouble,cs@shoepopjapan.comThank you until. In addition, since the answer from the shoe pop may be erroneously entered into the junk folder, please confirm that as well. The size / model of the inquiry will be sent to Yahoo!. Products are stocked in the United States, so limited models sold only in Japan are not covered in principle.


Hope to see your model / specification / size at cs@shoepopjapan.com. shoepopjapan.com/wesco_boss.html

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