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First Tarot ★ hajimete no tarot ★ Fortune-teller ★ Mirror Ryuji ★ Arai Ryoji (picture) ★ Original card with 22 card ★ Home company ★ Shueisha ★ Shipping cost 164 yen ~
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First tarot ★ Fortune telling ★ Mirror Ryuji Arai Ryoji shipping cost 164 yen ~
Description of item First tarot new book
Mirror Ryuji (Author), Ryoji Arai (Illustration) Home Company Includes 24 cards 2008/11/19 11th issue Issued second hand goods. Comments from authors
Enjoy children and adults
We will deliver "Tarot of the first time". It is a popular tarot as a fortune tool, but the tarot so far emphasizes the mystique, and it seems that there were a lot of extravagant things that sometimes surprised the oppressor, amazing things. Tarot is indeed a mysterious and mysterious thing, but its mystery is not like a threat to a human being. Rather, Tarot's principle is to move people's imagination and to romantic feelings. In this book, Raji Arai's friendly and ingenious touch Tarot accompanied commentary that everyone can read and understand cards. If this one volume can invite you to creative play stimulating imagination, Tarot fortune-telling, it is not such a nice thing. Comment from publisher
From beginner to advanced, tarot fortune-telling decision book!
This carded book is made by thinking that tarot fortune telling which was strong in the image of "It seems to be difficult" or "somehow scary" until now so that anyone can easily do it. In addition to the traditional way of fortune telling, "Mr. Mirror Mr. original's easy and easy-to-understand style is taken into consideration as" pointed out by elementary school student alone ".. With a warm text like Mr. Miru speaks, Mr. Ryoji Arai's warmth illustrate the meaning of each card as a mysterious story, not only for beginners, but also for advanced tarotters, it is fun to read beautiful It has become a book.. Please whisper to the whisper of 22 cards. table of contents
Welcome to the Tarot World
Meaning of card
Rules of divination
Well then, let's begin
Seven methods of fortune telling (One · oracle
Simple Cross Spread
Time Arrow
Diamond Cross Spread
Celtic cross spread
Horoscope Spread
Matching · Seven)
Tarot fortune telling Q & A
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