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(15-3)Chippewa 26cm Japan Bob sole sole Shoe repair and sole replacement pair Chippewa
Auction ends over
Current price ¥4,980 $49
Start price ¥4,980 $49
Buy-now ¥4,980 $49
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller redwingbootslover1984 +320
Condition New
Start time 2019-05-21T21:21:37+09:00
End time 2019-05-22T21:21:37+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number w261145391
Seller position Kanagawa Prefecture

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Product Details
Mainly the Chippewa, etc., of the boots sole (Shoe soles)exchange. ★Size 25~29cm in
Domestic Bob by using our website, you agree to the use of both legs, the soles of the replacement products.. ★Flow of transaction about
(1) successful bid to
(Trading is the trading navigation use. )
(2) repair the goods to us please ship as.
(Excuse me here for shipping please bear. )
(3) transactions with navigation details, on the check, payment is due.
(After a successful bid,the highest bidder by the trade for you.. )
(4) we replace and repair work carried out
(Replacement is about 7 to 14 days is required Please note. )
(5) by replacing the sole completion of the work
(Yahoo business TA-Q-bin, the highest bidder to return products.. )★Replacement in 7 to 14 days is required Please note. ※By the congestion days will fluctuate. Please note. ★Midsole (upper and soles and in the middle of the thin material)of the Exchange does not. Also, the soles and sew the thing not done,please note. ★Intense reduce(midsole and Welt is no longer New, etc.)
Can not be replaced.★Outsole only for the replacement of the,midsole and Welt, between
The gap can be. ★Shoes and soles replaced, replacement materials and the knowledge to have before your own all the
Bid to refrain from other applications..
★I can, whether on your own if it is not,
For comments on the requirements you provide
Image I've read a few excellent stuff here.. On the subject,boots repair and service, wherein we
Attached image to the following address please send. →redwingbootslover1984@yahoo.co.jp
★Product arrival・after confirmation,your desired locations depending on the situation,
Repair you can, even if you don't purchase these. ★
This price is the auction price, and. Visit etc., we do not accept. Make sure our delivery will include:.Please note.
shipping method
Shipping free!!Items to be returned,Yaf cat! packWe will ship. * For simple packing district.. Please note.
Payment details
※Convenience store payment, or Bank transfer, the
Settlement from Please choose.
★After a successful bid,dealings Navi to the highest bidder from the work. ★This price is the auction price, and. Visit etc., we do not accept. Make sure our delivery will include:. Please note. ★Evaluation in a new way,a negative evaluation, the number is
Cancel the bid please you, please understand. ★Small questions we will accept of course
Please ask. And please after a successful bid, no claim no return in
Thank you. ★Boots of the repair can not know who is,
In the description Field to the email address on the picture sent to you,
Cute. Without confirmation,the repair can not be sent if the
Cash on delivery send it back to you. Please be aware in advance. ★Delivery is usually boots the arrival after 7~14 days, guaranteed.. Incidentally, the order number of the more delayed will be there,
Take responsibility for repairs will rest assured.
I have sent it elsewhere. Please have a look, if very well Yahoo! easy phlegm settlement (CLEA · net bank) can be used + + + This item description Auction Plate Maker 2 Created with + + +No. 204. 001. 002
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