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【British Airways BA】 18,000 miles additional JAL domestic flights are available! One way 4 times award air ticket avios abios
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Current price ¥42,300 $424
Start price ¥42,300 $424
Buy-now ¥42,300 $424
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Seller mrmjapan62 +333
Leader 3*a*I***
Condition New
Start time 2019-03-21T21:12:54+09:00
End time 2019-03-22T11:41:12+09:00
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Lot number w297193110
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【Japan Airlines】 JAL Domestic flights 4 times for one trip Travel! To homecoming! For business trip!
This product accumulates miles directly to British Airways (BA) membership accounts.Please make a reservation yourself. It is not accumulated to JAL account. If your itinerary is less than 650 miles per route, you will need one zone for 4500 Avios points, so you can use 4 JAL domestic one-way trips (4 intervals). For an itinerary of 650 miles or more per segment, 7500 Avios points per segment is required. EX. 1 section less than 650 miles
Haneda Hakodate
You can also issue tickets for third parties such as family members and friends at the British Airways official site (free) or call center (additional fee required). However, there may be problems if the number of reserved tickets in the name of the third party is more than the number of reserved tickets for the person or their family members.British Airways Executive Club Join Page (Free) Target routeCheck out British Airways for the itinerary you want to use for yourself.The following group company flights can not be used.・ Ryukyu Air Commuter (RAC)
・ Japan Air Commuter (JAC)
・ Hokkaido air system (old HAC)
・ Fuji Dream Airlines (FDA)[Details of dealings]・ Please make payment after a successful bid. ·British Airways Executive Club Number (8 digits), Romanization (Half-width) First name (first name) / Last name (last name)Please inform in the order of. ・ You will be notified about payment and required information, and miles will be added from 3 business days to 5 business days.[Notes on dealings]・ Please contact us if you can not confirm the mileage accrual even after 5 business days after receiving your deposit and required information.. Addition procedure may be overdue by mistake of name or membership number. Please make sure your name and membership number are correct. Please consider business days based on the American calendar. ・ If we confirm the completion of the accumulation but the customer can not confirm the accumulation, we may not be able to confirm the corresponding British Airways Executive Club account. There has never been such a problem at this time. ・ We can not accept cancellation of transaction to perform accumulation procedure immediately after having received payment and necessary information. ・ If there is an unexpected system error or a problem with your account, etc., it may not be added as scheduled.. In that case, please refrain from the successful bid of the person who is in a hurry, because it takes days than the usual schedule. ・ We can not accept designation of mile accumulation day. ・ The expiration date of miles is 36 months, but if integration or subtraction (use) is done, the effective period will be 36 months from that point. ・ If you do not contact us, or if you do not receive money, we will contact you several times in accordance with Yahoo auction terms and conditions. If there is still no reply, we will delete it by the highest bidder convenience. Please be aware that it will be automatically assigned a very bad rating on Yahoo!.【Disclaimer】・ The transaction is completed when Avios points are accumulated to the desired British Airways Executive Club account, and all transactions will be completed, and no refund will be accepted for any reason (account suspended, mileage invalid, etc.). In addition, such an event has not been reported to us until now.I am exhibiting from ANA 25 miles. BA / UA / SQ / CX / DL / AC have been exhibited from 20,000 miles. As an SPG Amex introduction bonus, there are miles discount! I hope you can see it together.
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