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Seller kingkongsapporo2 +4978
Condition Used
Start time 2018-12-14T08:15:55+09:00
End time 2018-12-16T08:15:55+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number x357233050
Seller position Sapporo city Hokkaido Chuo-ku

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Description of item About Condition
◆Sale country
* Domestic edition of the band's presence in the photo please check
◆Release year
A1 Tourism
A2 Heat
A3 Underwater Sequence
A4 Deep Rivers
B1 Nightmare Beach
B2 Gemini
B3 Paranormal Experience
B4 Eternal Rhythms
B5 New Rites
◆The Board of the
※Second-hand machines on the understanding bid please
Pre-owned machines for noise, which can please note
◆Jacket collection
Sleeve to break it there.
※Secondhand Board for aging(color fading・the bottom cracks, etc.) may please note that the.
Estimated condition of board surface M- As good as newNM- Extremely fine scratches, slight scratches to some extent.EX- There are thin scratches and dullness.VG- There are a lot of thin scratches outstanding, there is a fear of noise etc.G- Fears such as deep scratches, light distortion, sound skipping Estimated jacket condition M- As good as newNM- There is a light thread but goodEX- There is a scratch and it is as a second hand.VG- There are many thin scratches, corner folds, corner dents stand out.G- There are conspicuous damage such as conspicuous folds, tears, water damage.
The condition is a damage inscription as a used board by rough estimate, please offer a bid after understanding the second hand board. ※ The condition of the board, jacket is M ⇒ NM ⇒ EX ⇒ VG ⇒ G in 5 grades. In addition, we will state when conspicuous damage exists. ※
Please check before bidding about shipping cost
※ King Kong Yahoo auctionIrregular holidayBecause of correspondence to dealings Navi and a question, there is a case where correspondence is delayed, but be sure to contact us so we will be sure to contact you. ※ After a successful bid,At business navigationWe will contact the details of dealings are listed so be sure to check. ※Returns, refundsIn conditionClear differenceThere is a return only when there was, returned goods, refundable period isWithin 7 days after deliveryIf it exceeds seven daysAny returns, refundsWe can not accept, so please be sure to observe. ※ If you have any questions or concerns, such as details of the conditionFeel free to ask a questionPlease give me. ※ questions etcContact from the question columnPlease, please understand beforehand that we can not accept any other questions. ※Please contact us within 5 days from the end date of the auction, please pay within 10 days. Those who have passed the deadline will regard the winning bid rights as abandoned, and note that the successful bid will be canceled. ※ Product imageslightYaCamera settingsBy the real thingcolorYacontrastetcDifferentSince there is a case, please understand in advance.For shipping to customers living in Okinawa, we will separately charge 1400 yen as a relay fee, Please note that it will take as long as one week until arrival. We will keep prompt and courteous correspondence in mind, so thank you. Sagawa Kyubin Nationwide uniform 600 yen For shipping to customers living in Okinawa ※
1400 yen will be charged separately as a relay fee ※
Please note that it will take as long as one week until arrival.
--------------------------------- ゆ う mail facilities (post office) Nationwide uniform 300 yen ※ Packing material + product weight is within 500g
Only in case of purchase is uniform shipping fee of 300 yen nationwide ※
Record 2 points if you purchased a box set such as
Weight shipping change will do the rest. Please refer to the price list for details.
Yu-Mail price list
weight Within 500 g Within 1 kg Within 2 kg Within 3 kg
Shipping cost 300 yen 350 yen 450 yen 590 yen
※ Weight will be weight including product, packing material, shipping cardboard ※
■■ Free shipping service ■■ At our auction
Free shipping on orders over 10000 yen
* Bulk large volume exhibition, for multiple set items will be out of the subject of free shipping.
About payee's bank account Our Yahoo auction exhibition booth
■ North Bank Bank ■
■ Yucho Bank ■
■ Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts ■
* Transfer fee will be borne by the customer. ※
The transfer place is only the above, financial institutions other than the above can not be handled.
You can see other exhibited items of our shop. ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ マイ・オークションをごらんください
About the correspondence of dealings Navi, correspondence of a question About evaluation
King Kong Yahoo Auction is truly selfishIrregular holidayI am allowed to say. As your reply may be delayed in response to your question, we will contact you, so thank you. About evaluationNo need for evaluationThere are many successful bidders who say. In order to avoid troubles without delay, after arrival of goods,Those who have evaluated our shop,
In case
Those who have contacted us to the effect of hope in dealings NaviWe will only evaluate. Thank you.
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King Kong Sapporo store
Hokkaido, Chuo-ku, Sapporo Minami 3 Jo Nishi 2 chome-15
Gue 2-chome in N. VICOLO building basement 1st floor
【Tel / FAX】
【Business hours】
【Sales representative】
【Representative name】
Ohori Nobuhiro
【Business permit license】
Secondhand dealer license No. 101010001054 No.
Hokkaido public safety Commission
【Business trip purchase】We are doing free business trip purchase to Sapporo city and even Sapporo city area, please call us first if you would like to purchase business trips. 【Sending purchase】Regarding sending and buying, we are performing in Hokkaido throughout, please ship by telephone reception in advance. Regarding not being contacted, depending on circumstancesCash on arrivalPlease be sure to contact us as we will return it. [Store purchase]Those who wish to purchase at the store will accept at the shop directly so please bring your ID card and visit us.
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