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☆ Prompt decision DELL Xeon 2.8G / 4096M / 500G / Multi Precision T3500
Auction ends 11 hours
Current price ¥19,800 $199
Start price ¥19,800 $199
Buy-now ¥20,300 $204
Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller pc_temple +8609
Condition Used (Operation confirmed)
Start time 2019-06-25T13:11:24+09:00
End time 2019-06-27T12:11:59+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number x428716421
Seller position Moriyama Ward, Nagoya-shi, Aichi

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In our shop against the highest bidConsumption tax separately We accept it, so please understand
Our shop site does not correspond to browsing, dealings etc in mobile terminal. We operate it on the assumption of using all on a personal computer. Please acknowledge it beforehand.
Exhibit goods
Product Summary
It is a used item of DELL Xeon 2.8GHz / 4096M / 500G / Multi Precision T3500. Operation check is only for DOS startup check, optical drive load check. Even if there is a problem of a fine part which can not be confirmed, please understand that I can not guarantee it. All the hard disks are erased. OS and recovery media are not included, so prepare your favorite OS separately. * Only when there is in-house inventory, it is possible to attach a keyboard, mouse, power cable. ※ However, designation of manufacturers · colors · shapes etc can not be done so please understand. * Moreover, it becomes out of the operation guarantee out of the simple cleaned already with the service item. ※ Please understand after the above, if you would like please contact us by email after it makes a successful bid.
Product Details
State DVD multi (TSST TS-H653G) writing unchecked
There are dirt and scratches that won't fall even if you're brushing the whole
Control number d2852
Installation OS None
License seal Windows 7 Professional
CPU Xeon W3530 2.8 GHz
memory 4096 MB
video ATI FirePro V4800
hard disk Approximately 500GB
FDD None
optical drive DVD multi (TSST TS-H653G)
USB USB 2.0 x 11 (front x 2, back x 6, built-in x 3)
External dimensions 172 (W) x 447 (D) x 468 (H) mm
weight Approximately 20 kg around
accessories None
Caution · All the hard disks are already erased. · OS and recovery media are not included.
Reference site For detailed information please see the following page.
Warranty and warranty period
Only initial failure can be returned.
Returnable period is from the delivery date of the item7 business daysI will assume it.
If there is an alternative item, we will ship the replacement item, if it is not, we will repay it.
We will issue invoice and receipt. Please keep the delivery note carefully within the warranty period since it will be substituted for the warranty card.
※ Please note that we can not respond to returned goods when lost invoice.
■ For detailsHerePlease see.
shipping method
The item you bid successfully will be shipped in one of the following ways.
Shipping by cash on delivery The payment amount is[Amount of winning bid + consumption tax] + [160 size shipping fee] + [Cash on delivery fee]is.
[Cash on delivery shipping hope] andAfter receiving a message by either mail, fax or telephone,
We will prepare for shipping sequentially.
Shipped by Takkyubin The payment amount is[Amount of winning bid + consumption tax] + [160 size shipping fee]is.
In case of bank transfer transferOnce you confirm your payment, In the case of payment with Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accountsWhen payment completion notification mail arrives, We will prepare for shipping sequentially.
please note
By 15 o'clock the day you made a bid If you can confirm either of the contents on the right,
Shipping on that day is possible.
[Contact of cash on delivery shipping hope]
[Confirmation of payment by bank transfer]
[Receive payment notification mail from easy settlement]
If you contact us after 15:00, next business day shippingWill be.
In case of shipping fee of 120 or more Even if you contact us by 15 o'clock on the successful bid day, we may not be able to ship it.
With shipping "Successful bidder's name"
"Postal code of shipping destination"
"Address of shipping address"
" phone number "
"Auction use mail address (for identity verification)"
"Delivery request date"
"Delivery desired time"
"Address of Receipt"
"Tax notice of receipt"
Please be sure to specify it clearly or by talk.
Receipt by personal delivery Please contact us in advance in advance.(Business hours 9 am - 6 pm Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, regular holidays)
■ The map of our shopHerePlease see.
The shipping size of the item the customer was awarded is160 sizeIt will be.
After paying only the item price, separatelyShipping postage cash on delivery (pay shipping fee when we receive package) Shipping byWe do not handle it.
In addition, it is possible to use cash on delivery service (cash on delivery). Details on cash on delivery shipping →Here
■ For detailsHerePlease see.
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DELL Precision T3500
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