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Free shipping V29191 WORLD Lion of all units
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Current price ¥7,182 $70
Start price ¥7,182 $70
Buy-now ¥7,182 $70
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller xhkgr670 +8578
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Start time 2018-03-01T21:22:43+09:00
End time 2018-03-02T02:15:15+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number x482676945
Seller position Gifu Prefecture

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[Product name] Free shipping V29191 WORLD Lion of all units
[Description of item]
Free shipping V29191 WORLD Lion of all units
.☆.・:* ∴..☆.・:* ∴.. .・:.+ :.☆.・:* ∴..☆.・:* ∴.. *,★ :・. *,★ :・. .・:.+ :. .・:.+ :. *,★ :・. .・:.+ :. *,★ :・.☆.・:* ∴.. .・:.+ :. *,★ :・. .・:.+ :.☆.・:* ∴.. *,★ :・.☆.・:* ∴.. *,★ :・. .・:.+ :. *,★ :・
The content of the photo is all about
Address・dirt・dent has
The operation confirmed it.
.☆.・:* ∴..☆.・:* ∴.. .・:.+ :.☆.・:* ∴..☆.・:* ∴.. *,★ :・. *,★ :・. .・:.+ :. .・:.+ :. *,★ :・. .・:.+ :. *,★ :・.☆.・:* ∴.. .・:.+ :. *,★ :・. .・:.+ :.☆.・:* ∴.. *,★ :・.☆.・:* ∴.. *,★ :・. .・:.+ :. *,★ :・
Thank you for seeing this auction. Please be sure to check all the items below, thank you for bidding after being understood. *** free shipping ***
※ Hokkaido · Kyushu · Okinawa · Remote islands may cause extra shipping fee, please be sure to check with the first message. !! Caution !! In the case of Hokkaido, Kyushu, Okinawa, and a detached island, do not enter the amount of money in the "shipping fee" column on the payment procedure page until you show the shipping fee in the transaction message. ※ Large-sized products (refrigerator, washing machine and equivalent class size) can not be delivered to remote islands / Okinawa. ※ Specifications of shipper can not be accepted.
□ Transaction details
◆ Basically, I hope in a no claim no return. There are cases when there are dirt which can not be scratched or dropped in regard to second-hand goods. Please withhold those with nervousness. ◆ Accessories are all in the image reflected in the image. We can not check details in detail. There are cases where there are some omission of description, such as goods state, lack of parts, etc. ※ There are cases where there is not detailed about the product, there is a possibility that there are categories, different grades, etc. ◆ Please note that it is not a thing to guarantee complete operation in the case of second-hand goods, attached to the described item of "operation check". ◆ The color of the visible color on the monitor may differ from the image of the actual color. ◆Status quo of the questions as possible and answer so that you can work for, and support, you can please forgive me. As you can withhold questions after it makes a successful bid, thank you. ◆ Since we also sell it at the shop, we may inform you that the cancellation of the auction will not be in time in time and there is no stock, but please be sure to bid it after acknowledging. ◆Successful bid after 7 days, please contact us if the"highest bidder convenience"to cancel all. In case of cancellation, you will automatically receive an evaluation of "very bad" or you will be required to pay the successful bid commission. ◆ Since the refund request at the time of cancellation by the self-circumstances becomes the difference amount including the trouble of the successful bid commission and refund, please offer a bid carefully. ◆ Since the shipment method changes depending on the weight after shipping and the addressee, the shipping method will be specified by us. Since the shipping fee will be confirmed separately after the delivery method is confirmed, please wait until the information. ◆ If you have posted to the account before announcing the shipping cost, if you have already settled the shipping fee in the simple settlement procedure completed or on the payment procedure page, if additional shipping costs occur, we will transfer you to our designated account. Please be aware that the transfer fee generated at that time will be borne by the highest bidder. ※ It is not possible to pay separately by postage only simple settlement. Basically ◆ We do not accept receipt of direct merchandise. ◆ After payment is confirmed (payment within one week please) Leaving period Maximum one month OK! !
◆ If you can not ship for a long time due to customer convenience, we may ask you to re-order the item. ◆ The communication of dealings will basically only be done with transaction messages.
□ dispatch details
◆ The payment confirmation is taken as 13 o'clock tightening. The payment confirmation until 13 o'clock will become a shipping schedule sequentially after the next business day and payment confirmation after 13 o'clock will be shipped after the next business day. ※Packing circumstances such as shipment may be delayed in advance.. ◆ Basically the same day shipping can not be received. ◆ Shipper can not be specified. ◆ If you wish to specify the date and time, please tell us in the first deal. ◆ We will give you the date and time of your choice, but please acknowledge that it can not be guaranteed as it depends on the shipping company's delivery situation. ◆ Depending on the shipping method, there may be cases where you can not attach a delivery designation. ◆ When there is hope of arrival date by delivery method which can not be specified, we will adjust the shipping date within the possible range so please consult us at the beginning of the transaction. ◆ Depending on the size after packing, the delivery method may be changed after guiding the shipping method There are times when the date can not be specified. For details of delivery ◆ Please contact the shipping company. ◆ when the commodity arrives, we will your gun to check and be sure whether the damage or the like in the delivery there is no driver. If there is a possibility of a shipping accident due to trauma, we will contact the shipping company and the transaction message. ◆ For mailbox posting Because there are times when you do not enter the mailbox depending on the size, please accept the receipt. ◆ If the delivery fee separately occurs due to the reason of the addressee, it will be paid by the highest bidder. ◆ Depending on the product, it becomes a shipping service and may take longer to deliver than normal. ◆ The delivery method will be below.
Hokkaido / Kyushu
60 · 80 size 500 yen
100 · 120 · 140 · 160 · 170 size 700 yen
60 · 80 · 100 size 700 yen
120 · 140 · 160 · 170 size 800 yen
* Those whose total of the side exceeds 170 cm, or whose weight exceeds 30 kg after packing can not be shipped by Yu Pack. ※Stove・fan heaters(oil・gas・oil), batteries, etc flammable substances and strong acidic substances, including the ones Yu Pack cannot be shipped.
Outside fixed form · ゆ う mail
※ No tracking number, will be mailbox posting. ※ Since delivery on Sundays and public holidays is not done, it may take time to deliver. * Those whose weight exceeds 500 g after packing will be unable to ship outside the fixed form depending on the addressee and additional shipping fees may be incurred.
Letter pack light
* With tracking number, it will be postal mailing.
Letter pack plus
* With tracking number, it will be handed in face to face.
※ Hokkaido · Kyushu · Okinawa costs extra shipping fee. ※ Those that exceed 30 kg can not be shipped by Yu-Pack.Estimated delivery time zone
in the morning Around 12 o'clock to 14 o'clock Around 14 o'clock to around 16 o'clock Around 16 o'clock to around 18 o'clock Around 18 o'clock to around 20 o'clock Around 20 o'clock to around 21 o'clock
Seino Transportation Kangaroo flights
※ Okinawa islands will cost extra shipping fee. Since shipping fee will be confirmed separately after confirmation to the shipping company, please wait until the guide. ※ Time designation will be only in the morning and afternoon. ※ Saturdays-and-Sundays congratulation and designation of arrival day in busy season designated trader cost additional 540 yen.
Sagawa Express courier courier / jumping leg large courier service
※Refrigerator, washing machine and the equivalent of a class size of large items, Air Conditioning, flammable goods, including goods(Stove, fan heater etc.) is subject to. ※ Additional shipping costs 400 yen to Hokkaido. ※ Remote island · Okinawa is not delivered. ※ If the addressee is a corporate, time designation will be impossible. * Depending on the delivery area, time may not be designated even for individuals.Estimated delivery time zone
in the morning 12 - 14 14 - 16 16 - 18 18 - 21
Yu-Pack Price List
□ possibility of return / exchange
◆ By any chance damage · scratches, initial failure, we will correspond within one week from delivery. * "Junk", "unchecked" (no mention of "confirmed operation"), "no compensation" is excluded. ◆ Since correspondence within the price of the commodity (eg · · · · · · · · ·) such as installation fee and labor involved in the product etc can not be guaranteed, so please understand it as you can understand. ◆ We can not accept paypal fee payment because of unreported returns to our company. Please be sure to contact us from transaction messages. ◆Non-standard-size,Yu-mail etc. compensation no delivery method when,Delivery middle of damage・loss compensation cannot be performed, please understand it. ◆ There is a case that I am allowed to consider it as a refund after I return the item and confirm the malfunction. * The shipping fee will be borne by the customer when the malfunction can not be confirmed. ◆ It is not covered when applicable to the following. ※Delivery from 1 week or more has passed commodity
※Your use of the product
* Customer is defaced products that have been damaged
* Product accessories・manual,, etc., to the defaced / damaged・lost or stolen
□ Other Information
◆ We will correspond from 9:30 to 15:00 on weekdays. Friday after 14 o'clock · Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays do not conduct work, it is not possible to deal with dealings Navi. We will guide you from the next business day in order so please forgive us. ◆ We have returned evaluations to customers who have been evaluated in order, but sometimes the return is delayed due to business busy. We will be sure to return so please understand as we will. ◆ For the weighted transfer by the customer, confirmation is delayed. We will respond as soon as we can confirm the message from the transaction message, please transfer carefully. * The fee at the time of remittance will correspond to the customer's burden. ◆ If you have any inquiries after a successful bid by any chance, please contact us from the transaction message. ※ We do not correspond by telephoneSince I will consider it as a successful bid after acknowledging the above, I would appreciate your favor. Until the end Thank you for reading.Display based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law
Distributor name ★ East Heart
Location ★ 〒 500 - 8258
★ Gifu prefecture Gifu city Nishikawa 9-94
Responsible person ★ Matsuo
Contact ★ 090-8457-8680
(We do not accept inquiries by phone. Please use transaction message. )
(Saturday, Sunday and public holidays closed)
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