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2267_write nothing ◇ How to polish sentences ~ Writing on texts Exhibition of spirit and techniques of writing, from familiar families and drawing of perspectives to drawing perspectives from how to draw landscapes
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«Please read before bidding» All the terms and conditions on the transaction are clearly stated in the following item descriptionPlease tender only for those who can understand and comply. ② Requests concerning transaction conditions such as enclosed (basically impossible) and delivery date are consulted before bidding.No change after a successful bid. ③ first point successful bid immediately after shipping destination etc. transactions information. Input., Successful bid from72 hours within payment. Completion please do. ④ In case the transaction is successfully completed successfully, the exhibitor and the successful bidder will not evaluate each other.
- Over 350 yen items3 points or moreBy successful bid3% OFF(Excluding successful bid goods after textbooks · price cut negotiations)- !!! Other books too↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ «Search by category» ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓Please search.
/ Contents
※ As stated in "Guide of dealings" (c), please be sure to check the state of the actual item in the status column below.
2267 _How to polish sentences ISBN: 9784492041017
Author: Toshio Watanabe
Issuance: Toyo Keizai Inc. ()
List price: yen page: 245
Contents (from the "MARC" database) Aside aside, as a result, as we go along with the married couple roundabouts, why do not you go to the road of practicing writing ... familiar families and landscapes From the drawing of how to draw sentences of criticism to persuade people, release the spirit and techniques of writing documents. (Management number 2267)
Shipping cost
/Delivery date
Shipping fee: nationwide 164 yen ① Shipping: For the shipping method and shipping fee, lower"Information on dealings" (b) "Important" section, For packing specificationSection (d), About delivery accident compensationItem (e)It is as follows. ② Delivery time: unless otherwise stated"Display based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law" § 4Conform to the description in. ※ Please contact us for any questions / requests such as bundled or urgent shipping before bidding(Refer to "Guide of dealings" (g)). ※ I ship by Kuroneko DM flight (or click post).
State I do not think that the feeling of use · second-hand feeling is strong, but I think that it is a level that can be said to be good as a whole. Please allow for cover and body scratches / fold marks, extremely thin stains, discoloration / color fading, small stain spots, etc. that do not interfere with practical use. (Please refer to the appendix of 1 to 3 and the additional information at the bottom of the item description, as well as comments and a question column under the picture as part of the item description. )
«About defects of used books»In the above explanation of the state, although we are placing the result of checking mainly writing and centering in a simple way, it is not scrutinizing each page one by one. In addition, deterioration of paper quality / fading / sunburn / stain etc. may occur in the cover, cover, top / bottom, small edge, page periphery etc. during the storage period from inspection to bidding.Second-hand books have a defect like the following 3)Please be aware that there may be cases.Those who expect the quality more than "can read" this product, please be sure to instruct "re-inspection" of the point which I care about from the question column, please bid waiting for the answer of the inspection result from us.If you offer a bid without asking for re-inspection, we will consider it as exemption for the defect corresponding to 3) below.In addition, we may not be able to answer inquiries from time constraints, but in that case please do not bid forcibly. 2) If CD and DVD are reproducible, the presence or absence of scratches on the playing surface · somewhat are not mentioned in particular. Also, book bands, errata, reference books, problem collections etcTextbook correspondence table,
In case
Filter for memorizationIf you do not mention the presence or absence of it, please consider it as a missing item and contact the person who needs it before bidding. 3) Common secondhand books include spots, wet scars (wrinkles), dirt, tears, breaks, breaks, dents, folds, warpage, writes (including sidelines / underlines / markers, etc.) discoloration fading yore · page waves There are times when there is a defect such as striking (wave) · rubbing · collapse · shape collapse · medium crack · collection book · price tag peeling trace · dedication signature · shortage of appendix and separate volume, polishing trace of small entrance etc.. In addition, sticky residue that is often found in studies, thin writing and erasion marks, marks of correction tape (liquid), marker traces drawn on color impression pages and writing with color pen, on the binding side (near the nod) Please forgive the garbage (eraser rubber, hair etc) that is caught, the name etc. of the invisible part in appearance.We will check only if you have questions about the presence of old book smell (including mold, perfume and tobacco).Please ask those who care.
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(a)«Before Bid ~ Immediately after Bidding» ① Please bid after confirming that the successful bid notification can be received. ② As soon as you make a successful bid (in case of multiple successful bid appointments, just after the first successful bid), please read the successful bid notification,Please input transaction information (delivery and payment method etc.) and payment due date and multiple bidding schedule from the transaction messageFrom a successful bid24hoursIf transaction information is not registered within the complete form within72 hoursIf there is neither deposit nor contact of the payment schedule date within within, cancellation of the successful bid by the highest bidder convenienceI will do. ③ Since it leaves only for the successful bid goods within 24 hours from the first successful bid, you can settle all together at once. The successful bid goods after 24 hours have passed and the goods under bidding will be different accounting. ④ above "3 points of goods over 350 yen successful bid 3% OFF (excluding textbooks and price-reduced negotiated successful bid goods)" discount also covers items awarded within 24 hours from the first bidding. (b)«Important»① We will estimate separately the freight charges for overseas shipment. In case of domestic shipment, without special mention and there is no appointment before bidding, ② Kuroneko DM Convenient use products are all shipped by the same DM flight (there are cases where you can use Kurri Post for the convenience of the seller) ③ same DM flight Items with tare weight less than 3 kg are shipped by Yu-Mail (Takkyubin Compact · Letter Pack etc may be used for the convenience of the seller) ④ If the tare weight is more than 3 kg, the Takkyubin · Yu We will ship by former payment such as pack. (* Depending on the size of the book etc., the method of ②③.4 may be used together. ) In addition, ⑤ Even if you make a successful bid for more than one point, we basically individually ship,"Shipping fee" will be charged the total amount of "shipping fee" stated in each auction, regardless of the delivery method of ② ~ ④ above(c) The ones in the posted photograph are all the exhibits. Please contact other accessories etc. In addition, in the case of books, the "title / contents" column carries product information under the new condition, and it may be different from the contents / attributes of the second-hand books of products (especially appendix / accessories etc.) So please keep in your reference, after confirming the above status column, please inquire the details of the column. (d) Most books are shipped by simple packaging (inner bag: plastic bag for waterproofing + outer bag: tea envelope). (e) When using a shipping method (Kuroneko DM flight, ゆ う mail, others) that can not receive compensation and compensation for delivery accident (lost / damaged delivery delay / misdelivery etc of goods etc), the seller has a successful bid In the case of these shipping accidents after shipment to people, we shall assume no responsibility or obligation including inquiries / negotiations with the dealer, other than the explanation of the situation such as packing at the time of shipment.(f) Self introduction columnThe specific period of regular / temporary closure, the emergency contact such as system failure, explanation of the timing of dealings, others are posted. Be sure to read through before bidding. (g) Questions about the items in the auction and the self-introduction column and requests for change of conditions etc, please be sure to wait for our answer from the question column and bid. In addition, we may not be able to answer depending on circumstances, but in that case please never bid. Even if we receive your request for urgent shipment, special printing on packaging, bundled shipping etc after it makes a successful bid, we can not correspond individually.As long as there is no appointment before bidding, the processing from the successful bid to the shipment of the item will proceed with the standard specifications of the seller as well as the conditions as specified all. (h) In the final inspection after a successful bid, if a defect that differs from the state explanation is found in the product and it seems to be a problem in practical use, please report details before shipping and cancel or deal depending on the responsibility of the exhibitor Please indicate whether you want to continue. If there is no instruction within 24 hours from the report of defect, we will ship the item, assuming that you accepted the acceptance as the current situation. (i) Documents that correspond to letters of receipt etc. are not issued because (i) "delivery of letters" often uses the shipping method prohibited by law.
Specified Commercial Transaction Law
Display based on
§ 1. Sales price : It is a winning bid for each item.§ 2. Supplementary expenses: The expenses incidental to payment, such as shipping fee, bank transfer fee, etc., other than the successful bid price, the expenses incidental to shipping such as registered mail and express delivery are the responsibility of the customer.§ 3. Payment settlement: Please pay within 72 hours from the successful bid. However, only when you notify us of the expected payment date within 72 hours, you can postpone the payment deadline for the longest up to 120 hours after the auction. The settlement method is displayed for each product.§ 4. Product shipment: The date on which payment was confirmed and the day when you received the information required for shipping such as the shipping address etc., whichever is later is set as "payment date" and will be shipped within 7 business days from the next day of receipt of payment.§ 5. Returned compensation: We will refuse cancellation or return due to customer's convenience. If there is a mistake or a defect in the product that exceeds our exemption limit, please let us know within 7 days including the arrival date.Compensation for returned goods after inspection, refund or substitutionI will do. We will pay shipping fee / return shipping fee. Also,Compensation by repayment when shipment is not possible within __4 's delivery dateI will do. When compensating for a part of multiple successful bid items, we calculate the compensation amount reasonably according to the proportion of the amount of compensation item (winning bid price + shipping fee) to the total payment amount. However, in any case, the refund amount is limited to the sum of the successful bid price of the product and the shipping fee,Claims for other transportation expenses, troubles, fees, consolation fees, etc. are not incurred from the highest bidder at all for the seller due to the return or delayed delivery dateShall be.§ 6. Representative office: (Location) 3 0 1 - OOOO Ryu Ibaraki Prefecture Ryu Kuzaki City Kagisaki City 466 1 (responsible) Nakamura Masahiro (TEL) O Five years - 666 - 69 - 84 * Because of our negligence Please refrain from telephone contact unless you need emergency contact. Please inform us of requirements from dealings Navi. (Business) Weekday 10: 00 ~ 16: 30 (closed) Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays and New Year's holidays, Golden Week, Bon Festival each 10 days ~ Specific schedule will be announced in the self-introduction column. (Shipping) Ibaraki prefecture · Chiba prefecture · Mie prefecture, part Saitama prefecture · Aomori prefecture .. shipping do. "Temp_Ver. 20170820"
Stamp / gift certificate etc.
Payment with
Stamps areEvaluate face value at 80%(Request for gift certificates required)I am allowed to do. "Example of payment calculation" In the case of the successful bid price 470 yen + postage 160 yen = total amount 630 yen Face value of postage stamp / gift certificate = 630 ÷ 0.8 = 787.5 yen ≒ 790 yen(← rounded up to less than 10 yen)
※ Stamps are limited to those with unused · glue. Please combine mainly those with a face value of 50 to 350 yen. ※ Gift Certificate · Gift Certificate · Other, please let us know the type before bidding. ※ Please send stamps / gift certificates etc. to the office / responsible person of § 6 "Display based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law". As for the accident on mailing and delivery, since the exhibitor can not assume the responsibility, we recommend shipping by the method that the record remains.
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