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Brand New Improv Electronics Boogie Board Giot 4.5 BB-5 Red
Auction ends over
Current price ¥2,204 $23
Start price ¥2,204 $23
Buy-now ¥2,222 $23
Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller hotdenka7 +1308
Condition New («With secure manufacturer warranty»)
Start time 2018-02-21T21:18:26+09:00
End time 2018-02-23T21:18:26+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number x527207743
Seller position Tokyo

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New article ◆ ◇ New article Improv Electronics Boogie Board Giot 4.5 BB - 5 Red ◇ ◆ Unopened
Description of item
Product name Boogie Board Giotto 4.5 BB - 5 [Red]
Maker Improv Electronics
Product home page of the manufacturer http://www.kingjim.co.jp/news/release/detail/_id_18107
* Detailed specifications and accessories can be confirmed by clicking the above.※ Please confirm details such as function and operation method at the manufacturer's window.
【Description of item】King Jim Electronic Memo Pad Boogie Board JOT 4.5 BB - 5 Red
Screen size: 4.5 inch LCD
Battery life: Approximately 50 thousand times (erasable) * Battery can not be replaced
Supplied items: stylus, protective cover, warranty card
Height 148 × width 92 × depth 3 mm
color red
Handy-size "electronic memo pad" appeared. "Boogie board JOT 4.5". Write a swiss wife and disappear. Delete the screen with just one button! It can be rewritten as many times as possible (It can erase about 50,000 times) Also attached to the stand with attached stylus. Because it is compact, it can be held with one hand. Stylus protective cover that can be written on the liquid crystal screen can be written in Switzerland..★ It is safe [with new article · warranty] item ♪
basic specifications
Screen size 4.5 inches
Input interface Touch panel
Size / Weight
Width x Height x Length 92 x 148 x 3 mm weight 54.5 g
* Product explanation and specifications can not be exacted warranty for reference information at the time of the maker release. In addition, product design and software etc may be subject to change without notice due to manufacturer's circumstances. Please confirm the precise specification in advance on the maker homepage.

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After order form input, we will inform you our transfer account specified, so please transfer the amount you purchased to there. ※ We will charge the transfer fee to the customer.◆ Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts ◆Payment with credit card, please use the credit card in the name of the purchaser in order to prevent unauthorized use.
※ 【COD】 can not be used ※ If the name of the successful bidder differs from the transfer name, please be sure to contact us※ Example ... "Successful bidder = Ichiro Tanaka" → "Name transfer transfer = Yoko Tanaka" (family name) * Example ... "Successor bidder = Makoto Suzuki" → "Name transfer = = Suzuki Construction Co., Ltd." (company name)
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CustomerYou have registered for Yahoo! 【E-mail address】It will be delivered to. Please contact us about dealingsOrder FormThe input explanation of it is stated. ↓ ↓ ↓-------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------
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3) Transfer of product price by customer
After input, from YahooAutomatic delivery of order form input reception mailIt will be. After confirming the contents, from the successful bid dayTransfer within 2 business daysThank you. (Consumption tax, shipping fee etc are reflected at the time of this mail. )※ COD can not be used. * Please inform "Please be sure" in case the name of the successful bidder and the transfer name are different.【Case of family name】 ... "Successful bidder = Ichiro Tanaka" / "Name transfer transfer = Yoko Tanaka" 【Case of company name】 ... "Successful bidder = Makoto Suzuki" / "Name transfer = = Suzuki Construction Co., Ltd." ↓ ↓ ↓-------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------- 4) Shipping of goodsAs soon as we can confirm the transfer of the item price, we will enter the shipping procedure. ※ Shipping is scheduled around 1 ~ 3 business days after payment normally.Those who are in a hurry, please bid it in advance from the "question column" after [date of shipping expected] [necessary days of transportation route] [arrival expected date] etc.* Including public holidaysContinuous holiday period, New Year's holiday · Golden week · O bon trainBecause there is a possibility that shipment and arrival will be delayed from normal during the period, please understand in advance. Also, large flights, special flights, etcRegarding the items of some transportation methods, delivery after adjusting the schedule that the driver can visitIt may be. Please give me a bid after consenting the contents of dealings.It's fun and ♪ I will correspond with sincerity aiming for comfortable dealings ♪
We will contact you by e-mail when product shipment is completed ♪ Please be assured ♪-------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------- ◆ Notes ◆
In case
※ When mail does not arrive ※Since [Saturdays-and-Sundays congratulation, except for shop holidays such as long vacation] I will send within 24 hours at the latest,When mail does not arrive after 24 hours after a successful bid,Please confirm whether it is sorted into spam folder etc.,If it still does not arrive,
In casehotdenka7@yahoo.co.jpAlternatively,My auction[Successful bid] → Successful bid item detail page → Item image is at the top"Contact bulletin board"Please inform me. ★連絡掲示板にてメッセージ確認★※ Please refrain from neglecting trading while keeping in contactIf there is no reply from the order form or the message bulletin board within 24 hours, if the transfer can not be confirmed within 2 business days,By the convenience of the successful bidder "Cancel"I will do. In that case, the highest bidder than Yahoo "Automatic, bad evaluation "will be sent(On the system, we can not avoid it) Please understand.◆ About warranty ◆The warranty period is basically one year from purchase. ※ Product description and manufacturer page 2 year warranty, 3 year warranty, 6 month warranty etc, if there is a separate description that content will be adapted. Repair will be made to all manufacturers including initial malfunction.◆ For question correspondence and cancellation of bidding during the holding period ◆We can not answer questions outside business hours, just before the end of the auction.Price negotiation,Please understand that we do not answer the content that can be confirmed by the item description. Please refrain from the question about the product contents after it makes a successful bid. (Cancellation after it makes a successful bid is impossible)
Because we will not cancel due to bid mistake, please tender after checking the contents carefully.◆ About successful bid cancellation and returned goodsReturned goods due to customer convenience, cancel is not accepted. Products purchased through mail order will be excluded from cooling off (unconditional cancellation) stipulated by the Specified Commercial Transactions Law. In the case of cancellation after bidding successfully, in the case of lack of communication, we will proceed to Yahoo at 【cancellation with the circumstances of the highest bidder】. Please acknowledge it beforehand. If you receive a different product from the order, very sorry to trouble you, but please contact within one week from the arrival of the item. Please be forewarned that returns / exchanges can not be made after more than one week has elapsed. The color tone of the image may be different depending on the screen of your personal computer or mobile terminal. In addition, product description and specifications become information at the time of the maker release, can not complete warranty. Moreover, it may be changed without notice due to improvements etc. at the manufacturer etc.. Please confirm the precise specification in advance on the maker homepage.
【Q & A】 (check point before bidding) ◆ "Can you bundle?" ◆ "Is shipping fee the same if you bought two points?" → Yes. If you purchase two points it is a shipping fee for one point ♪ (There are times when it becomes an individual shipping cost if the interval is empty for more than 3 days. In addition, depending on the product it will be dispensed in multiple mouths) ◆ "Is there a function of ~?" ◆ "What is the accessory?" ◆ "What is the producing country?" ◆ "Does it correspond to"? → I am sorry. Even for accurate and detailed answers, it is at the top of this "item description page""Manufacturer home page"ToclickPlease check at the manufacturer page (window) ♪ ◆ "Is it possible to set up a large home appliance, solve island delivery?" → It will be delivered to the entrance (eaves)We are not installing.Also,Delivery to remote islands can not be performed. ◆ "Can you pick up recycled home electronics?" → Because of mail-order specialization, we do not collect. Please make arrangements separately if necessary. Search on "Region name + home electronics recycling" on the Internet is recommended ♪ (eg "Tokyo home electronics recycling" etc.) ◆ "Is it possible to issue a receipt?"→ Yes.I can do it♪ (Basically it will be issued in an electronic file (pdf) (stamp fee, stamp fee unnecessary)) 【Q & A】 (Check point after bidding) ◆ "Order form is missing"→ "Yahoo auction top screen" → "My auction"→Please go to "successful bid" → bidding "item details" → "order form". After entering the necessary items, "confirm" → "send" Please press the button twice in total.★オーダーフォーム入力★◆ "I do not know the order form input"→ We will register the information of the addressee directly at our shop. Please contact us via e-mail or contact bulletin board, postal code, address, name, telephone number, payment method. ◆ "Mail does not arrive" → Since I am allowed to send it within 24 hours at the latest, except for store holidays such as Saturdays-and-Sundays congratulation, long vacation,When mail does not arrive after 24 hours after a successful bid,There is a possibility that settings that can not be received (blocked) are working. In that case, sorry to trouble you,"Contact bulletin board"Please contact us. ◆ "Where is the" contact bulletin board "?" → "Top screen of Yahoo auction" → "My auction" → "Successful bidder" → and click the title of the item you bid successfully. There is an entrance of "contact bulletin board" on the right side of the "product image" as much as the middle of the screen, on the right side of the "product information" tab. ★連絡掲示板にてメッセージ確認★
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