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SONY micro television 5-303 with power cord
Auction ends over
Current price ¥5,000 $48
Start price ¥5,000 $48
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller azbg3254 +1070
Condition Other (Junk)
Start time 2018-08-30T22:41:42+09:00
End time 2018-09-06T15:37:42+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number x544954546
Seller position Gunma Prefecture
SONY micro television 5-303 with power cord

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Thank you for viewing. When you are bidding, please read carefully until the end, thank you after convincing. The power supply entered. Because it is not compatible with terrestrial digital broadcasting, it could not be received. I have not confirmed any further. I do not know the shortage etc. It becomes present condition delivery. The antenna seems to be replaced with another thing, not the thing that was attached. I can not shrink short. Because the antenna can not shrink, put it in a large box and ship it. I can not remove the antenna. Those who are looking for perfect operation goods should withhold. I hope in a no claim, no return. Since operation check has not been done, I will treat it as junk. I think that repair, adjustment, parts replacement etc. are necessary, but since I will consider it as present condition delivery, I hope the repair etc on the successful bidder. Please be advised that you can not bear the cost etc. Thank you for your understanding only to the old thing of the present condition delivery. New people and those with a lot of bad evaluations may be deleted. Moreover, I will wait for three days after a successful bid, but I will delete it for convenience of the highest bidder when there is no connection. Dispatch will be the Yu-Pack edition version 120 size. (Because the antenna does not shrink) Other methods can not be done. I was told the complaint that the shipping company came to delivery in the absence time. I have not told you. Please say the complaint to the shipping company when there is such a thing. Because the payment method became only easy settlement, I will delete it for convenience 'sake of the successful bidder in case it was not possible to pay by the deadline of the simple settlement. Thank you.
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