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40 pcs (4 pcs x 10 pcs) AA type Panasonic Alkaline Battery Battery Use Recommended Due Date August 2028
Auction ends over
Current price ¥1,500 $15
Start price ¥1,500 $15
Buy-now ¥1,500 $15
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller tpsports312 +2231
Condition New
Start time 2018-10-16T11:45:04+09:00
End time 2018-10-19T03:05:50+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number x572113523
Seller position Utsunomiya city, Tochigi prefecture

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Transaction contact
★ If you do not understand the transaction method of dealings Navi, how to use dealings Navi (http://topic.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/tradingnavi/guide/) Please check. ★ Please contact from "transaction message", "unknown point or hope or desire that occurred after a successful bid". ★Shipping costBefore bidding, the downward description of 【Delivery method (Delivery method)】 Please check.
Panasonic AA alkaline battery
★ It is Panasonic AA alkaline dry battery. ★ The number of successful bids [1] is [40 Panasonic AA alkaline batteries] (= 4 pairs × 10 packs)]. (Example) With a successful bid quantity [2], it is [80 Panasonic AA alkaline batteries] [80 pieces (= 4 pairs × 10 packs × 2)].■■ Product Details ■■★ Manufacturer · · Panasonic (Panasonic)
★ Size · · · AA (AA type)
★ Battery type: alkaline dry battery
★ Recommended use deadline · · · August 2028
★ Country of manufacture · · · Thailand
Remarks on state
★ Brand New / Unused
★ In the unlikely event, even if there are scratches on packaging films of batteries and batteries, please pardon them. ★ There is a case that the place where it can cut at the dotted line of the small box containing the battery is burned out. ※ For stock many items, images are arbitrary images. ※ Depending on the monitor, the color may differ from the actual thing. ※ There are cases where scratches and dirt etc do not appear due to the state of light.
★ Products such as direct delivery,When the addressee is different from the successful bidder information, "Delivery address" of "business navigator", select "other address" and describe the receipt information. ★ Please feel free to call out for any requests or uncertainties.
Delivery method (Delivery method)
Check shipping fee, "amount of money below", or "amount of shipping link" ahead.Shipped same carriage shipping cost· · · "Non-standard-size mail" "Click post" "Letter pack light"Depending on the number of successful bids, shipping fee fluTo.0 yen · · · personal delivery (collection restriction / delivery impossible)
※ When you are hoping for [personal delivery (taking over limitation / delivery impossible)], please contact from "transaction message".(Shipping link) Yen ... Non-standard-size mail (within the standard) 1 kg or less* When making a successful bid quantity [1], for the packing schedule of non-standard-size mail (within the standard), the box of the battery is disassembled and enclosed.Shipped same carriage shipping cost· · 2 successful bid number: non-standard-size mail (nonstandard) 2 kg or less, 3 to 4 points: non-standard-size mail (nonstandard) 4 kg or less
※ COD exchange non-standard-size mail, 【shipping fee +390 yen (COD fee)】 correspondence185 yen · · · Click post※ If you wish for a click post, disassemble and ship the battery box.Shipped same carriage shipping cost· · · 2 successful bids: click post × 2 mouth, 3 points: click post × 3 mouth, 4 points: click post × 4 mouth(Shipping link) Yen ... letter pack light※ If you wish for letter pack light, disassemble and ship the battery box.Shipped same carriage shipping cost· · Successful bid 1 to 2 points: letter pack light × 1 mouth, 3 to 4 points: letter pack light × 2 mouth(Shipping link) Yen · · · letter pack plus(Shipping linkYen · · · Yu-Pack 60 pick-up
※ cash on delivery Yu-pack, 【shipping fee +390 yen (COD fee)】 correspondence.
Remarks on delivery method
■ Packing / packing ■★ When it is a mail item 【Envelope> Poly bag> Exhibit】 Basics. ★ When a Yu-pack, courier service 【Cardboard box> Polybag> Exhibit】 Basics. ★When there is desired packing,Before you bid,Please check the correspondence 's possible / impossible from the question column.★ Even if foreign materials (dust, dust, hair etc) are mixed in the packing, please forgive without being angry.■ Non-delivery / breakage of products / remarks such as defect / failure ■★ "Compensation for transportation accidents" and "Compensation for defects of goods"The highest bidder, direct,"Compensation within the shipping company's contract" or "Yahoo not received / unsettled trouble sympathy system"Or"Yahoo shopping guarantee compensation"To correspond, to★ We will not compensate such as refund / return / substitute / commodity exchange. ★ Envelope packing,External pressure and shock during transport etcByProduct breakageI have a risk to.
Payment amount / settlement method
★ [cash payment amount] = [the highest bid] + [the postage]
※ When "COD", separately, COD fee (390 yen) is required. ★Payment deadline of "Yahoo simple settlement"ToWhen it passes, Keep in touch with "transaction message" and correspond with "bank transfer" or "cash on delivery".
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