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Men's Skull Skull Crocodile Riders Leather Jacket Leather Jean Black Rock Live Gothic V System New Free Shipping Size Selectable
Auction ends 6 days
Current price ¥13,980 $139
Start price ¥13,980 $139
Buy-now ¥14,980 $149
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller karuma_akabane_1225_0723 +293
Condition New
Start time 2019-06-18T00:13:32+09:00
End time 2019-06-25T00:13:32+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number x585345936
Seller position overseas

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From Japan
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Lucky shopThank you for viewing [Please read to the end and ask for a bid]
I have checked the guidelines
Please contact me if you have anything
◇ Product Description ◇
It is a punk rock skull riders!
De flashy design is a must see! !
Attention degree is MAX ♪
As it is a popular item, go ahead! !
【Size M】
★ bust about 96 cm
★ shoulder about 43 cm
★ sleeve about 61 cm
★ Length about 62 cm
★ about 50 kg to about 55 kg weight standard
【Size L】
★ bust about 100 cm
★ shoulder about 44 cm
★ sleeve about 62 cm
★ Length about 63 cm
★ about 55 kg to about 65 kg weight standard
【Size XL】
★ Bust approx 104 cm
★ shoulder about 45 cm
★ sleeve about 63 cm
★ Length about 64 cm
★ Weight Estimated about 65kg to about 75kg
【Size 2 XL】
★ Bust approx 108 cm
★ shoulder about 46 cm
★ sleeve about 65 cm
★ Length about 66 cm
★ about 75 kg to about 85 kg weight standard
【Size 3XL】
★ bust about 110 cm
★ shoulder about 47 cm
★ sleeve about 66 cm
★ Length about 68 cm
★ about 85 kg to about 94 kg weight standard
【Size 4 XL】
★ bust about 116 cm
★ shoulder about 48 cm
★ sleeve about 68 cm
★ Length about 69 cm
【Size 5 XL】
★ bust about 122 cm
★ shoulder about 49 cm
★ sleeve about 69 cm
★ Length about 70 cm
※ Please let us know your desired size. [Material]
PU leather
[Product status]
New unused goods※ Please note some errors. ※ Please note that the color of the image may differ slightly depending on the environment of the PC etc.. ※ Other desired size, color may also be exhibited, please feel free to contact us.
◇ Payment method ◇
· Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts (Details)
·Bank transfer
ジ ャ パ ン Japan Net Bank
住 Suminobu SBI Net Bank
◇ Transaction details ◇
After successful bid, deal details in the successful bid notification
As we have stated,
Please fill in and contact us.※ If there is no contact even if 3 days have passed since the successful bid
I will cancel the bid. In that case, "bad evaluation" from Yahoo auction
Please be aware in advance that it will stick.
As soon as payment can be confirmed,
Will ship.※ It will be delivered 14 days ago,
As it becomes very popular product
Delivery may go back and forth. Please refrain from the tender of the person who hurries up. ※ This shop is in period of 1/25-2/28 every year
I am allowed to close. Because I do not do dispatch of the period
Thank you in advance. The details are our shop self-introduction
I am allowed to describe in detail. ※ As it is an overseas product, it is perfect like Japan
Please refrain from bidding for those who are looking for goods. ※ Size change, at the convenience of the successful bidder,
The color, the image is different, the actual size is different,
Returned or exchanged due to an order error etc.
Please note that you can not.
◇ For shipping ◇
Free shipping nationwide! !※ Okinawa, remote islands, Hokkaido too
We will respond without additional charge!
そ の 他 Other notes ◇
Because it sells to other auctions
We are careful enough, but
When out of stock after a successful bid
Please forgive me. ※ In stock check before bidding
I am sure if you get a comment.
※ On the above understanding
Please bid.
↓! ​​CHECK! ↓ ALL free shipping! Many are exhibiting! ! This item descriptionOak fan exhibition template collectionIt is created in. (Yahoo! Au only) Powered by aucfan.com
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