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SONY Sony 10 Disc Magazine CDX-A55 CD changer products
Auction ends 10 hours
Current price ¥416 $3
Start price ¥416 $3
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller hutaba580417 +7923
Condition Used
Start time 2024-04-18T21:42:46+09:00
End time 2024-04-19T21:42:46+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number 1081962228
Seller position Hokkaido

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From Japan
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Thank you for seeing the auction
Please carefully read the product description and the posted photo to prevent trouble.
At the time of bidding, all will be determined to be a bid.
Product Details
★ Operation has not been confirmed. (There is no connection to be connected, and it is not confirmed)
★ Please check the basic photo without knowledge. (Please note that there are some mistakes in the product name and explanatory category because there is no expertise.)
★ Please note that there may be scratches or dirt that are difficult to understand in the photo or not.. ★ In the exhibition, there are all things in the photo and no other accessories. ★ There are many other exhibits. Those who make a successful bid can be bundled together, so if you want to make the shipping cost cheaper, please contact us for what you want to ship together by message after purchase. Please note that the size may be larger if there are multiple. If the message will be slower, it may be sent out one by one, so please contact us early. ★ Direct retention is possible. Accessories will be all the things that is reflected in the photograph. Because it is not an expert in all of the goods, there is also a possibility that there is a mistake in the exhibition category. Since there is also a risk of transport accidents junk article for trouble prevention, please consider in the maintenance premise. Shipping size Estimated 100 size (it may be a guide and may be around)
We will not answer the shipping question, so please check it yourself from the guide. * There are many troubles of shipping costs due to the successful bid of those who have just started Yahoo auction or who are not used to it, so please read all of the shipping method in the explanation. Please note that we cannot respond at all after shipping. If you are worried, please be sure to contact us in the question before the successful bid. You may be able to respond to cancellations even after a successful bid, but please note that we will cancel (it will automatically evaluate it) for the convenience of the successful bidder. My exhibit for trouble prevention [all junk article] it has sent as a status product. [Junk] the claim can not be guaranteed, returns, refunds will not be accepted at all. Notes
The exhibit we owned, for a used article is not a thing that has been used, there is a scratch / dirt / aging. (In knowledge, equipment and environment) may not be able to see all the function because it is not an expert in all of the items. Also there is a possibility that a problem occurs in took place at a not out of reach for the human eye to between transportation accidents and minor shock. For this reason, it will be all that it can not guarantee to bear the risk until there is an exhibition of as junk. Contact, when the check of payment can not be taken, will be processed by the cancellation of successful bidder convenience. In that case on the Yahoo system, bad evaluation automatically will stick, but please note. Please question bid before the questions. You may not be able to answer by your question, but the bid of the case, please refrain from. Refuse the bid of the new ID because the mischief of new ID has frequently. In the case of new ID there is a situation understand you from the question column, after a successful bid, you are requested to immediately pay. Please contact your message immediately after buying bundle. Please note that you may be one to do if you do not contact us. Shipping Details
Shipping will be basically cash on delivery. Those will be the advance payment, which is described as the household goods courier and letter pack. Shipping is basically becomes a black cat Yamato, rarely Sagawa Express, Seino Transportation, it may become Japan Post. Specification of delivery method can not be accepted. Date and time specified will correspond as much as possible, but when subjected to a specified can not support date and time will be the normal shipping without reply. Office stop is if you wish because it can accommodate Please tell from dealings Navi center name and the center code. Since the mistake of the destination address has been occurring frequently, please contact us exact address always. Payment details
It has become the Yahoo! easy settlement only. Mischief successful bid contact us within 48 hours from the end of the auction for the prevention, asks you for a bid only for the person who can promise the payment. So we can not respond simple settlement other than the convenience of business, the bid of those who can not is simple settlement, please refrain. Because we do not issue a receipt for the convenience of business, the bid of those who say that need a receipt, please refrain. comment
After usually a payment check, we try to ship within 2 days. Always self-introduction column before it makes a successful bid if the shipment is made to rest in the holiday of the relationship between the employee will be described in the self introduction column please confirm. To understand that the used goods, no claim, no return, please consider only the person who can promise a no cancellation. Since the connection bulletin board does not use, if you have any requests, thank you from dealings Navi of the message. I have sent it elsewhere. Please have a look, if very well(Added at 16:43 on February 15, 2023)Management number AD3BOX-0101
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