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GaGa MILANO Gagamirano MANUALE 46 slim 46 5081 46mm Men's watch bronze color quartz working GOODS
Auction ends 5 days
Current price ¥20,000 $206
Start price ¥20,000 $206
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller knjjnk510 +1382
Condition Used
Start time 2020-09-21T22:15:59+09:00
End time 2020-09-28T22:15:59+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number 286261087
Seller position Chiba ken

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From Japan
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Description of item+++
☆ GaGa MILANO ☆Gagamirano
Slim 46
Men's Watch
Bronze color
only a main part
☆ size ☆
Case about 4.6cm
Arm around about 19.0cm (MAX)
Belt width of about 2.0cm (near the buckle)
※Please allow for a small degree of error
☆ state ☆
It is used goods
It is an individual article in custody
We will now operate (2019.12.28 current)
Thank scratches, etc. to the body
There is a crack in the windshield
The remaining amount of the daily rate, the battery can not understand
Please note
It may smell like at the time of storage
Nervous person of the bid should withhold
We can not reply to the question in the near the end
※ It is not in perfect condition, such as a new. ※ We inspected carefully, but oversight
There is a certain case.※ Although there may be a case where there is a stockout etc
please note that
※ COD does not correspond. ※ is a case where nighttime early morning such as not being able to respond immediately
Some reason, those in a hurry, please refrain from the tender.※ thank you to bid only for the person who understands. ※ bundled we do not ※
※ Please note that I am not doing specific record mail, etc. ※
※ product management on, please understand that I do not do reserve ※
※ Please read a description sure until the last ※
※ waterproof function, and the like after the battery exchange of clock warranty does not do ※
※ When sending and delivery at the time of the malfunction I am afraid that I can not accept ※
※ evaluation does not do from here.. Evaluation
It will be the evaluation of the after receiving ※
※ After a successful bid, it becomes dealings in dealings Navi ※
※ monthly 10.11, 22, 23 days please contact is delayed, please understand ※
※ Wednesday can not dealings Navi and dispatch work, etc.. please note that※
■ Condition ■
Ya those who ask for a perfect thing only because it is an individual article in custody
Nervous person of the bid should withhold. The thing of the image is all about the product. Please check state and the like of the commodity in the image. Be sure you read to the following notes before a bid,
Tender on the customer is sufficiently convinced,
I need your help by a no claim no return.
(And you shall have agreed in a tender point in time)
This is Sagawa Express60It ships in size ☆ postage from here ☆ ※ a separate relay charge is local people of Okinawa Prefecture and a detached island
It will be cash on delivery for generating. Please inform me after it makes a successful bid.
Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts
※ claim and returned goods after purchase, please refrain from
Or did not receive the goods, delivery on the trouble or
Before turning on the evaluation If you have any problems of goods,
Please contact us by e-mail to dealings Navi within seven days from the commodity arrival. Return in 7 days later, please understand that I do not accept. (The complaint for things you have been item description, translation product, the claim and returned goods in relation to junk article, please understand we can not accept. )
※ You can not issue receipts
☆ of exhibitor information ☆But we can give a quick dealings,
Question, dispatch, etc., will be delayed have any contact case of absence. Early in the morning, at night will be absent. We appreciate your understanding.
From the time of a successful bid within 24 hours
Hear from us shipping address, etc.,
The payment within 48 hours
Person who can only
Please give me a bid
☆ Notes bid ☆Description of the degree of the product, based on the sense of the exhibitorExplanation. PC and the environment, to different views depending on the beholder
I think that there be because, in the order of reference of bid
We would like you think. The claims about the state of the goods from the above reasons
Please note we can not accept. Please understand the above and offer a bid.
Your understanding at the time of receiving your bid
Allowed to judge what was gotten
So thank you We.
(January 28, 17 hours 36 minutes additional 2019)February 2, 2019 can not dispatch connection and dispatch work or the like because of the temporary closure. please note that.(36 minutes at 10 September 29, 2019 addition)We received your use of the customers Dear always Sagawa Express, Thank you very much. Consumption tax rate from October 1, 2019 will increase from 8% to 10%. Such as fares and various service fees of courier or the like, it As a result, all tax rates is a tax rate of 8% will be changed to tax rate tax rate of 10%. Rates after the change can be confirmed from various services page and fare table on or after October 1,. Humbly, as your understanding, thank you. Also For details, please contact your sales office.
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