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Tohoshinki BIGEAST 2012-2019 Uniform 11 books
Auction ends 1 day
Current price ¥1,383 $15
Start price ¥1,383 $15
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller yuzunokibooks +30718
Condition Used
Start time 2021-01-17T21:00:20+09:00
End time 2021-01-19T21:00:20+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number 398707929
Seller position Saitama

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Tohoshinki BIGEAST 2012-2019 Uniform 11 books
Description of item
& # x2756& # x2756& # x2756 Thank you for seeing & # x2756& # x2756& # x2756· BIGEAST 2012 Summer / Winter
· BIGEAST 2013 Summer / Winter
· BIGEAST 2014 Summer / Winter
· BIGEAST 2015 Summer / Winter
■ There are damage, threads and scratches due to ages. ■ some of the thread to the disc surface, there are scratches, etc.※※※Please be careful※※※ & # 9888For second-hand goods, please forgive some oversight of the state.& # 9888Depending on the amount of light and the environment of the PC, the color of the image and actual product may differ slightly.& # 9888In principle, the items in the image are all. Please think that things not in the image are not included.
Shipment details
Japan Post 【tracking number present · compensation】
■ Honshu · Shikoku: 800 yen
■ Hokkaido · Kyushu: 1,000 yen
■ Okinawa: 1,200 yen
This item's guide is "■ @ spot sale kun 4.40 ■It was created with.
■ □ ■ What you would like to confirm before being tendered ■ □ ■
● Consumption tax is applied Consumption tax will be added to the winning bid because of our store listing. The amount you pay will be 【Tax included amount + shipping fee】.
● Please enter the order form Because our shop is an auction store, dealings Navi can not be used. Please enter your name and address on the order form after a successful bid.
● The delivery method will be limited to our company In principle, it will be shipped in Japan mail. Depending on the product, we may ship it by split. Delivery at 【No tracking number / no compensation】 is scheduling Yu-Mail / non-standard-size mail.When you wish to compensate by tracking number or mail accident, please be sure to select 【あ る】.(There is a case to use other delivery companies depending on the size etc. )※ We can not accept customer's designation.
- I am keeping simple packaging in mind Books such as, to specify the courier plastic envelopes, will be delivered to put us the goods directly. (CD · DVD · Toys etc, We will protect with bubble wrap etc as necessary)
In addition, we may use recycled cardboard etc. When there is a demand about packing, please fill in the order form. ※ We may not be able to respond to your request
● About hope of enclosure When including in bundle, please be sure to fill in the request column of order form. As a matter of principle 3 days will be taken. ※ There are times when you can not accept the bundle due to size or packing status.
● The duration of the procedure will be one week from the bid date If you can not contact us within one week after a successful bid,
I will cancel the transaction and delete the successful bid.※ In that case Yahoo auction automatically adds a bad evaluation on the structure.
● About returned goods · refund Return of goods due to customer's convenience is not received. Only when there is a serious commodity defect that there is no entry in the item description column,
We will consult for refund support. However,Within 1 week after deliveryPlease contact us. For dealings beyond one week, we will refuse responses even for reasons such as product deficiencies.※ All items sold at our shop are second hand goods. Thank you for your understanding that it is a used item before bidding.
■ □ ■ Flow of dealings after a successful bid ■ □ ■
① Please confirm the automatic successful bid notification mail arriving from Yahoo After confirming the contents of the email,
From the [Contact Transaction] button on the auction page,
Please proceed to the order form input screen.※ Please check your mail reception settingIf the mail does not arrive, reception may be refused due to server error or settings by the spam prevention function. Please check spam folder, please set domain setting etc etc.
② Please enter the order form After confirming each item, please input. If there is hope such as bundling / evaluation unnecessary, please fill in the request column.About dealings with order form ※
③ Please proceed to payment procedure After confirming the content of automatic outgoing e-mail that arrives after completing order form input,
Please payment procedure.※ As long as there are no special circumstances such as bundled correspondence, the payment amount has been fixed. We will not guide you again by e-mail etc from our shop so please proceed to the procedure as it is.Customers who requested bundling with order form ※,
Since we will contact you again about transaction feasibility and shipping fee included in the bundle,
Please check the procedure, please proceed.
④ After payment is confirmed, we ship the item and we will contact you as soon as possible We will ship within 2 business days after payment is confirmed. Depending on the system of easy settlement and the business day of the bank,
From the payment date to the actual payment confirmation, there are times when you get some time. As soon as payment is confirmed, we will ship quickly so please acknowledge it.※ From our shop to the customer, in principle this will be the only [shipment completion communication].After payment is confirmed, we will leave out [contact of payment confirmation] so as to enter the shipping business immediately.
⑤ About evaluation If the product arrives and you can check the status etc
Please contact me at the evaluation. Unless you receive an evaluation-unnecessary message on order form,
I will return the evaluation to the transaction you got the evaluation. ※ If by any chance there is a defect in the product, please contact our shop with a transaction message etc.
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