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852 Gex thermostat NX003N [temperature control supplies of ornamental fish for the heater]
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Current price ¥1,400 $14
Start price ¥1,400 $14
Buy-now ¥1,900 $19
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Seller yoshikane1278 +592
Condition New
Start time 2019-08-23T21:06:10+09:00
End time 2019-08-24T20:06:10+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number 410636244
Seller position Chiba ken

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852 Gex thermostat NX003N [temperature control supplies of ornamental fish for the heater]
Product Details
Body size (Width X depth X Height) :5×3.6×11.4 cm
Body weight:198g
Product introduction
Heaters only temperature the automatic control! The temperature settings are easy to dial. Control temperature range 15 ° C to 35 ° C(temperature setting accuracy of±1.5 degrees). ※ The use of this product requires the aquarium heater (sold separately). Prevent a malfunction, excellent noise immunity. Drip-proof design to protect the body from the water. Safety design! Abnormal heat generation to prevent the ignition of tracking-proof plug to use. (Tracking and dust between the blade and the blade attachment plug, the moisture is deposited, eventually causing the device to heat or fire current flows. ) 300W heater is enabled thermostat. Thermostat size:width 5. 0×depth 3. 6 x Height 11. 4cm(for hanging hooks not included)/power cord:about 0. 9m/sensor cord:approx.1. 2m/heater outlet for code:about 0. 2m(1 unit) applied to the heater maximum capacity:300W ※1 year warranty
※The water temperature of the control is to be sure the temperature gauge combination check. * Water agitation for aeration pumps, or filtration devices please use the. ※Fit water capacity when the ambient temperature is above 15 degrees the environment in the case of. If less than 15 degrees, please note that you may not be the desired water temperature. ※ In order to safe use, exchange of the heater 1 year is a standard. ※ This product, there is no work to lower the water temperature. ※ The use of this product requires the aquarium heater (sold separately).
[※ Please be sure to read the following shipping details before bidding]
■ Please bid only for those who agree with the following contents ■
・ Please give me a limited edition with one person limit. ・ We can not accept cash on delivery or general delivery, attachment with other products, attachment of receipt, change of packing method etc. Please understand that we do not accept bundling correspondence from the fact that we can not guarantee bundling for the convenience of the agency. · It is not possible to specify and change the delivery method and transportation method to the mail service, non-standard-size, click post etc. · COD, personal delivery is not supported. Since the products are kept in the delivery center except some reserved items, we will ship them quickly. Because products may be shipped from a delivery consignment agent, items may arrive in packages other than solid color. We will use personal information only to the extent necessary for delivering goods. (* We will notify third parties such as consignment delivery carriers)
Accidents during delivery will be exempted. Defects such as dents of exterior package by delivery will be out of warranty. (The warranty object is only the product itself. )
Shipment of the year-end and New Year delays later than usual because the contractor is also off. Please note
Payment details
○ Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts
※ Please understand that we can not respond to other payment methods.
Shipment details
· Shipping fee is uniform 1000 yen nationwide
· Successful bid price + shipping cost = payment price.
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