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★ (leave size) Free Shipping ★ much red Kumamoto plenty of deals about 20㎏! [Yu-pack handy facilities] ■ per person, per-neck ■
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Current price ¥4,200 $42
Start price ¥4,200 $42
Buy-now ¥4,200 $42
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller tiara387241217 +4502
Leader s*q*W***, 9*u*z***, a*q*3***
Condition New
Start time 2019-09-17T22:22:20+09:00
End time 2019-09-21T17:00:21+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number 418591245
Seller position Kumamoto Prefecture

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Please for every question please write us, we will reply as soon as possible. _ (._.)_
The meaning behind the fruits and vegetables and appreciate it. m(_ _)m
※Free Shipping sale(Yu-pack handy stool)in.
★Chilled flights are not available
●Per person 1 mouth of a successful bid, I hope in you.
★Successful bid product is 1 items to 1 place of delivery and will
【Multiple address delivery if you prefer a different day of the auction to
Each of the contracted equipment and procedures thank you】
★Time specified, the successful bidder side
The destination setting screen, please specify
※The seller side can be set not
※After a successful bid of Yu-pack and is that flight guidelines, please refer to
※Addressee after transmission is specified,you cannot change
※Box post installation size of the box and the width of the standard is not there.
If smooth receive, it is more difficult to
The organism is also
Box post receipt refrain from please.
Please note
* Payment is easy settlement in
[Easy settlement help page
The payment flow, please refer to】
* * * Please before bidding!!!●
☆彡 product standards, delivery, and shipping other
And wish,Please note point
Other trading guide listed
Long in the end always!! Please take a look
◆Our product standards, description and evaluation, etc.
If you are not comfortable buying please do not!!◆
Consent of tender on will
I well see you m(__)m☆彡
[About products]
★Baked sweet potato is a staple of red is that
The ripening period is different for freshness to stay outside.
Red is this time of year in late the sweet from the
Slowly, little by little, ripe to be
The cold season is the rich sweetness change
Hook your sweetness of this time of year is tempura or steamed, etc.
Bargain plenty about 20kg
* Size mixing of the same size, and the bias has
Size leave specified not
Scratch play cut thin logs for large to small such as a mini etc...
※Buds and please note
Arrival is immediately opened as soon as possible
Please enjoy
* The dates day of the week specified no
■■No claim as Thank you.■■
●Receipt create, 熨斗 evaluations.
■Included non -■
* The image is reference image.
【Shipping and the shipping information]
■After confirmation of payment 4~7 day shipping(around have)
■※【Weight㎏Market individuals screened for
Before and after May】■※
※※Product by shape and size, etc.
Box did not close, etc.
1 box around 500g~1㎏about
An error may occur. the
※Purchase intention of not bid and defame you.
◆No claim at Thank◆
■◆Date, day of the week specified no◆■
◆Contact Contact etc trade messages more
Thank you
◆Shipping box crushed damage is deliveryman
Or charge office,the documents listed sales office
Tracking number give please contact us
■★Discount negotiation disabled★■
■The product is a stock sorting after
Shipping is the basis.
Shipping the number of days each item description in the reference please
Sudden changes in weather and temperature,product State, and
Crowded during shipment delays when, etc.
■★Early delivery of the standard product if you
The title description listed at the beginning will
Good dealings and more
Description within each reviewing sufficient information to keep in mind the time.
●Excessive prodding or telephone contact
Hoot other rants message
Please do not be!!
In addition, product defect and other Christmas mismanaged, etc., in regard to
To the extent that it can, as best we respond
~Our product specifications or description, and evaluation, etc.
If you are not comfortable buying please do not~
【After a successful bid information]
◆Payment in 24 time within thank you
◆※After a successful bid 24 hours more than nothing without you
Cancellation and determines the highest bidder at the convenience of the Remove will
Automatically bad evaluation to the effect that please note it.※◆
[Product standard by early dealings
When we ask for because at the beginning the more it will guide】
■First Deposit 2 days after the cancellation, we will■
【Arrival information】
■■Commodity arrival is quickly in to check it
Defects within 12 hours, please inform■■
★Best respond to.
■Evaluation ahead of our projects and a few days after the product is
Return exchange and retransmission,non-refundable
■After the arrival of the goods the customer management of the former tube will
Depending on the situation as soon as possible please
【A few days after the passage of the products of pain, etc.
Request is please do not be】
■Personal taste, and appearance requests
Please do not be
■The return exchange of the Bay.
※】Other bio related note,product standards, etc.
The description in the guide, and more.
Depending on the situation, we will respond
【Sorting inspection and the organisms of note】
■Meticulous care in sorting and inspection, we will
On the characteristics of the product,during transport of a temperature and the shakes, weight, etc.
And pain there may be cases where the
Understanding please acknowledge
* Heart for the packing we will※
【Shipping time】
▲In the morning▲12 when~14 at the time▲14 when~16 when
▲16 when~18 when▲18 when~20 time▲20 when ~ 21 when
※Successful bidder side please specify
■Commodity Market,personal sorting it.
■Daily price fluctuation will be
▲Home~excellent products, wide range of Bulk Handling is also possible.
Vendors please feel free to contact us
▲Transactions, etc., at midnight to you.
★~The last long subscribe please
Installed this app and boom!!!!~★
Other products products below and please come visit
Every day I will continue in the future children we have about
Description EPSON Creative Print is designed for fun, personalization of your photos.
The meaning behind the fruits and vegetables _ (._.)_
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