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+81 (50) 580-66548
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Examples: Guitar, Transformer, Tires, Lamp

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□ Unused goods ■ Tokyo Dome gift certificate 1,000 yen 4 pieces set pale face scale 4,000 yen Shareholder special treatment Tokyo Dome
Auction ends 6 hours
Current price ¥3,499 $35
Start price ¥3,499 $35
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller fokai20032003 +3987
Condition New
Start time 2021-04-12T22:56:18+09:00
End time 2021-04-13T22:56:18+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number 510997481
Seller position Kasukabe City, Saitama Prefecture

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Management No. 1-01149 1025
◆ Please be sure to check your self-introduction statement.
We exhibit various things in the future, but not in each specialty field. Please understand that it is a personal exhibition, be sure to check the text and photos carefully, and thank you for your bid for your understanding.. In addition, when I received a bid, it is judged that the text and the self-introduction sentence were confirmed. All exhibition products will be no claim, no return. Please acknowledge it beforehand. Also, I think that you can see if you can see the evaluation of our part, but always keep in mind the good deal for each other. However, please understand that some attentive users are tough words and conditions. ◆ Product rank ◆
[★ Rank / S ★] Unused goods ★
◆ Rank explanation ◆
"Rank S" unused goods
"Rank A" beauty goods, beautiful used goods
"Rank B" General second-hand goods and feeling of use
"Rank C" noticeable scratch, recessed
"Rank D" big scratches and dents, decomposition marks, missing defects
(It will be "individual subjective")
◆ Description and accessories ◆
All things that are shown in the picture will be. If you have anxious and questions, please be sure to ask before bidding. ◆ Status ◆
There is no detailed knowledge of this product. Please let me know because you may not be able to answer more questions. It is an unused item. There is a dirt such as the storage when the outer box and the outer bag are stored. Even considering the above, it was judged as rank [s]. Please refrain from the tender of nervous one. We have a bid that you understand if you have a detailed knowledge or a picture of the picture. ◆ Size for packing ◆ ◆
Please refer to Saitama Prefecture (the successful bidder burden) and please refer to the following size and.
· Size letter pack light OR simple registered 404 yen
※ Letter pack light can be tracked but there is no compensation. The simple registered mail will be compensated, so please choose your favorite person. If you do not compensate, please note that we can handle it here even if you lose it.. · Packing method Letter pack light OR envelope
· Please consider as a reference. If you perform the actual packing, the size may change slightly. · The presence or absence of transport insurance differs depending on various shipping methods. In addition, there are also things that are exhibited in the schedule of shipping insurance without transport insurance, as they are cheap as possible.. If you want to carry out transport insurance safely regardless of shipping costs, be sure to consult before bidding. (Changes in shipping method can not be changed after Yahoo auction system goal bid.)
■ Payment details
· Yahoo simple settlement
※ If you can not pay by Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement, we will process by deletion by the successful bidder convenience in any situation. Please note that there is no correspondence such as transfer.. ■ Water delivery details
· After payment of the product price is confirmed, you will be shipped by the Yamato Takkyubin, the post office, and Sagawa Express. Also, the shipping method is specified here. Except for the consultation for shipping insurance settings, we do not accept change and consultation of shipping method. Please acknowledge it beforehand. · If the shipping fee is cash on delivery or prepayment, it will be charged at the time of payment, and it will be the price specified here. · With regard to transport accidents, it will be exchanged at the buyer and the shipping company. Please note that you can not respond even if you contact me or complain. · The local stop and branch stop can not be handled here. We would like to order shipment address and arrange by purchaser than shipment notification number.. ◆ About simultaneous packing (collectively to transaction request) ◆
If you make a successful bid for several ways, the successful bidder you wish to package will be summarized together and ask for the transaction request.. ※ If there is no request for trading, it will be shipped separately. So please understand. The message of simultaneous packing from the message after a successful bid has a lot of messages. If the transaction request starts trading, it can not be requested later, so all the items you bid will be selected from the start of the transaction after a successful bid. If you do not know if you do not know if you look at it on the net, please check it. If there is an accident at the time of transportation as a reason that the simultaneous packaging is not collected by the transaction, only one point is not eligible for insurance. So, I think about something about one, and put such a text. If you have any questions, please do not make a successful bid. ※ Even if the shipping fee is cheaper or a large one even if you receive a transaction request, it may not be possible to accept two if the shipping cost is cheaper or not.. At that time, we will guide you in the message from here, thank you.. ◆ ※ Notes ※ ◆
· After payment is confirmed, we will ship it, but for the convenience of work, it may take time for 5 days 4 days. Please note. · Although it is returned by customer convenience such as long-term absence in cash on delivery shipment, we will request additional shipping costs.. · If you can not contact you within 24 hours after a successful bid, we apologize, but we will cancel it as a successful bidder convenience. In that case, the successful bidder is worse by the automatic evaluation of Yahoo! Auction.. · Cancel after a successful bid is fixed. · If you look at the evaluation, if you feel uneasy, you may want to cancel it without acknowledgment. Please note. · This is an auction for personal trading and selling. It is not a shop. Some exhibition products divide the price significantly (excluding premiere products), please refrain from nervous person, if you are looking for perfection, for the cheap items. · Please give me a photo with reference to the photo, so please bid by reference. Pictures of products, but may look different from the real thing, please understand in advance. · When shipping, we will ship by air cap or by cardboard. · Please note that you use recycling when using the cardboard at the time of shipping. · For shipping management, after packing, handwritten notes such as managed numbers and shipping wait, etc. may be written on the air pack after packing and packing the air pack after packing. ※ We do not write directly to the original box cardboard of the product or product. Please understand for hundreds of exhibits and shipping management always. · Please note that cancellation after a successful bid, discount, returned goods, refund, claims, delivery accidents, etc.. · Products are no claim, no return. Please bid only for those who understand the above explanation.
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