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Masayoshi Yamazaki Single 3-piece set / "Passage" 12 cm board + "We will disappear quietly" with DVD + "All you were. "With DVD"
Auction ends 3 days
Current price ¥741 $8
Start price ¥741 $8
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Seller mrrnq69 +3685
Condition Used
Start time 2021-06-18T19:34:07+09:00
End time 2021-06-25T19:34:07+09:00
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Lot number 554162689
Seller position Nagano Prefecture

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Yamazaki Masayoshi

/ 17th single

"We will disappear quietly"

First edition Limited Edition with DVD

Short film +Video Clip VIDEO CLIP

"We will disappear quietly"I'm going to see me.Yamazaki MasayoshiTotal totalsingleMay 19, 2004 released. Is the sourceUniversal Music.

  • If the person says in a word, I commented that "Spring moving song"Balladnumber.
  • New MotoridoYamazaki himself has been issued on the take-free booklet issued by "This song, everyone likes everyone,". But,liveThere are not many opportunities to be shown.
  • KaoProductCommercial songIt was appointed.
  • Movies for 2005, "A blue skyIt is also appointed as an insertion song in the play of ".
  • Limited EditionDVDA short film with about 30 minutes was recorded. Yamazaki he also appeared as a cast. Other appearancesTaro YamamotoSuch.
  • Music videoIs a masterpiece of the short movie. 7th album "AddressIt was also recorded on the first limited edition DVD of "(June 28, 2006).
  • In addition to the first limited edition, there is a regular board of CD only. For the first time CD jacket is a picture, the regular board is a camera looking at the camera of Yamazaki.
  • Annualinstrumental"MUD SKIFFLE TRACK XII" has more than 20 performances, and it is the longest in Yamazaki's full music, including vocals. In advertising and CD bands, it was introduced with "relaxation instrumental for more than 20 minutes".

recorded music

  1. We will disappear quietly(5:24) Kao "Hamming 1/3" CM song
  2. NON IGNITION(4:15)
  • Lyrics, Composition, Edit: Yamazaki General

DVD recording menu

  1. We will disappear quietlyShort Films
  2. We will disappear quietlyVideo Clip VIDEO CLIP

From work

  • We will disappear quietly (Single Version)※ Not recorded not included
  • We will disappear quietly (ALBUM MIX)
  • NON IGNITION※ Not recorded not included
  • MUD SKIFFLE TRACK XII※ Not recorded not included
Used CD + DVD
Explanation Lyrics card (back cover back)
With an obi.
There is a small scratch in the plastic case.
※ Please confirm with the image.

Yamazaki Masayoshi

/ 14th single

"It was all. "

First edition Limited Edition CD + DVD

"All, you were you."It was ぜ, き. ) Is,

Yamazaki MasayoshiTotal 14th sheetsingle.

March 19, 2003 released. Is the sourceUniversal Music.

  • As the original single,PLASTIC SOULWork since "(May 23, 2001). Live sound source single "Heart rate (Normal Edition)"A total of 10 works of 9 works for a limited period of 9 works are simultaneously released (May 29, 2002).
  • The first limited editionDVDWith. It is the first work with DVD. The video content is below "DVD recording menu".
  • There is a regular board of CD only. Jacket photos are different from the first round.
  • In the interview at the time of release, we are commenting on the contents of "I wanted to make a song that has no rusty,".
  • His 6th album "Atelier(June 25, 2003), the retention is slightly longer.
  • Coupling songof"Over the rainbow"Mitsubishi motors"COLT"ofCommercial songThere is a live cover song in live, and there were those who have been CDs in live sound sources, but it was a CD sound source with studio recordingmajor debutAfter that, this work is the first time. Since this, the opportunity for television comonomers etc.. There are many cases where they are cunded after on air after on air. As an exampleLet's go anywhere(Mitsubishi motors) "Stand by MeKirin Beer) "" "B SIDE & rare track collection"Out of the BlueOn "Daydream Believer" (September 21, 2005)NTT West Japan· FLET'S Hikari) "is the first cover album"COVER ALL YO!It is included on "(October 31, 2007).
  • The first edition CD jacket photo won the first place of the "favorite jacket photo-single sector" chosen by the fan club member (newsletter 127th).

recorded music

  1. All, you were you.(5:18)
  3. Over the rainbow(2:42) Mitsubishi Motor Industry "COLT" CM Song
  • Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: Yamazaki General

DVD recording menu

  1. Strawberry Fields ForeverLive
  2. BenjaminLive

From work

It is second hand CD.

(First Press Limited Edition Cd + DVD)

Lyrics explain booklet (back cover).

With an obi.
Case and scratched.
(See image)

"Passage(Passage)IsYamazaki MasayoshiTotal number ofsingleReleased October 14, 1999. Is the sourcePolydor record.

  • Only in the Maxi board,I am hereLive version of "(1998.11.11) was recorded. CD cases are also colored special specifications, and the photo part of the lyrics card was made to be able to use as a postcard.
  • 4th Album There is a linked purchase bonus (lottery) with "SHEEP" (November 18, 1999).SheepSee ").
  • Oricon at 99 years has not been summarized even if multiple seeds were released. Therefore, we are charting in 8 cm singles and Maxi single separately.

recorded music

12 cm

  1. Passage(4:32)
  2. Ejacula(4:48)
  3. I am here (Live Version)(5:44)
  • Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: Yamazaki General
  • String Saliation: Mori Eyeji # 2
Second-hand CD
Commentary Lyrics card with
There is a small scratch in the case.
※ Please confirm with the image.
Understand that it is used,
Please bid it. If you have any questions please ask a question.
We will respond to the desired of the single item (1 sheet).
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