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■ beauty goods rare 1935's (1935's) before the war! Tokyo Takarazuka Revue initial Hibiya "of Paris Apache" ticket half ticket one
Auction ends 5 hours
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Seller tkiryu2010 +3121
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Start time 2021-01-09T21:53:04+09:00
End time 2021-01-16T21:53:04+09:00
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Lot number b272992361
Seller position Kanagawa Prefecture

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Rare products in the 1935's (1960s) before the war! Early days of the 1935-1920s "Sapporo Apache" ticket ticket. Hibiya "Sapporo's Apache" ticket. Although there is something that feels the age, there is some damage. (for a condition, please ask a photograph. Size: (1) vertical 150 mm, horizontal 48 mm. The performance of Takarazuka opera in Tokyo was performed in 1918. The place is such as the Imperial Theater, Ichimura Za theater, hokuza Za theater, kabuki Za theater, Shinbashi Theater Hall, etc.. However, the situation in which tickets are always difficult to obtain because there are few performances. Moreover, in the theater of the other company, the seat fee was not able to be set cheap, and the idea of the founder "Ichi Kobayashi Kobayashi" that I want to offer a quality stage to a lot of public is cheap. Then, kazuzo Kobayashi founded Tokyo Takarazuka theater (later Toho Co., Ltd.) in. He opened the Tokyo Takarazuka theater in Hibiya in. Kozanochi is "hozanbanso" by tsukigase, "APA's Apache", "kobai Den" and "hanashu Shu". Like the Takarazuka Grand Theatre, the lobby was covered with a red carpet. It started at "mon Paris" and when "Paris ZET" Rose "Paris" and "flower anthology". Hoshigumi was newly established in the previous year of the opening of the Tokyo Takarazuka theater, and the Takarazuka opera came to the golden age of the review. Takarazuka opera at the Takarazuka theater in Tokyo. The other month was the venue for the performance of the actors at the time. Before World War II, the Arts Theatre, shunshu ZA, new national theatre, Toho theater, and so on started in Toho Kabuki and Toho musical. It was also used as a stage for NHK Kohaku UTA awase. The Tokyo Takarazuka theater is in the disaster of World War II. Similar to Takarazuka Grand Theatre, he was forced to rest due to the prohibition of singing music and was used as a balloon bomb factory. After the war, he was taken over by GHQ and renamed the Arnie pile Theater. It was a theater as an entertainment facility for the occupation army, and it was a theater where Japanese people did not enter the audience. Meanwhile, Takarazuka Opera plays in the Japanese theatre, Koto theatre, Imperial Theater. Returned from GHQ after 10 years in 1955. The first work to resume was "gomiya" starring Yachiyo Kasugano who passed away the other day.
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