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PYREX - Pyrex lemonade water pitcher
Auction ends over
Current price ¥600 $6
Start price ¥600 $6
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller curfew759 +654
Leader g*U*P***
Condition Used
Start time 2019-11-29T19:36:32+09:00
End time 2019-11-30T19:36:32+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number b402161334
Seller position Kanagawa Prefecture

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There is the part that is no longer part of the lid.

PYREX - Pyrex lemonade water pitcher
★ The postage Please note. Please give me a bid from getting to carefully read the conditions. ★
★ Only for Yamato Takkyubin ★
★ fragile Collectable items such as there are times when it can not be enclosed with other goods. ★
★ such as mugs, and the ball does not become also-much smaller co-packing, also, there is the case that amount of money does not become so much cheaper. )
★ because there is a possibility of damage to simplify the packaging, I can not do particularly fragile such as simple packaging. ★
★ dispatch by e-mail facilities and non-standard-size and other can not. Please do not bid for those who are fine with shipping.
★ In the case of Yahoo! easy settlement, it takes little time to payment is confirmed, it will be shipped after confirmation of payment, Please note. ★
★ Please be sure to read the explanatory note to the last. ★
PYREX - Pyrex water pitcher
Available in North America about 20 years ago
Remain shut on imports after the warehouse, there is no plan to use the future, it sends.
Lemon pattern of pitcher
It is good be prepared to table and put this season water and ice.
Best-selling products. Indeed ease of use
I think that there is worth more than your price.
Classic design is not a tired, a lifetime.
Would not a strike for lovers of American.
Size height of about 21m (without lid)
It is about numbers. There is no accurate.
Enough to knock down flavor love if Tsukaikome will come dwarf.
It is taste is better to have a little feeling personally.
Price was also leave the affordable. Do not miss it.
Depth of color There are various by solid ※. Since we can not do the complaints and cancellation, returned goods, etc. about the hue,
If you are concerned about the tint thank you so as not to be bid.
Is quite beautiful state considering the year.
Lid comes with, but there are some damage.
You somehow lid can. I think it okay to be turned over.
Complaints about part of the lid can not be accepted.
Lid is not please think about a bonus.
Mataa, there is such as minor scratches, paint bald marked with at the time of a very old thing storage.
I think that it is currently sufficient condition.
For such old mug, including the Fire-Pyrex other -.
Such as be introduced to Japan Fire-King, because another much time has elapsed,
I think enough to know whether,
Please read the following notes.
- is many things, basically very old is also a thing that has passed since nearly 50 years production.
- in the manufacturing process, bubbles, hairline cracks (such as Hosoi muscle) there are many things that contains
There are many things that a paint-squeeze-out or, uneven from the also-miscellaneous things and, first, such as,.
And shape is there are many things a distorted.
- was accurately make, et al. It is not like made in Japan. Old American goods.
The original is what was created for use on the even-basically feel free if there everyday such as a little scratches.
Fine part and God nervous Please note. Other problem areas is also unsuitable products are in addition to those direction and enjoy that can love your products simplistic and individuality.
∇ Returns and exchanges are not possible. No claim no return
● ★ The only shipping company is Yamato Transport. Cannot be shipped by other shipping companies. Cannot be changed to the shipping company desired by the highest bidder.
∇ Negotiation of shipping fee is not possible during bidding / after bidding. ※ It becomes the mailing cost of Yamato regular.
∇ Packing size is packed with safety first.
Is as much as possible you think of the cheap postage, but I think that anyone same, it will be in the packing of thinking about safety,
Please refrain from bidding if you think cheap shipping anyway, ignoring safety. I can not cope.
It seems that out of many accidents of goods loss and breakage.
The only warranties There is no other than compensation for at insurance.
Accidents also occur in people of exhibitor-shipping company, successful bidder - all care enough.
Therefore, shipping without insurance, so I can not respond, those who can not agree on the contents of the above thank you so as not to be bid.
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