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【 118ml 】 now Avocado Oil : 100%pure moisturizing shipping 300 yen
Auction ends 1 day
Current price ¥698 $7
Start price ¥698 $7
Buy-now ¥698 $7
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller wonderfulorganiclife33712 +4077
Condition New
Start time 2020-07-05T11:32:16+09:00
End time 2020-07-06T23:32:16+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number b460592504
Seller position Ibaraki Prefecture

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There is a description, such as shipping. Sorry to trouble you, but, please be sure to confirm.
Please feel free to ask a question, such as shipping of the bundled. (Example: to ○○ Prefecture, shipping by enclosure of ○○ Items 1 point and ○○ commodity two points is grateful if you can specifically ask a question such as?. )
【 now 】
Avocado oil/118ml
■ Product Details ■
"Forest butter"called the avocado the pulp of the squeezing, obtained by chemical products and synthetic ingredients of 100% natural avocado oil.. Vitamins, minerals, lecithin, and many nutritional value and is rich in dry skin, age your skin, we recommend this carrier oil.. Hexane(petroleum ether-based organic solvents)such as, without using high heat without the addition of a squeeze for the grade of the goods.. Unwanted free fatty acids, such as principal components other than the impurities to be refined because unrefined avocado oil, as compared to quality long-term stability, and avocado oil the unique aroma of suppressed want to. UV protection for the transparent bottles. A little heavy for the feel of the oil is,like any other carrier oil and use♪
※Avocado oil as a characteristic of the winter is at a low temperature coagulation or Milky to. (Quality is not affected, the temperature was returned to room temperature please)
【Expiration date】in 2021 and after January 1 of the product
※Exhibition number the inventory number and will.
■ Payment details ■
※ Excuse me, but the issue of a receipt is not done. ※ COD payment is not received. ※ stamp payment, a gift certificate payment is not received.【Yahoo! Easy settlement】※ Yahoo! easy settlement method available isHereis. ※ easy settlement is subject following types. ■ PayPay
■ Internet banking
■ Japan Net Bank payment
■ Bank transfer※ available in ATM · bank counters net banking nationwide. ※ If the bank transfer, which is the payment to outside financial institutions business hours, it takes time until the payment is confirmed, the case of hurry, please note.■ Convenience store payment※ If you have only a simple settlement date of Yahoo! Auctions, we will cancel at I am very sorry that the highest bidder convenience. (Evaluation of automatic very worse than the Yahoo! Auctions system of the evaluation of the successful bidder will stick. )
# Sending out details #
※ successful bid day dispatch will be taken as a general rule until the successful bid amount of weekdays 11:30 am. ※ I'm sorry, Sundays and public holidays Saturday, will carry out the rest of the dispatch. (If you get rest in the New Year and extraordinary, so we will in the self-introduction column, you, but we ask that you please be sure to confirm sorry to trouble. )
※ details of dealings (a receiver's address, the dispatch method) please contact me on the day dispatch deadline time after the, in principle payment check worth ship on the day of weekdays until 15 pm (Sunday and holidays until the next day only 14 o'clock), later it is your payment confirmation to the following weekday dispatch. (We become the dispatch on weekdays only. Even if I received payment until the day of shipping deadline time, such as when you have not been finalized the transaction information column until 13, there is a thing becomes a following weekday dispatch from the fact that not ready for shipment in advance. )
※ also it can be bundled with the goods under exhibition to other. (Included in case of shipping, etc. please do not hesitate to ask a question. )
※ in all of the dispatch method, are not heard COD shipping cash on delivery. It will prepay shipping only. Specific record you can put a (simple tracking) option at +160 yen in ordinary mail non-standard-size ※. Please tell us who wish in after a successful bid transaction message.■ ordinary mail non-standard-size ■→Shipping 300 yen/1 point
(No compensation・no tracking・product maximum weight just can,simple packingaround.. )
* This product 2 points included ordinary mail non-standard-size postage 510 yen more..※ ordinary mail non-standard-size because of the shipping division by weight, will be absolutely simple packing. It is basically the packing of put to the take-brown envelope or courier plastic bag in the air cushion. ※ In dispatch by ordinary mail non-standard-size, If you find does not arrive goods even after more than a week after will contact the dispatch, we will submit a postal accident investigation request by the successful bidder your name. However, the presence or absence of an absent vote from the post office, or not in the state of return have to shipping address of responsible delivery office, or your family is not receive, please contact us from us be sure to confirm. After the dispatch of non-delivery / damage / delay etc., refunds, returns the corresponding compensation of the shipping method only.. In the case of emergency non-delivery accident please tell us so we will be the cooperation of such investigation request. ■ letter pack plus ■→ postage 520 yen
(Delivery [delivery time zone you can not be specified] in the pursuit, and without compensation, face-to-face. Other products if it is within 4 kilometers fall within the capacity also can be bundled. )■ Yafuneko! Pack courier / 60 size 2 kilometers below ■(With compensation, pursuit, and delivery and delivery time zone you can be specified in a face-to-face, fragile items can be specified, Tenchi Muyo can be specified)※ Yafuneko! Please see because there in the product image field pack shipping courier list is. ※ Yafuneko! Since pack courier service is that in conjunction with Yahoo! Auctions and the system, Yafuneko in the dispatch method column when the successful bidder's transaction information you input! Will be essential that if you select a pack courier.※ [Yafuneko! Pack courier delivery time zone you specify classification]
In the morning (until 12), 14 - 16:00, 16 ~ 18 hour, 18 to 20 o'clock hour, 19-21■ Yu-pack / 60 size ■(With compensation, pursuit, and face-to-face in the delivery and time / delivery date can be specified, Tenchi Muyo specified)※ Yu-pack mailing list is please see because there in the product image field.※ [Yu-Pack delivery specified time zone division]
O'clock in the - 12 - 14 o'clock around, 14-16 pm around, 16-18 pm around, 18-20 pm around - 20-21 am※ delivery method will be taken only as the above-described method.※Yu-pack・free cat! Pack Courier other shipping way, ship after damage, such as loss of compensation please note that the. Non-standard-size mail, letter pack plus ※ is, posting or of the liquid-filled products stored and transported in upside down after dispatch, or put heavy objects on top of the glass bottle and the thin package goods, also in non-standard-size forced post Please be advised high that risk with or are. If you damage or leakage, during transport is a concern, the possible compensation, and Tenchi Muyo, fragile items specified NaYupakku and Yafuneko! We recommend the dispatch of a pack courier service. ※ for the dispatch method with a product name described column you can not accept at the time of dispatch must describe the specific product name, but excuse me, please understand that I will describe the details of the goods to the Name column. ※ delivery method, such as non-standard-size letter pack plus, because there is a restriction such as that and maximum weight / size capacity is small, but we will fullest carefully packed in the provision, and really become a simple packing I will get. Dent or damage or leakage, by the time of transport, also thank you for the tender after acknowledging that it can not be held responsible in the loss.
■ notes ■
* For overseas products is just the package・the bottle・the label is slightly hurt(address・scratches・stains・slight box crushed/wrinkled etc.), you can see.. In addition, or a miscellaneous is How to paste labels when compared to Japan of products, many simple package of environmentally friendly, it might some people feel rough to make when viewed from the sense of Japanese. Excuse me, but we ask that you please note on your understanding of the nature of the goods overseas. ※ All written description will be foreign language. ※ I'm sorry, but if you do not enter your transaction information field within 48 hours after the end of an auction, I will delete it by the dealings intention there is nothing judged to be so will the highest bidder convenience. ※ If the evaluation is bad (guideline: bad evaluation is 5 or more), there is a case where I am allowed to delete for convenience 'sake [successful bidder here even if I have to a successful bid. ※ The cancellation by the highest bidder convenience will be the evaluation of the highest bidder get the system on automatically very bad evaluation of Yahoo! Auctions. If you have any questions, such as about the product ※, because it will take your questions, Please give me after a successful bid by a no claim, no return. ※ evaluation needlessness of person please contact me in dealings message to before settlement. ※Contact you or the deadline beyond the Deposit if there is not a such as the evaluation field from the contact and the call will.
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