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COMPAQ prestige (mikami komatama) magical girl Madoka
Auction ends over
Current price ¥5,000 $52
Start price ¥5,000 $52
Buy-now ¥5,000 $52
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller pixymutation +9284
Condition New
Start time 2021-01-25T02:52:42+09:00
End time 2021-01-27T02:52:42+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number b491444387
Seller position Tokyo

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Please refer to the picture Mami is in
Please refer to the picture

Please refer to the picture

Commodity details
It is the new goods "magical girl Madoka Maggie swallow 2 set" which was distributed from classmate shock (mikami komata) in comike 89 which was held from December 29th to. It is set of "Madoka & homus + Mimi", "Sayaka & Kako". I opened it to confirm that there is no damage, but of course, it is unused goods. Because it is not used goods, there is no thing to pass the third party before. It is thought that there is no problem in the commodity because it has been stored in the case etc.After getting it, but please refrain from the tender bid to the condition of the commodity.Shipping size (60 size / 1 kg or below) after shipment. In the case of any shipping method, we use a new packing material, and it is polite packing according to the product. Because it is a product, it is more tighter than usual, and it is packed in the cardboard box.I have many other listingsList listPlease also have a look. If you have more than one bid, you can ship them together. If you can't use the system of "trading" in the additional bid after the commencement of the transaction, it is possible to respond to the same as possible as possible.The number of the book, the size of the page, the size and specification of the goods, and the number of bad exhibitions that do not even explain the minimum explanation. Please note that there are a lot of miscellaneous and irresponsible things, such as the fact that there is a lot of irrespective of the deal including the packing and the shipment of the article, and the image of the real thing does not put out only the image stolen from the author's blog and SNS etc.without the detailed explanation of the article besides the title.I think that you will be able to guide the quality of goods, packaging, and shipping, etc. at the high level, but I think that you will be able to judge the details by the evaluation comment from the bidder who dealt with in the past.
Shipping method / shipping
Shipping from Tokyo Outside the standard postal mail standard(weighing 1kg or less) Outside the standard postal mail standard+Specific record(weighing 1kg or less)Outside the standard postal mail standard+Simple registered mail(weighing 1kg or less)A pack pack(60 size shipping)In the shipping method, it is not possible to receive compensation during the damage or the loss in transportation. (there is no tracking number outside of the standard external postal code), but the accident during transportation is rarely occurred, but please consider this point and select the shipping method.The amount of money to be settled is.We do not have to request the shipping size above the shipping rate after checking the shipping size and weight after packing. If the shipment becomes possible more inexpensively than the shipping that I presented, the difference is returned.Please note that the shipping method and the exact shipping size are not stated beforehand, and the amount of unpaid shipping and unjustified amount of money is indicated and charged, and the number of exhibitors who make fraud to declare the difference with the actual shipping amount increases, please note.If you have more than one bid, you can. In this case, the shipping and shipping method may change depending on the increase in thickness and weight, so we will consult again after the successful bid.The shipping procedure is basically done on the day or the next day of the settlement confirmation. In the case of the shipping method with the tracking number.In the case of the shipping method that requires the description of the item such as "letter pack" or "yuu pack", it is not possible to specify the item name in the name column of the slip as it is. Please make sure that you have the minimum description necessary for shipment such as "book" or "poster.".
Packing method and reinforcing method
We are carefully packaged to ensure that you can deliver the item you have received.In order to prevent the impact from the surface, it is recommended to prevent the impact from the surface It is hard to break through the material of the material.By the way, it is easy to bend, and it is not suitable for the shipment of the book type goods that it is bent by the thick paper.In the case of three kinds of items such as posters, paper bags, figures, etc., put into place in a plastic bag ます.It is weak to the pressure from the outside when packing in the paper bag, and there is a possibility that it is crushed by the contents inside the transport, and it is not suitable for the shipment of the poster and the figure, if it is the article of the cloth.In the packaging and reinforcement method mentioned above, there is no thing that the damage of the commodity in the transportation which seems to be a factor of the packing failure of this person is pointed out from the bidder, and it is thought that it will come out as for the commodity that has been hit, and the delivery method is added, and if there is a hope of changing the packing method such as additional reinforcement, please consult after the successful bid Please. All kinds of packing material and reinforcing material are used. Of course, I do not receive the packing material expense and the fee.
◇ Notes ◇
Please note that you will be dealt with within 5 days from the end of the auction. Please refer to the item description for details. * the picture of the same magazine is partly modified with the cover picture. Copy magazines and papers are not available at all. In order to describe the condition of the product, the ambiguous notations based on the viewer's subjective side, the "beauty," "good article," "unread goods", etc., may not only cause misunderstanding but may also lead to the trouble of dealing. If you are able to confirm the obvious folds, stains, and scratches, please make sure that the marks are attached to the back cover of the cover at the time of printing. If there is a place to be concerned, please ask the question before the bid, and the tender for the answer from this. There are some listeners who do not understand the meaning of the "bid unit" which prohibits bidding of a fraction of the amount such as 1 yen unit. However, there is no problem in the bid of the fraction amount in the. - the bidder of the person who has had trouble with other people in the past. If you discover during auction, cancel the bidding. - we do not limit the bidding of the agent. - cancellations. * we are not allowed to ship overseas.
The evaluation content of the listener is very important
The number of exhibitors with low trading levels is increasing, such as handling and shipping, slow dealing with goods, reinforcement and packaging. It may be a little troublesome, but it is recommended that the content of the listener's evaluation be firmly confirmed before the bid so that there is no regret in the deal with the bad listener. The fact that there is a lot of evaluation more than "good" is the usual thing. It is very important to comment on the evaluation of "bad" or "bad". It is not possible to improve the bad point, and it is said to be a listener who should be avoided. In particular, attention must be taken to the listeners who leave a comment that does not respond to a strong response, such as taking a high pressure response to the dealing partner or vomiting. For any reason, the listener who makes the act of exchanging the other party is not normal. If you have a good deal with this listing, you may be able to complete the transaction safely, but you cannot expect the appropriate response. It is often neglected, and it comes to the end of the refuge and the responsibility transfer, and finally, the case of the fall side is often seen. However, it is likely to become a successful bidder side because the bad listener has many bad evaluation. I think that it is wiser to avoid the relation with the suspicious person.
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