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Today only ♪ Window and Beach Jachon Hawaii Beach Coconut Palm Tree Wall Tapestry Natural Landscape Scene
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Current price ¥504 $6
Start price ¥504 $6
Buy-now ¥504 $6
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller xtdsj26327 +239
Condition New
Start time 2021-01-02T04:53:50+09:00
End time 2021-01-03T04:53:50+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number b496883049
Seller position Kanagawa Prefecture, Osaka Prefecture

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* * * Product Details * * * Window and Beach Jachon Hawaii Beach Coconut Palm Tree Wall Tapestry Natural Landscape Scene Tropical Island Wall Ornament House Living Room Bedroom Room Fashionable Ornament 150X130CM (Window and Beach)
Material: 100% skin-friendly polyester fiber A end is hand-sewn so it looks good. Size: 150X130cm. Visual compact: vivid colors and realistic pattern of tapestry gives a fun good visual. Multifunction: This tapestry is a wall-mounted ornament, a tablecloth, bed cover, bed cover, sofa cover, sofa cover, furniture throw, curtain, can be used as a picnic blanket or beach throw. Please enjoy your favorite you how to use. With Part matter: one tapestry, 2 Tsunokugi, contains two metal clips and four of 3M tape, is. Washing method: Please do not use bleach and ironing. Is it safe to wash in hand wash or washing machine.
* * * Payment details * * * ○ Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts
※ Please understand that we can not respond to other payment methods.
* * * Shipping Details * * * ■ About dispatch
■ After payment is confirmed, I will send it out within three days. ■ Because you are affiliated with the consignment warehouse, regardless of the size, shipping will be uniform nationwide "1300 yen". (Okinawa, including Hokkaido)
■ delivery method: Yamato Transport, there is also the case of the post office, Sagawa or other shipping company. (Delivery method, it can not be selected shipping company. please note that)
■ general delivery can not even be center closure.
* * * Notes * * * ■ for other goods shipped
Same day successful bid commodity only shipping 1100 yen per point
A goods successful bid = 1300 yen
Successful bid the A goods B goods, shipped shipping = 1100 + 1100 = 2200 yen
A Product B Product C Product successful bid, bundled shipping = 1100 + 1100 + 1100 = 3300 yen
■ After a successful bid, payment within 3 days, or it will be saved that you can contact your schedule of payment. ■ after a bid, Yahoo! Auctions until easy deal expires, you will be completely disconnected even if you did not please also payment, be canceled by the highest bidder convenience. Cancellation by the highest bidder convenience, on the Yahoo auction system, so you attached evaluation automatically "bad" to the successful bidder side, amissing Please note.
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