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Yuke / Male
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Current price ¥10 $1
Start price ¥10 $1
Buy-now ¥10 $1
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller yapooxp +2012
Condition Used
Start time 2021-05-12T13:42:15+09:00
End time 2021-05-13T11:28:35+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number b538520412
Seller position Saitama

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Yuke / Male
◆ EAN (JAN) code 4988009049359
Yuke / Male
Case: Cracking
Jacket: good
Fund: beauty

※ CD that seems to be problematic visually has been exhibited with only a confirmation confirmation. Some of the case jacket and other states are not good and there are stocks that are not good for cases and other states. Because it does not able to describe the detailed status, people with a commitment bid Please refrain from. # 4617 Shipping: Yu Mail 180 yen(Can be bundled)About bundling of multiple items:When making a successful bid of multiple items, please click "Concertally to the Trading" button. 1 cm thick placet CD can be bundled up to 2 sheets. If you do not need a plastic case, you can bundle 4 to 6 pieces. In the case of the above number included shipping costs are 180 yen. In the case of more than that, we will inform you of the shipping fee for the transaction in the transaction..Payment:Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accountsShipping:We will send it out the next day after payment confirmation, so we will arrive approximately 2-4 days except remote island.If you do not contact:When you can not contact one week or more, I'm sorry Please note that we will cancel by the highest bidder convenience.Evaluation:We have returned to those who have been evaluated after the product arrival. Assessment evaluation to unnecessary towards our side, please do not evaluate in order to prevent a mistake not required.
I have otherwise sent various things.Product listPlease refer to the.
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