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☆ Super low price ☆ color white Huawei (Farway) Watch GT2E 46mm Smart Watch 2 Weeks Long Battery Blood
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Current price ¥19,580 $186
Start price ¥19,580 $186
Buy-now ¥19,971 $190
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller cxd02166_0122 +208
Condition New
Start time 2021-10-10T07:29:49+09:00
End time 2021-10-12T07:29:49+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number c1006484389
Seller position Shizuoka Prefecture

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☆ Super low price ☆ color white Huawei (Farway) Watch GT2E 46mm Smart Watch 2 Weeks Long Battery Blood
Description of item
Size: about 45.9 (W) * Approximately 45.9 (H) * Approximately 10.7 (D) MM Weight: about 41 g (not including belt) OS: Android 4.4 * / iOS 9.0 * Waterproofing: 50 meters Water resistant battery durationNormal use: about 2 weeks GPS continuous use: About 30 hours bundled goods: Charging cable blood oxygen level measurement ※ Application update is required
☆ Super-low price ☆ color white Huawei (Farway) Watch GT2E 46mm Smart Watch 2 Week Long Week Battery Blood Oxygen Level Measurement Function GPS Michibiki Compatible Ice White [Japanese Local Agency Products]
Color: White
Brand: Huawei (Farway) View Store
☆ Shipping · Shipping
Usually [1 to 3 days for payment confirmation and shipping processing]. · Since the shipping method selects the shipping method that the agent is optimal for each product, the designation method does not accept the designation method. Please note. · Post office stop, delivery contractor office stop is not supported. · After shipping the product shipping, we will contact the tracking number after shipping. · The amount is the total of the product price and the shipping fee.
Something of it and you have a problem, if there are such that you have ever wondered, I think that you feel free to ask a question and a successful bid after the message. Please review and bid with confidence.
☆ notes
At the time had you bid, we will judge it as those who agree to all of the following notes. Before tenders Please confirm.
■ About payment
Payment thank you to "within three days after a successful bid" as a general rule. Please let us know in advance if the payment by any reasons for delay. - If the three days after a successful bid is not able to contact us even after the lapse, if the payment within 7 days after a successful bid to can not be confirmed, there is a case where I am allowed to "canceled by the highest bidder convenience" without prior notice you. Please note.
■ About the cancellation after a successful bid (the highest bidder convenience)
Such as, false bidding and precautions oversight, the cancellation by the highest bidder convenience will refuse. · When making a successful bid, please check the product description and the notes in advance, and ask for a vulgar dendrity.
■ ask to prevent the Yahoo! Automatic cancellation of simple settlement (automatic refund)
• When shipping products after a few moments passed, than Yahoo - but you will receive an email titled "Yahoo! Auctions! Note of receiving contact", please be left without doing anything in the case of goods not arrived. • During the mail text when the "do not receive goods even after the lapse of eight days from the payment procedure, you'll see a link to report to Yahoo! JAPAN in dealings Navi, please contact us to promptly Yahoo! JAPAN. "
However, if you follow this, it may be forced to cancel each settlement regardless of the product delivery. In that case, the successful bid price that you pay by simple settlement will be refunded under the successful bidder, so we will pay the successful bid price separately by bank transfer. The transfer fee will be borne by the highest bidder at that time. So, non-arrival report to Yahoo is not performed, and so thank you for your cooperation can wait patiently until the arrival to the product. - In addition, when the 14 days from the payment procedure will be passed, but successful bid price to be exhibitor even before the arrival to the product will be credited, by any chance, or if the product does not arrive even after 90 days, damage to the goods arrival time • If the problem or the like is found, so we will take the re-sending or repayment of the same product depending on the situation, please feel easy.
■ About correspondence when product does not reach
If it is not under special circumstances such as a public holiday period and a new coronavirus epidemic, most products will arrive at [2 weeks to 1 month after shipping], but the convenience of customs procedures and shipping companies Depending on which the delivery lead time may be extended. By any chance, if you do not arrive within 90 days after dispatch you will be refunded in full. ※ Since the fraud, such as "product is not ships have gotten only money," even if the delivery period is prolonged does not go any way, I hope you enjoy peace of mind.
■ for repayment method in the case of a significant delay of the goods and the like defects and delivery period
• If shipping products before, you automatically become a full refund from Yahoo by which we will carry out the transaction stop processing at on Yahoo! Auctions. • If the goods after dispatch, will be refunded in the "bank" it is not possible to refund from Yahoo! Auctions. Therefore, you will need to tell us the account information. Please note. Of course, things like to exploit the account information you notice is that there is no absolutely, I hope you enjoy peace of mind.
◆ Yahoo! For compensation from JAPAN
• If there is a defective product and bug will correspond with heartfelt sincerity, but, Yahoo! Please be assured that we have compensation is substantial also from JAPAN.
☆ Payment method
■ Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts
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