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3A [Long 3001098] Mochizuki Wooden Inner diameter 39 depth 22 outer diameter 53 height 45cm cracks Gardening interior
Auction ends 6 days
Current price ¥14,000 $112
Start price ¥14,000 $112
Buy-now ¥14,000 $112
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller ishikawaya2016 +326
Condition Used
Start time 2022-06-26T11:21:37+09:00
End time 2022-07-03T11:21:37+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number c1050981961
Seller position Fukushima Prefecture

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Administrative number: Long price 3001098 HU
Product name / wood mortar
Model ...
Specifications: Inner diameter 39 depth 22 outer diameter 53 height 45cm cracks There is
* If you use it, repair will be required in advance.
Inventory place ・ ・ Kokubo, Ishikawa -cho, Ishikawa -gun, Fukushima Prefecture
※ The product of the consignment will be based on cash on delivery shipping. ※ Product packing fee, cost charges charged separately. * Even if the payee is absent, the shipping company can not put the luggage in the entrance hall or the place designated by the customer. It will be the sales office of the truck company. It will be accepted within 3 days. ※ ※ We receive transfer if card payment expires. ※ We do not pay cash on delivery. ※ Shipping extra. Automatic delivery mail will be sent after purchase. Although it is a zero-yen postage display, please wait for payment as we will contact you for shipping costs after checking shipping address. * Time specification, shipping from Ishikawa -cho, Fukushima Prefecture, the total length of three pieces of Sagawa Express can be accepted within 2.6m and 50kg Weight is possible.. ※ With cash on delivery is impossible. (Do not cash on delivery) ※ In the case of second-hand goods, move down and natural faults in long-term stock should also be considered, so please request a test. In the case of defective products, we will undertake the return shipping fee at our company's expense if it is exchanged for the equivalent item or if there is no substitute item. The trouble occurrence after goods arrival It is the same condition within 7 days. Please pay particular attention to items such as surveying instruments and levels. ※ We can not reply to order navigation from smartphone android ※ We estimate for materials for materials. ※ Please check the delivery date before purchasing. ※ If you do not receive the input home from our company, you may be automatically distributed to the "spam folder" and "Delete folder", so please confirm and you need to be aware of the requirements E-mail Auction ID, Postal Code, Address, Name, Telephone Number. ※ Shipping will be shipped after 3 to 7 days after recipitation of second-hand goods. ※ bank transfer received will be the receipt. (It is possible to issue a receipt for the company purchased as an individual name. Customer Burning Customer Burden) If the bill of the purchase item is matched from the Company, the amount of money consumes the amount of tax is possible. * Since it may be cheaper for the corporate name, shop name of individual business, purchase by deemed corporate body than the shipping cost of purchase by individual name, please contact me accordingly. ※ Because it is a used item, it will be handed over as it is. I hope in a no claim no return. The photograph is the beginning of exhibition. After that dust rust and rust has changed. Painted damage If you wish, please let us know the address. I will mail. ※ There is also a scratch rust damage that can not be seen in the video because the shop is second-hand main. On average 10% of people have cases where you get frustrated after arrival. We will respond if you can apply for the photo request in advance with the management NO. ※ Please be aware that second-hand multiple-quantity type items will be representative photos. Please request from the relevant photos and other information the question column. ※ Please tender the battery operated item after checking the battery condition. If the battery defective product is not damaged by the cell, it will be reusable at the reclamation plant. Separate fee can be estimated. Because it is second hand, please contact us before purchase to check the operation. ※ We will estimate the fare to the addressee designated place. Estimates for shipping fee payment can not be made. Only advance payment prepayment will be. Cash on delivery is calculated by the shipping company. ※ We do not ship cash on delivery. Please note. ※ The broken item will be insured. If insurance coverage is damaged, if there is no substitute item, the amount paid will be refunded. Included in shipping fee. Inquiries about fare should be completed as a question to the city, town or village name of the delivery place. ※ Weigh down heavy items of 30 kg or more and 50 kg or less, with one driver of delivered car. ※ Please inquire as to whether it can be shipped. Things that the driver can not lift by itself can also route route trucks, but in some areas it is impossible. Branch office of shipping company Terminal stoppage Retrieval condition, loading will arrive at the car at the shipping company. Please prepare the forklift at customer side for heavy items that can be delivered, and we will ask the customer to unload the product. ※ In the case of large-scale heavy items that can not be shipped to route flight, it will be a truck charter service, so the number of days will be taken to shipping charter. ※ Because charter flight delivery will be handed over on the car, customers must dismount and arrange for preparation of machines etc. (Crane truck arrangement is a stop near the unloading conditions of the vehicle) ※ in 50kg or more of the goods is the customer side, after unloading the horizontal with a load in the unloading approach possible locations of preparation and 4-ton trucks - large vehicles of the machine, forward Delivery conditions are the place where you can return to the main street. ※ Benia packing, wood frame palette, packing cost It will be required separately. . Situation Situation Sites We will pay 1.5 tons or more and partial dismantling, loading / loading / sorting costs separately will be generated.. (In the case where it is impossible to accept if the shipping size is large, or when judging that it is necessary to dismantle a part which is predicted to be broken during transportation, pick up separately. * Since it is a used item, there are fading, dirt, scratches, rust, etc. I will consider it as the present condition delivery. Please apply for questions and photos. ※ If you are looking for a separate item that does not fit the desired size and standard size please contact us. We will look for another inventory item. Please apply by email. * Second-hand goods actual thing can be checked, but due to the stock place, please apply in advance three days in advance. ※ If the product engine product is fuel gasoline and mixed gasoline, if it is started once a week or if it does not use long term, driving until the engine is cut off and stopped. Then 100% of the fuel in the carburetor is sampled. If fuel remains, the inside of the carbrator is worse and engine start is impossible. ※ We do not accept dispatch of mails handled, mail service etc. Track flights, courier feeding documents will be issued. ※ Only products that can be shipped by Sagawa Express can be sent to a residential area. ※ Closed · Tuesdays Saturdays and Sundays Public Holidays will be closed. Tuesday, Tuesday Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, April 28 · 29 · 30, May 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5 · 6, August 10 · 11 · 12 · 13 · 14 · 15 · 16 · 17 · 18 Day, year-end and new year December 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 day, January 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 days. The order item will be shipped within 3 to 7 days of business day. ※ Shipping estimate of consecutive holidays, year ends and New Year holidays, the Bon Festival after confirm because the shipping company holiday "Product size and weight, such as", the delivery address is the shipping company will be after the holidays of the answer to the calculation. * Since it is second - hand goods, the power cord and conduction belt etc may be necessary for customers to exchange themselves. ※ It is about 50 km away from nuclear accident site. No problem. ※ Disclaimer · · · · · Delivery days is an estimate only, it is not our guarantee. If you can deliver the product to the delivery date of the schedule due to statements such as missing and transport accidents, it does not guarantee any disadvantage that it can be frozen by that delay. We will not respond to requests for nuisance fees and other requests outside our negligence at all. ※ Because of absence after shipment of goods, take home, when we return, we will charge shipping, returning · re-sending fee. Please follow the phone / absence notice from the shipping company. Even in the case of cancellation we will charge the return shipping fee. ※ Big size · Large size · Route truck flight Terminal stop, shipment loading will be Saturday. Delivery will be delayed as it will be arranged for picking up, charter flights, mixed charting deliveries and delivery. As for small items as well, second-hand only items will take days to ship with test and packing etc. ※ Please purchase Yahoo! fee if you cancel the customer convenience after purchase by easy settlement, please purchase the Yahoo! fee. ※ Please check the delivery size item for deliverable home. Urban and route flights are small vehicles. The shipping company will decide if it is possible to put on the bed. Even if the volume is large even if possible, it may not be acceptable because other customers do not get rid of them. Please let us know the prefecture, city, town name, address. ■■ Estimated shipping fee ■■ * * For customers who purchase multiple stocks * * There is multiple stocks on the system. If you want to buy multiple products, please leave one after one bid and repeat the successful bid again in the same procedure.. If you purchase from the store of our shop shopping store can be more purchase, also can be purchased in bulk liquidation. (in the case of Sagawa Express) %E4XBD% %87%91%E3%81%81%8A%E5%AE%A2%E6%A78%98%94%94%A8.xlsx
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