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◆ There is an area -compatible area for our own flight ◆ Bipe 1566 ◆ Gakken ◆ Wooden folding table ◆ Made set ◆ Made of masque ◆ Infant chair 4 legs ◆ 5 points ◆ Kindergarten nursery school care center, etc.
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Start time 2023-01-14T19:13:28+09:00
End time 2023-01-18T16:45:45+09:00
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Seller position Chiba ken

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◆ There is an area compatible with our own flight ◆ Bipold 1566 ◆ Gakken ◆ Wooden folding table ◆
Maset set ◆ 4 legs for infants ◆ 5 points in total ◆ Kindergarten nursery school day care center, etc.
◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ Product details ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆
Bactericidal cleaningGakken wooden folding table
Width 900mm in the back 600mm high 340mm Top plate thickness 20mm
Color/maple system
Masset made by infant
Width 380mm back 340mm height 460-560mm
Seat height 200-300mm seat width 290mm
For used goods, there are "some Kizuzu" etc.. The photos are uploaded in each direction, so please check before bid.
◆ ◆ ◆ Payment details ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆
か ん た ん settlement of accounts
◆ ◆ ◆ Details of departure ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆
The delivery method is one of the following:1. If we get 5 or more points from the exhibited product. Or, only for the highest bid biders with a total of $ 25,000 or more Only in the following areas will be delivered by our own flight in "free ¥ 0"In general, we deliver "within 2-6 days" from the successful bid day. We will ask you for the convenience of the highest bidder in advance on the delivery date. If the convenience is not suitable, we will adjust the schedule again. Delivery date and time zone are weekdays (not delivery on Saturdays)We will respond from 8:00 to 14:00. We are delivering by one of our drivers. In some cases, we may ask you to help you download.◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆Self -service free delivery area◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆The whole area of ​​the 23 wards of Tokyo Chiba Prefecture below Matsudo City, Kashiwa City, Abiko City, Nagareyama City, Noda City, Ichikawa City, Funabashi City
Kamagaya City, Shirai City, Inzai, Yachiyo City, Sakura City, Narita City, Chiba City
Below in Ibaraki Prefecture Toride City, Moriya City, Tsukubamirai City, Tsukuba City
Ryugasaki City, Ushiku City, Tsuchiura City, Joso City, Bando City
Below in Saitama Prefecture Misato City, Yashio City, Yoshikawa City, Soka City, Koshigaya City, Kasukabe City
Kawaguchi City, Toda City, Warabi City, Saitama City, Hasuda City, Ageo City
If you can ask questions other than the above, we will consider it. Delivery service will be decided after consultation and time and time. 2. Visit collection is also welcome The destination will be Fujigaya, Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture.
Please be sure to contact us by 15:00 the day before when you pick up the store.. If you do not contact us, we will not be able to respond, so thank you.
3. Even if the number of successful bids is less than 5 points and the total of less than ¥ 25,000
The above areas / neighboring areas, in -house flight delivery (paid) are possible. We will reply to the delivery fee
Delivery fee When asking questions, the number of floors to be delivered in Tokyo, XX City, XX City, etc.
Used, presence or absence of elevator, delivery day, time zone, please.
4. Other shipping methods will be Yamato Transported Person's flights.. Yamato Transport Officer Service "A" Rank x 5 mouths
We will deliver from Chiba Prefecture
The shipping fee will be paid, so please be sure to check the shipping fee.
If you do not know the shipping fee, if you can ask the shipping area in advance
We will inform you of the original payment shipping amount
The total amount of "Successful bid+original payment shipping fee" will be the payment amount.
Yamato Transport Rikuraku Household Goods will be "reservation shipping", so
It takes time for "1-2 days" from payment to shipping.
◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ How to take it ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆
It is possible to end early depending on the product. Please contact us. ◆ Fujiichi Shokai ◆ 0120-85-8919 (Call fee free) ◆After receiving a successful bid, we will inform you of the necessary matters for transactions in "Transaction Navi".
Please fill in the necessary information and return to the transaction navigation.. We will refuse bidding from those with poor evaluation contents. Even if you bid, we will "delete / BL registration". ◆Specified Commercial Transactions Law Display / Introduction of our shop
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