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JC1F Christophe Giacometti Yuri!!! YURI ON ICE costume+shoes
Auction ends 3 days
Current price ¥10,000 $101
Start price ¥10,000 $101
Buy-now ¥10,000 $101
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller cheapdiskshop +848
Condition New
Start time 2020-06-30T14:12:44+09:00
End time 2020-07-07T14:12:44+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number c583842409
Seller position overseas

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◆ Product introduction
Item Description
set content As you can see, the photo on that cosplay costume of all parts submitted for. That is, outfits+shoes/boots and more.. ※Outfits and shoes/boots a size can be specified.① Children size is also available.. The fee does not change. ② As a default,for each bid item quantity of 1 wear can,on request, by multiple orders also available.
Transaction flow ■ our exhibition is made to order sewing all. In other words, off-the-shelf of defined size it is because there is no stock, please note. ■ size order is free of charge. After a successful bid, we will send a reference to measure the size by e-mail. ■ soon made a payment check, I will consider it as the transition to the formal sewing stage. ■ After the commodity mailing completed, we will inform the contact numbers that can be tracked by e-mail.
Delivery date For sewing the number of days the mailing number of days, we will consider it as the introduction of the following three options service. Depending on your circumstances, we ask that you please use. ※ If there are shoes and boots, I will consider it as the following delivery time is extended each about 1 week. ◆ Option 1: emergency sewing + international express airmail
After confirming your payment, about about one week, you can arrive at your hand. The following basic carriage not only, in addition to the additional charge will take further additional 2000 yen. (Per wearing-1 set)
◆ Option 2: Normal sewing + international express airmail
After confirming your payment, about about two weeks, you can arrive at your hand. The following basic carriage not only, in addition to the additional charge will take further additional 1000 yen. (Per wearing-1 set)
◆ Option 3: Normal sewing + international Normal airmail
After confirming your payment, about about 3-4 weeks, you can arrive at your hand. The following basic carriage is OK only. In addition to no additional charge separately.
Please change of color ■ according to your wish, you can change for free.
Please change of style ■ by the customer of your choice, photography and slightly different styles are also available. ■ Since also heard sewing operations in photos of your carry-on, please feel free to. ※ fee of the above changes will be separately estimate. Please acknowledge it beforehand.
size ■ defined size ─ S, I will support M, L, and LL.Defined size is also available, but the defined size of hopeFor menOrFor WomenFor such, please professor to always clear.[Defined size - for women]
S Height guideline: 150-155 B: 76-80 W: 54-58 H: 83-86
M Height guideline: 155-160 B: 81-86 W: 59-64 H: 87-90
L Height guideline: 160-165 B: 87-91 W: 65-70 H: 91-94
LL height guideline: 165-170 B: 92-96 W: 71-77 H: 95-98
[Defined size - For Men]
S Height guideline: 160-165 B: 79-86 W: 64-72 H: 86-92
M Height guideline: 165-170 B: 86-94 W: 72-80 H: 92-98
L Height guideline: 170-175 B: 94-103 W: 80-86 H: 98-104
LL height guideline: 175-180 B: 103-111 W: 86-92 H: 104-110
■ order is also possible according to the customer's size. ◎ not limited to the above-defined size, the size of the order and the rate is absolutely free. After a successful bid, we will send the measurements of the material by e-mail.
sewing ■ we have carefully produced cordially. It would be greatly appreciated when it is in the favorite one wearing of everyone. We have sent with confidence. ■ for cheap exhibition, there is a case where there is a disturbance or the like of some of sewing. Please refrain from a bid anxious. ■ Because it is handmade sewing, design, color of the product, for such as texture, you may photograph and slightly different. ■ Basically I hope in a no claim, no Lee turn.
Us again In order to improve customer satisfaction, you have the following promise. Because of cheap exhibition, on your understanding, please bid. Basically, no claim, but I hope in a no Lee turn, measurements, color, style for such,
In the case of emergency, because it is perfectly possible corresponding to the end of dealings from us, please rest assured. ■ If there is a mistake to more customers, but you can fix for free, round-trip shipping Please bear in more customers. ■ If there is a miss in the better of the manufacturer, but is possible to fix for free,
Shipping of the return of overseas manufacturers from Japan Please bear in more customers. The mailing cost of re-mailing from overseas manufacturers to Japan will be borne by me. Because of cheap exhibition ※, on this issue, by all means on your understanding, please bid.
Service (surcharge)
Since I will consider it as a direct mailing from overseas manufacturers, fee of cosplay costume cost purchase of the Japanese domestic market costumes or
Compared with the cosplay costume rental fee you can also be reduced significantly but, across the sea, there may be some risk in this transaction. For a range as possible to clear the potential risks in advance, it will be able to save on shipping of international mail for the return,
We also offer the following optional services. By all means, please take advantage of. ■ a photo of the finished costume as an attached file, you can send by e-mail. ■ Please let me take a photo of the costumes from the following angle. ◎ front (total)
◎ side (whole)
◎ back (whole)
■ on the check, if there is no problem, we will consider it as mailing. If there is a problem, we will immediately in accordance with the customer's instructions, then the correction for free. ■ attached to wearing one, the corresponding service will take additional 500 yen. Please acknowledge it beforehand. ※ to those who change hope of your color and style is highly recommended the use of any of the above services. ※ If available the service, you can check the your color and style of the costumes also ordered prior to mailing. ※ For confirmation of the size, so we will of the manufacturers QC the (Quality Control) in charge of the inspection work of the double than us is that in, please rest assured.
Noo ■ can accommodate the noo of up to one year. Additional fees will not occur.
Overseas mailing ■ Overseas mailing or transfer to foreign countries are also available. (Seller will ship internationally.)
■Shipping is separately estimated and will.
Wholesale ■ for overseas Costume and factory direct, 70% cut distribution costs! The cost of the industry topic performance!
■ Since our exhibition will be taken as direct sales from overseas manufacturers with production experience of several years, a large amount of cosplay costume, wig, cheap offer is possible and shoes.Wholesale information,please feel free to contact us.

◆ with respect to mailing method and shipping
Mailing method
■ successful bidder Please bear the postage.
■ will be mailed directly from overseas manufacturers.
■ by the needs of our customers, general delivery, or Sagawa Express office stop is also available.
■ In the case of ① usually sewing, I will consider it as mailing at the International usually registered mail (tracking number attaches also). ② in case of an emergency sewing, Sagawa Express Japan, or I will consider it as mailing in EMS.
■1 point only purchase if the shipping is 2000 yen more.. 2 points from 2 points more than 1 point, the eyes of the shipping is 2000 yen, 2 points after the first 1 point, with 1,000 yen live there..

◆ About payment method
Payment Method Description
■ Yahoo!
Easy settlement
● Yahoo! Simple settlement (Kreca net bank) are available.
※ cash on delivery will be impossible. We ask you for your burden by the customer with respect to ※ payment transfer fee at the time of the. ※ payment amount of money: the highest bid + shipping + option fee (transfer commission serves as a successful bidder burden). ※ On your adding the option price at the shipping, please payment.

◆ Notices
please note
■If you have any questions or bid before,please feel free to contact us.
■ ♪ because it exhibits many other, if you like, but please join us once by all means ♪.
■ cancellation after the successful bid is not accepted. After basically successful bid, within three days, please payment. Also I will cancel the successful bid by the convenience of the successful bidder in the case of there is no contact after more than 6 days. Automatically with a bad reputation from Yahoo in this case. For this matter, please note.
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