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◇ stabilizer link ◇ BMW E90 3 Series 320i VA20 for the left
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Current price ¥4,615 $46
Start price ¥4,615 $46
Buy-now ¥4,615 $46
Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller simplenetac5 +7546
Condition New (Unopened / unused items)
Start time 2019-09-27T16:04:03+09:00
End time 2019-09-27T19:28:12+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number c711229425
Seller position Akashi-shi Hyogo ken

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◇ stabilizer link ◇ BMW E90 3 Series 320i VA20 for the left
NET parts Hall prompt decision price: 4984 yen (tax included)
[Search guide insertion]
■Management number: GSTL0126N◇ Manufacturer: LEMFORDER (ZF) made
◇ Product number ■ 3536401 stabilizer link for imported cars
◇ compatible model ■Vehicle type: beat em down(BMW)E90 3 Series
■Car name:320i
◇Vehicle model:VA20
Reference year: 2005~2010
In rare cases, the manufacturer may be changed to another excellent manufacturer depending on the import status of the importer. Please be appreciated. (There is no impact on matching, quality, and price)● For imported car parts, the scope of application may be complicated. Inquiries about adaptation details in advance,
Please. We may not be able to accept returned goods exchange etc of nonconforming items by customer's judgment. please note that.
◇ Related products
Information for
★The down(BMW)E90 3 Series 320i 【VA20】★
Car underbody related parts
* Some vehicles do not have the above settings.
◇ remarks ◆ The photo is an image. The package / shape may differ from the photo depending on the model. ◎ If you have any questions such as conformity and inventory,
Please feel free to contact us via the question board / email. In that case, please let us know the chassis number / type specification number / classification division number of the automobile inspection certificate.☆ We will check the compatible part number of your desired model ☆Various after-sales parts for foreign cars. Please do not hesitate to contact us.net-buhinkan@guitar.ocn.ne.jp
◎ element such · B pads and the like, postage ¥ is one minute ☆ deals in simultaneous successful bid! ! By all means at this opportunity ★
This is especially recommended for those who want cheaper repairs and inspections of foreign cars! !
Product Details □ LEMFORDER (ZF) made
Imported cars for the stabilizer link
Maintenance site, etc. employed by the trust, the makers of
LEMFORDER(ZF), a company imports for the stabilizer links..
◎ offer the parts of European cars, imported cars for a low price!
It is a must-see more of the outside domestic car owners. ※ Inspection, exchange are
Please be sure to follow the "maintenance manual" of your car.
Various parts for imported cars
★ ☆ set car model, we have a wide range available! ☆ ★
If it is good, please have a look! !
·Timing belt / water pump various·Fan belts various·Air / oil element various·Air conditioning (cabin) Filter various·Imported cars corresponding high-performance engine oil other
* Compliant part numbers may be complex depending on the model. For details on conformance, please contact us by e-mail etc.Conformity · matching · price etc, uncertain point
Please feel free to contact us.
Payment / Shipping Details ★ Payment(You can choose from the following)
¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯
· Yahoo! simple settlement
· Bank transfer(Japan Net Bank)※ Please bear the transfer fee. · Postal transfer (Yucho Bank)
※ Please bear the transfer fee. · Product cash on delivery (upon receipt of the item, cash payment)
· ¥ 330 or less ¥ 432 (tax included)
¥ 30,000 yen or more ¥ 648 yen (tax included)★ Shipping Details___
○ From our designated shipping company
I will deliver it. * Carrier designation is not available. Shipping fee ¥ 930 (tax included)
(Hokkaido / Okinawa / Remote island excluded)
[About enclosed dispatch
Delivery time / day can be specified. ※ You can not take over at the store
※ Please ship within 7 days after shipment.★ ☆ Speed ​​delivery ☆ ★¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
Until about 2 pm
· Yahoo! simple settlement
· Bank transfer / Yucho settlement confirmation
· Designated amount of goods cash on delivery
◎ Under any transaction terms,
Speed ​​will be delivered! !
※ Contact and
It will become sequential from the person who received money. Secure shipping, promise to arrive
It is not in things. Stock status and order etc
Depending on the congestion situation
We may not accommodate your request. If you are in a hurry,
Please check delivery date etc in inquiries.
About dealings ▼ After a successful bid, the product page
Click "Order form". Consent matter stated in order form
Please read carefully and enter necessary information. ▼ Please make payment within 5 business days from a successful bid (except for cash on delivery)
▼ After completing the shipping procedure, we will inform you of the inquiry number etc. Please wait until the item arrives. Please also read ↓
[About flow after it makes a successful bid
Inquiries Car parts and parts We handle various items!
適合 If you have any questions, such as product compatibility or stock ·
Please feel free to contact us. ☆ We will inform you the conforming product number of the model you wish ☆
★ We specialize in parts / supplies of our shop automobile. If it is parts / supplies, please contact us for anything. NET Parts Hall Email:net-buhinkan@guitar.ocn.ne.jp● Contact FAX 078-918-1819
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