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Electronic dictionary with case SII Stedman's Medical separate illustrations with a collection of medical care health used SR-T7800 Seiko SEIKO
Auction ends 2 days
Current price ¥4,700 $48
Start price ¥4,700 $48
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller xlove_1213 +310
Condition Used
Start time 2020-08-04T20:56:23+09:00
End time 2020-08-07T20:56:23+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number c730336506
Seller position Aichi-ken

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From Japan
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a white-linear stain of about one centimeter

[Description of the product]
It is a case of the electronic dictionary and the set which I purchased about 13 years ago.. I left it at home without carrying it with me while I was still in school.. I think I used it several times a year.. When I put the battery for the first time in a long time and checked the operation, I was able to search, so I will exhibit it.. Body, case, separate book illustration collection only. Batteries, warranties, instructions, etc. are not included.. Sii
2 alkaline AAA batteries
Leaders Plus
Eiwa Genius
OXFORD Hyundai English
Kanji source
Stedman Dictionary of Medicine
Dictionary of Medical Abbreviations
Dictionary of Practical Terminology in Medical English
[State of the product]
I was able to press all the keyboard, but not all functions are guaranteed.. It was very expensive at the time (it was about 30,000 in the co-op...) I think that there is not much damage on the appearance because I cherish it, and I hardly use it.. However, please bid only those who can understand that it is used. There is a white linear dirt (the lid part) about one centimeter on the cover.. The image is taken with a smartphone, but depending on the pc and smartphone that is being viewed, it may look slightly different from the actual color. 【Shipping method】
It is scheduled to ship in the size 60 of Yu pack. Put it in a plastic bag while putting it in the cover.. Wrap it in a cushioning material and ship it in a box or paper bag.. Recycling packaging (reuse of cushioning materials, boxes, bags, etc. at home). If you have the desired delivery date and time, please contact us by the time of payment.. If you do not wish, we will ship without specifying the date and time.. I sometimes put around 20 stamps on them.. 【Precautions】
Please refrain from bidding for those who are nervous or who are particular about the condition.. In order to prevent trouble, there is a case to cancel the bid of those who have a large number of bad evaluations. - within 48 hours of contact us from a successful bid (deliver information, payment information, and the like, some kind of contact us) If you do not, but I am sorry I will delete it by the highest bidder convenience. • If you have only a payment deadline of simple settlement, I will delete it by the highest bidder convenience. Evaluation of "very bad" attaches automatically from Yahoo. Please note. Simple settlement other payment method can not be accepted. We do not accept transactions of direct transfers of banks, etc.. ・ Please see the self-introduction. If your shipment or contact is delayed for private use, please introduce yourself.. • In a bid point in time, I will judge that our understanding in Notes.
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