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JAS certified organic bamboo shoot boiled in water
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Seller r_yamamoto0814 +3168
Condition New
Start time 2019-10-04T20:36:29+09:00
End time 2019-10-11T20:36:29+09:00
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Lot number c771501318
Seller position Hyogo Prefecture Akashi-shi Uozumi-cho

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★ organic rating the bamboo shoots of good quality, which are grown in organic cultivation in Kobe city in China, processed goods is ♪ bamboo shoots and is a convenient food that can be a large number available in Japanese cuisine and Chinese cuisine. Boiled or fried, bamboo shoots rice or Hachitakarana sweet and sour pork, etc. You can widely available. The nutritional value is also high, protein other potassium and dietary fiber in the center of the, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, including such as vitamin C, vitamin E. ★ Nutrition (per 100g)
Energy (23 kcal), protein (2.7 g), lipids (0.2 g), carbohydrates (4.0 g), sodium (3.0 mg). ★ Contents 1 pieces (for agricultural products, there is a variation slightly)
★ 120 days from the expiry date production
★ How to Save room temperature (direct sunlight, please save to avoid the heat and humidity. )
★ raw materials organic bamboo shoots (China)
★ because it weakens the dishes you will be before boiled bamboo shoots in and bamboo shoots of acidity, it is delicious cooking. 1) well and the wash. 2) Turn to the appropriate size. 3) boiled for 2 to 3 minutes in hot water. Please use the dishes If you went up boiled. * Is cloudy and white powder-like things, because it is a safety harmless due to the component of bamboo shoots tyrosine (an amino acid), please enjoy in comfort. ● Expiration date
Product photos are just samples. Although the best-before date of the time of shooting is described in some products, please be assured that the actual product to be sent will be new. ● Payment method
Please choose payment amount (winning bid price + shipping fee) from the following method and pay. · Yahoo! simple settlement
・ Cash on delivery (fee 324 yen)
・ Japan Post Bank 14270-00926581 Ostrich Factory
Four hundred twenty-eight stores (store number 428) average 0092658
Please pay the transfer fee by the successful bidder. After payment is confirmed (in the case of simple settlement, after confirmation of procedure end), we will arrange for shipment within 2 business days. ● Shipping method · shipping fee
· Japan Post (Yu-pack) rarely Yamato Transport pursuit number equipped
The shipping fee will be shipped by 600 yen nationwide (tax included). * Delivery time zone designation will inform you of the inquiry number after shipping, so please request directly to the delivery company. ● Multiple shipping costs in the case of a successful bid
Since we will enclose it when shipping several items at the same time including other products of our shop, the shipping fee is 600 yen for one case (including tax)
That's OK. We are waiting for a lot of successful bids by all means ♪
In case
● Multiple number If you wish
Please tell us the quantity of hope in the remarks column of order form after it makes a successful bid. I will tell you the total amount by correcting at the store. Respond to your requests as long as there is stock
I will do it ♪
In case
● Closed days · business hours
We are closed on weekends and holidays. Business hours are from 10:00 to 17:00. I will try to ship as quickly as possible. In case
● Our shop is a store using order form. Since communication with e-mail is necessary, please confirm the e-mail address registered in Yahoo auction. If you can not confirm the mail from the store, pay shipping to the above account after calculating the shipping cost (600 yen including tax with all orders)
Please let us know your shipping address, name, contact information, etc. to 080-3138-9926 (person in charge). ● Our shop (From the eating ceremony. )
I am from the mail order shop "From the eateries. " Rakuten, Amazon, Yahoo Shopping has opened. Our shop is a food maker of beans, miscellaneous cereals and nuts, and we have a wealth of products that make use of its characteristics. In case
"Beans" have direct contract farms in Hokkaido and good quality beans are always available. "Millet" is mainly based on domestic production, but "booths" such as "quinoa" and "flax"
Overseas millet is also popular. "Nuts" is to buy high quality raw materials directly from major trading companies at low cost
It is a very popular item mainly from raw nuts. "Dry matter · powder" is a traditional Japanese ingredient,
There are quite a bit of a sense of affinity with large quantity of merchandise and local minor merchandise also put. Sesame and Japanese powder are also given to customers
We have come in handy. While imagining the smile that customers are happy everyday, we continue our utmost efforts ♪
Thank you in the future.
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