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And I only Dou evil carved ichi action・Horta(Lancer) pillow cover Fate GrandOrder FGO object TYPE-MOON instructions: home ➤ menu ➤ Wallpapers ➤ live Wallpapers * includes different animated Wallpapers my my unopened genuine
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In order to get trade with confidence, it summarizes the reference information at the time of being purchased and the information about the transaction, the pillow cover to the following.
About the product
Unopened pillow cover, the exterior of the bag folding/wrinkles etc so you don't have to worry about those who bid withhold new, you.
Personal collection of, the storage issue of the contract from warehouse to check-in..
Pillow cover that I have sent, is a regular article of events / mail order purchase of basically 160cm × 50cm size.
Most Doujin Goodies mate, you can change this preference below.
The dispatch method and other
Yamato TA-Q-bin(tracking and Accident Compensation, and a nationwide 880 yen,a plurality of the same price)in a contract warehouse from shippingIt will be.
However, home delivery of and included in this day・holiday shipping please note that you will only be able to.
■ For foreign customer: if you want to buy,you can use Forwarding Services. for exampleBuyee,Zenmarket, Etc
■ those that can be purchased at the official mail order and upcoming events, upon advance of the check, if possible,We recommend the regular route purchase.
Not available in the regular route, not go to an event in the distance, I think that if you can use this for those, such as you want right now goods.
■Yahoo! Held by the campaign, etc., use points and get to the auction you can.
■ If there are any questionsPlease do not hesitate to consult us. We will as much as possible to answer if it is not just before the end of the auction.

Thank you for seeing up here.
In the following, we describe the reference information when you are purchasing a pillow (all is a personal opinion).
Since there is no relationship between the transaction and direct, please already skip the reading of someone who does not have one and the interests of you know.
For the dough
Pillow of dough is an important point, along with the picture, but I think that many people do not know about each of the fabric.
Below, to evaluate what experience you have side-by-side along with the tag image in descending order.
Brand name one, you should generally use is high and any satisfactory level, butSuperlative of 3 species (Tron, white cherry blossoms, Aqua premium) is not particularly of better texture is missing.
▼ Example of tags 1 ▼
I think that's the best of the dough at the moment among the great fabric that number. Especially after all of the skin area in..
However, (but not necessarily to like TRON) This touch is not so long-lasting, it will gradually deteriorate.
Strict representation standard, it seems like streaks, pubic hair, buttocks hole representation has become the out (December 2017 ~).
Tron and a little bit more compared to a firming of the fabric, and all skin is very good, the durability is high and the reputation of it..
It is independent of the cloth, but it is a cute image character of hedgehogs.
In the representation criteria of 2019, has been confirmed, such as streaks, pubic hair representation, it has been increasing gradually adopted example.
The company's Aqua Line of improved products, the top 2 seeds approaching it a little more.
High quality to Express the criteria they are considered to have a high degree of freedom,I don't like that you have to hold down the fabric in..
Really this fort is should be observed. Eroge luxury pillow cover of system is this roughly.
Will change to the new print from around June 2019, the color of fidelity has been improved at a level which is visible to the eye.
Top momentum when compared, the eye is slightly rough heart everyday (in DC beautiful feel closer to you), but still enough to feel good against the skin in.
I do not not so embezzle, because the dough is felt durable likely, be a durable.
P80 companies is high freedom of expression in more than Furesu, Inc.
■ Seiren company like Platinum
The first time that you use, but I thought the same or much wonderful touch with the moment the most significant biases, a little to rough and stroked in the opposite direction.
Because even this was no if the top-level urging filled, the quality is high.
It is such as a sufficient level, the company's 2way series of better feel like it..
Tsurutsurusubesube is dark fabrics developed with system.
I think that taste is divided, but I like personally.
And the horizontal width of the chuck is hard to wearing the narrow body, it is subtle to the chest like a smell of cypress.
However, because the will disappear little by little and the smell goes embezzle, not a much larger problem.
▼ Example of tags 2 ▼
It is sufficient for the touch of the good as a pillow of dough, but because the other fabric is rapidly evolving, relatively is an evaluation of this position.
Low price and durability is good, but in terms of other than it is, I think the people of the company's Aqua Premier is superior to all.
I feel that the P80 companies 2way mercerized a little more rough Daiaji.
The reason for this itself is too is wonderful is a very good fabric, but the upper urging, is an evaluation of this position when compared.
■ Star Lycra, new star lycra
The sensory, in smooth dough similar to the KNB mild of Kansai art printing company, the touch is good.
Or printing of the problem? Feel like yellow is out is emphasized than the original picture.
The width of the chuck is narrow, hard to attached to the pillow body is negative.
It seems that on behalf of the new Star Lycra from around July 2018.
This is an earlier fabric than the print definition that looks like.
------------ beyond are not wall ------------
■ 2way tricot (cool)
Fabric that is used in the pillow, such as Taimanin series of LILITH, aqua Lycra (of it is high quality but) is the fabric of feel that is similar to.
This in itself is not enough that no good fabric, but, in the case of LILITH, I feel not to have taken the balance of the fabric because the artist is really great.
■ non-brand 2way tricot
Since the non-brand that by mono quality is different.
There is also a thing of the level of the touch is not bad, but AND ARE NOT in the fabric of the whole brand name with.
There rarely is also an example to be used in a regular article, but one that has been exhibited in the Yahoo auction is the most counterfeited or imitation trace products (so-called pirated).
■ peach skin
Extremely cheap, is the touch is hard.
I have never seen a genuine respect here.
Pirated discrimination
In the current auction, the so-called pirated pillow cover is we have large amount of distribution, such as counterfeiting, imitation trace.
Because such as those made with basically the picture of the scan + trace complement, in-kind is obvious that is no good picture if you look at the, but there can be difficult to understand that it only photo.
Since there while also pirated rampant those of a certain degree of price, we will describe how to identify the genuine me until the reference is to the reference.
■ fabric of brand name display, or there is a tag photos of dough
More than 90% of genuine pillow cover brand name with fabric has adopted (like Tron, Aqua Premier, white, such as blankets).
There rarely is also an example that have adopted the "2way tricot" of non-brand, but you say that it is almost pirated those of the display, such as "2way tricot", "peach skin".
Therefore, what is the brand name with the dough in the new unopened display, so you can determine to be approximately genuine, do not buy what the fabric of the brand can not be confirmed with a photograph, and is one the most reliable, easy way because think.
In the column "About the fabric", I will leave me for a tag of the fabric of the cover you have, please see.
However, the tag Please note that there is also a case where the content is different depending on the time issue.
■ timing immediately after the regular distribution (such as events)
This is not a certainty, but even if there is no display of the dough, because immediately after the regular distribution of the event and mail order does not have time to produce the pirated, I think that to some extent can trust and genuine.
However, in this case, because you need to know before you buy that the pillow cover of the relevant has been sold in such events, I think people recognize to some extent more people-friendly.
Pillow body
Pillow body might be able to experience in the event, such as "my wife" and "electricity outside the festival".
This is now a rare opportunity, but actually I think that you do not know when the good do not try using about a week.
Already not to come, but it was de stability and high evaluation of pillow body of the high rebound Motchiri.
Will change is cotton in 2017, It appears this is not my best regards too reputation later.
A higher quality nowDHR7000H premiumYou have but are sold. This looks good but here is inexperienced.
Has become now there is no old DHR6000, with Aqua I think whether de stability.
Compared to the old DHR6000, but there is no sense of high rebound of Motchiri, airy and the friendly feeling is very nice, I would recommend because the cheaper price.
This is also a good body of reputation while inexperienced.
I personally was out of print "marshmallow Break" was thought that for there has been a feature in Yawayawa.
The manual describes the maintenance of the pillow cover to the following.
■ of the pillow cover washing
I have put upside down the cover to the laundry net of 100 yen shop.
Detergent has been using the things that can be dry sterilization function - the room, such as Ariel.
It is not that I particularly damaged in the standard course laundry, but originally I hear is that there is good hand washing.
■Pillow cover scent of some
Pillow scented with further good will.
It may simply be in the use of fashionable clothes detergent, but personally I recommend is to wash and put a small amount of a smell with agents of Lenoir.
It will be long-lasting small amount even good enough scent.
Please keep in mind that too much put into reverse the smell it will be tight.
Lenoir Ruby FloralOlder women,Lenoir Emerald BreezeIs a sporty girl image.
■ folding way of Pillow Cover
Folding a 160 × 50 cm size of the cover, as follows, just A-One, Inc30 × 45cm size of the non-woven fabricEnter perfectly in the two-fold.
To use the non-woven fabric, it is to ensure proper ventilation when you put together a dehumidifying agent in the storage case.
▼ of tatami how the pillow cover example ▼
1. The cover vertically in half and fold it..
2. Left and right from the center to the cover, towards the center of the ... .
3. Characters and on in the fold only..
4. 3 from the opposite direction of the fold only.. (3 is against may open the 2 ~ 3cm gap)
5. 4 to two-fold it..
Now, it can be stored in the form of visible your face character.
More, I hope you now reference when you purchase, consider the pillow cover.
This product isYahoo auc! All-in-one listing tool "Oak Town"It is sent at.
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