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【Used】Golden brown touch with the "GOLD BEST" 3-pack SAGAPLANETS [CD] 【012-200214-ST-06-IZU】
Auction ends over
Current price ¥2,200 $22
Start price ¥2,000 $20
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller izu0045 +25911
Leader C*u*m***
Condition Used
Start time 2020-02-14T15:15:34+09:00
End time 2020-02-17T17:16:31+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number c802068332
Seller position Miyagi Prefecture Sendai City Izumi Ward

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Please consider bidding after understanding and consenting to the precautions when bidding on this item.Consumption tax will be generated separately for the winning bid.
Product Summary 【Used】Golden brown touch with the "GOLD BEST" 3-pack SAGAPLANETS [CD] Condition of this product Conditioning:B ☆ Condition notation
【N】 ⇒ unused item. (Including unused open goods)
【S】 ⇒ 美 品. There is a very slight feeling of use and aging, very beautiful goods. 【A】 ⇒ Good product. There is a feeling of use · a long time, but goods that receive a good impression overall. 【B】 ⇒ normal. Although feeling of use · aging can be seen, goods with no problems in normal use. 【C】 ⇒ There are large scratches, dirt / faulty spots, light breakage etc, but goods with no problem in normal use. 【G】 ⇒ Current condition delivered item. Operation unconfirmed goods etc. 【J】 ⇒ Junk item. Items that were confirmed as defective in the main part.
※ For details, please see item description, photograph. ※ Since the standard of the condition rank will be the subjectivity of the inspection staff, please consider it as a reference guide. ※ For the rank of 【G】 【J】, it will be an exhibit outside the returned refund eligible. □ Accessories: All in the image. □Warranty:no
In the box has scratches, hair etc you find it. The purchase of a commodity for nervous one bid please refrain from. · Please refer to other images.
●〇Goods included regarding 〇 ●
◎Product name at the end of the alphabet is"IZU"at the end regarding the products, the payment transaction before the message, etc. at a time please consult. ≪Included possible when≫
◎Ship the goods size, quantity, depending on shipping methods and shipment sizes may change. In that case shipping will also change in advance.. ◎Shipping after the corrections for the total amount made available, so that the amount of the check on the payment procedure will be. ※Shipping including the total amount already paid for the goods supplied to you will respond in..
Shipping cost Shipping fee in case of former payment shipping from our shop 60 size Shipment source store Bandai Sendai Izumi ※ For certain deliveries to the detached island · mountains section there is a case that additional shipping fee will be generated. Moreover, since the charge of 201 size or more will be known at the time of dealings, please understand. Or inquire from the question column.【Caution】 If you ship in Neko Pos, it will be posted. Therefore, at the time when the shipping information on the site of Kuroneko Yamato has arrived,
We will assume that the item arrives at your convenience.
※This product is post eligible..Please check below for shipping details.Shipping list
About the product
■ Please inquire the image and explanation about contents. - The state is the judgment of our shop standard to the last. ■ Please be sure to confirm the image, explanation, please bid it. ■ In principle returned goods can not be accepted. ■ Please confirm the details on returns and refunds on the same page.
About dealings
■ We create product pages etc for PC reading. ■ 10 o'clock to 18 o'clock outside · the question will correspond after the next day. We may get time to reply. ■ Early termination is not done at customer's request.
About order form entry
It becomes dealings using the order form. Input of order form is essential after it makes a successful bid. After a successful bid, the mail of a successful bid content will be delivered from Yahoo!. After ordering confirmation of order form thank you for your consideration. Sorry to trouble you, but when you do not receive the email please contact us from the message board.
About bidding
Cancellation of bidding We can not correspond fundamentally. When there is no connection after a successful bid, when judging that our shop criteria is inappropriate bid / successful bid, there is a case where we can process bid cancellation and successful bidder deletion. After it makes a successful bid, if there is no contact within 7 days, and the payment is not completed, it will be deleted for the highest bidder convenience. In that case Yahoo! Auction system "bad" evaluation automatically attached, so please be forewarned.
About payment
"Bank transfer (Japan Net Bank)" "YAHOO か ん た ん settlement of accounts" "Kuroneko Yamato cash on delivery" can be paid. Please transfer within 7 days from the successful bid day. 〇 The payment amount is the item price + shipping cost + consumption tax. ○ It will be shipped within 3 days after payment.
About bundling
Depending on the item the shipping origin is different so enclosed dispatch can not be done.
Regarding mail reception
Depending on your usage environment, you may not be able to receive mail from our store. If you can not confirm the mail after it makes a successful bid, sorry to trouble you, but please contact me from the message bulletin board. Or domain specified"if@happy-mandai.net"the domain delisting is requested..
It is not possible to correspond direct payment receipt and payment at a real shop
Because receipt of goods at a real store, payment leads to trouble, it can not correspond. Bundled between shops, receipt of goods at a real store can not correspond at all.
About returned goods / refund
As long as there is no defect in the product information, returns, exchanges, claims of goods are not accepted at all. * We can not accept returns / exchanges due to customer circumstances such as misunderstandings. We will correspond to returned goods only when there is incompleteness in our inspection and product description. Please note that we can not respond to items you contacted after more than one week from the item arrival date. 〇 Please note that in any case it will be handled by return only. ○ Please understand beforehand that it can not respond to repair / parts replacement, preparation of exchange goods, purchase etc. 〇 Refunds will be handled on checking the points that were incomplete after returning the item. All refunds will be refunded by bank transfer. 〇 The refund amount will be bid price + shipping cost + settlement fee only. Shipping fee upon returning will be borne by the store with cash on delivery.
About procedure of return
Please contact us by phone or email first. If you would like to accept returns, please send it to the shipping source store.·Bandai Sendai Minami-ShopTEL: 022-381-8875
Miyagi Prefecture Sendai City Tahira-ku Nakatacho Sugishita 34th generation Sendai Minami store Yahoo auction return address
Bandai Sendai IzumiTEL : 022-371-0045
Miyagi Prefecture Sendai City Izumi Ward Matsumori Saihei 58-9 Bandai Sendai Izumi Store
Bandai TagajoTEL : 022-361-0844
Miyagi Prefecture Tagajo City Meigetsu 1-chome 168-1 Mandai Tagajo store Yahoo auction return address
Bandai Furukawa storeTEL: 0229-25-4400
Miyagi Prefecture Osaki City Furukawa Inaba Character Konosu 138 Bandai Furukawa Store Yahoo Auction Returner
Manyo Sapporo Fujino storeTEL : 011-594-7011
Hokkaido City Sapporo Minami-ku Fujino Nijo 3-chome 3-1 Bandai Fujino Yahoo!
Bandai Sapporo Teine storeTEL : 011-788-2125
2-8-8, Inaho Nijo 2-chome, Teine-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido To Yahoo! Auctions Returner
Regarding receipt issue
We do not issue receipts. 〇 Please use the printout of the statement at the time of each payment · Net Bank settlement completion page.
About evaluation
Evaluation from this store is not done. 〇 It will be correspondence only when you input as evaluation request in the demand column of the order form.
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