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Using the Akita Shottsuru (130g) sandfish 100%, only in Japan, genuine fish sauce ☆ inherited the tradition of taste ♪ long-term fermentation aged to natural fermentation only in salt ☆
Auction ends 17 hours
Current price ¥1,307 $14
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Seller tanechips +231
Condition New
Start time 2020-07-10T23:08:49+09:00
End time 2020-07-15T23:08:49+09:00
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Lot number c816908752
Seller position Osaka prefecture

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Was used 100 percent of the sandfish, only in Japan, is a real fish sauce to natural fermentation only in salt.
There is no taste and odor by using the white fish, is a gem of recommendation that can be used in a variety of dishes.
"Shottsuru of sandfish" of Akita, Ishikawa along with "Isil" and Kagawa of "Ikanago soy sauce", has been one of Japan's three large fish sauce.
■ Shottsuru revival of origin (1)
Shottsuru is gone? The history of Shottsuru (salt juice-Shiosakanajiru) is the initial of the Edo era, was originally a simple seasoning that had been charged with only fish and salt in a barrel.
However, nearly the past 20 years, real Shottsuru to natural fermentation only in the salt by the wave of modernization, we had disappeared from the local Akita is home.
■ Shottsuru revival of origin (2)
Commercially available Shottsuru in this state, the Moroi's third generation and would be abandoned to the consumer is so I thought.
JUST THEN, by drastically reduced the catch sandfish is rising prices, although there was in the predicament that the entire surface of goldfish from what than 92 years, but still in the determination of "precisely because it is time like this, I would like to introduce the authentic taste", Food Research from 1997 start the experts and test brewing of institutions, 2000, "Akita Shottsuru" genuine with a mellow flavor with no smell was resurrected.
"Akita Shottsuru" is what was and fish meat, internal organs is mixed with saline three years about fermentation and aging.
In enzymatic action with the fish itself during this time, the protein is broken down into amino acids, "Akita Shottsuru" is finished with taste.
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※ If the two to three days can not payment confirmation within, but there is indeed humbled that I am allowed to cancel.
Because where I am allowed to smooth dealings, thank you for your understanding and cooperation kindly.
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