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Full suspension mountain bike T800 carbon
Auction ends 2 days
Current price ¥297,900 $2,906
Start price ¥297,900 $2,906
Buy-now ¥297,900 $2,906
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller db6s1yz18 +17
Condition Used
Start time 2021-09-20T22:29:44+09:00
End time 2021-09-27T22:29:44+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number c913103983
Seller position overseas

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Bxt29er full suspension mountain bike T800 carbon 11 speeds / M / L / XL bike frame complete 29 * 2.1 inch wheel
Description of item Choose the color. Product Description: T800 full carbon fiber frame: bxt29er carbon suspension bike frame front fork: BXT suspension axle handle bar via MTB fork: carbon handle bar 660mm depth: 90mm frame size: S / M / L / X L bike tire: 29er * 2.1 brake system: disc brake saddle Knuckles: 1 * 11 11S crank set 36t bike brake: Shimano mt200 oil brake DNM full shock travel
Notes ☆☆☆ [Important! ] Please read the notes, "your understanding and consent able person only", please purchase. ☆☆☆
● Because I think of whether it will be uneasy for foreign products and we will respond with heartfelt sincerity, thank you. ● Currently, so thank you want to look forward to your understanding there is the case that dispatch of goods is delayed due to the influence of the new coronavirus. This item will be shipped from overseas warehouse. It takes about one month to arrive. In some cases, more than 30 days due to differences in customs and shipping method
Also, such as the case that contains the period of holidays such as Spring Festival and National Day, arrival is slow Please note. Please purchase with extra time. ● I think whether anxiety because it takes time until the goods arrive, but, with regard to the delivery situation and we will contact you each time is. ● not products of support going on our side. In addition, please understand in advance that the explanation of how to use the product and how to attach it, the translation of user guides made in foreign countries, etc. With respect to the mounting is necessary goods, give me a successful bid only for the person who by yourself can be mounted. ● Because it is foreign products, or you have some to make the sweet part, there is the case that at the time of transportation to the outer box rubbing is slightly. Also, please understand that it may differ from the image of a photograph on the screen depending on your terminal. Please refrain from the tender of those looking for perfect items and nervous one. There is the case that tariff is generated with respect to ● big-ticket items. Because the judgment differs depending on the customs in each region, we ask you to pay. We strive to save as little or as little as possible, but if you need it, please bear with us. ● This product will be made overseas. Please note that at the time of such inspection that there is no one that is made on the basis of Japanese laws and regulations. ● products that use the electrical outlet will be as much as possible try to provide us with those of the US plug of 100V, but in There is a commodity that can not be the choice of plug shape and voltage. Please cope with transformers and conversion plug in, such as the Amazon. ● If there is no contact even after the 3 days after your order is unwilling but I will consider it as cancellation of the customer convenience. As a rule, we ask for payment within 3 days after your order, but if you are late due to circumstances, please let us know in advance. ● basically no claim, I will consider it as a no return. When there is a difference in the delivered product, please contact us within 5 days from the product arrival. We will exchange with good products. We will process the refund when stock preparation is not at that time. As long as there is no replacement item we will refund it. If you can not accept a replacement, and I would appreciate your favor since become the returned goods by the customer convenience. I will not cope when there is no contact within the period, so thank you. ● If the direction of new ID · bad evaluation is large, you may want to delete a bid without prior notice. Because the deal to prevent trouble, such as there is no cancellation or the report after it makes a successful bid, approve it crushed. Once you are bidding, it can not be undone. And will be canceled after a successful bid, automatically "very bad" to the highest bidder according to the specifications of Yahoo! Auctions evaluation will supposed to arrive Please note. ● the product is to exhibit it at the site other than the Yahoo! Auctions. Therefore, it may become the "out of stock" by the timing. In that case, you Excuse me, I will consider it as "transaction aborted" in "No evaluation" to each other
We will refund the full amount of the "commodity price + postage". Excuse me, but on your note, thank you for your order. ● If the goods at up to 90 days from the shipment did not arrive at hand, please be assured that I will return ensure that the full amount of the commodity price. There is no that usually takes 90 days, but I hope you'll be patient if you patiently for imports. ● If there is a defective product and bug will correspond with heartfelt sincerity, but, Yahoo! Please be assured that compensation has been enhanced from JAPAN. Unsettled and unpaid trouble We are selling a lot of merchandise, so we are trying to reply to you as soon as possible, but there are cases where we can overlook and reply. If 1 ~ there is no reply even after two days there is trouble, but please contact us again in dealings connection bulletin board. We will respond immediately.
Shipment details The postage is national. ● can not be received bundled in order to sandwich the transport from abroad. (Collectively improper be traded)
● After the settlement is confirmed, from our shop contract delivery agency overseas warehouse, we will arrange for transport to Japan.
Payment Method Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts
This item's guide is "@ imayasuIt was created with.
Since it has otherwise sent, please have a look, if very well.
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