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★ Unopened ★ BUFFALO Portable HDD 1.0TB HD-PCG1.0U3-BBA
Auction ends over
Current price ¥4,050 $30
Start price ¥4,050 $30
Buy-now ¥6,000 $44
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller ts_beams2 +16166
Condition New
Start time 2022-09-29T21:31:51+09:00
End time 2022-10-03T21:31:51+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number d1064664783
Seller position Kanagawa Prefecture

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□ ■ Information on business date and time ■ □
business hours:11: 00-17: 00Closed:Every Wednesday, Sunday, and holidays * We cannot answer inquiries outside business hours. We will contact you on the next business day.
* The prompt decision is only for products that have set the prompt decision price. ※ (Only products that have set a prompt decision price can be purchased at a prompt decision price. All other products will be sold in auction format. Please acknowledge it. ) * We do not deliver directly. ※ (Only if [hand -/ -handed/pick -up] is described in the title or product description, it can be received directly. Products that are not listed cannot be received directly. ) * We cannot respond to bidding cancellations and successful bids. ※ (Please be sure to check the product description, image, shipping fee, etc. so that there is no bidding cancellation / successful bid.. ) * Shipping will be shipped only for Yamato Transportation. ※ (Shipping will be shipped only by Yamato Transport specified by our shop. Please note that we cannot accept shipping methods such as other shipping companies. )
★ Unopened ★ BUFFALO Portable HDD 1.0TB HD-PCG1.0U3-BBA
Description of item □ Product condition
・ It is an unopened item
□ Set contents: Everything in the image. ( * Unused items may not take pictures of the contents)
◆ Details other than the above are unknown. You may not be able to answer even if you ask a specialized question. * The contents of the set are all images. Please think of things that are not in the image as missing. * There are some colors of color due to the amount of light of the camera. * The items described in the product status are judged, so please refer to it.
Please make a bid at your discretion for the final decision.. At the time of the bid, it is deemed to have accepted the product status, etc. We will not accept any complaints after bidding, so please bid after understanding.(203_11255)
Notes ・ In the image that is not in the product description, it is difficult to confirm threads, scratches, Yogore, etc.
Please give me a bid after understanding that there is. ・ All products in this store have once passed the hands of people. Please refrain from the tender of nervous one. ・ Basically no claim, no return at the auction
Please forgive me because it is. ・ So that there is no bid cancellation, no successful bid,
Please be sure to check the product description, shipping fee, etc. carefully before bidding..(You cannot cancel the bidding outside regular holidays and business hours. )・ We cannot respond or respond to questions and inquiries outside business hours, so
We ask that you please acknowledge.
Shipment details ※ This item isKuroneko Yamato TakkyubinI will send it. Please check the shipping fee in the list below.
This item's guide is "■@Immediate Sale 5.30 ■It was created with.
Kuroneko Yamato Delivery Service List
1200 yen
Aomori Prefecture
900 yen
Iwate Prefecture
900 yen
Miyagi Prefecture
800 yen
900 yen
Yamagata Prefecture
800 yen
Fukushima Prefecture
800 yen
Ibaraki Prefecture
800 yen
Tochigi Prefecture
800 yen
Gunma Prefecture
800 yen
800 yen
Chiba ken
800 yen
800 yen
Kanagawa Prefecture
800 yen
Niigata Prefecture
800 yen
Toyama Prefecture
800 yen
Ishikawa Prefecture
800 yen
Fukui Prefecture
800 yen
Yamanashi Prefecture
800 yen
Nagano Prefecture
800 yen
Gifu Prefecture
800 yen
Shizuoka Prefecture
800 yen
800 yen
Mie Prefecture
800 yen
Shiga Prefecture
900 yen
900 yen
Osaka prefecture
900 yen
Hyōgo Prefecture
900 yen
Nara Prefecture
900 yen
Wakayama Prefecture
900 yen
Tottori prefecture
1000 yen
Shimane Prefecture
1000 yen
Okayama Prefecture
1000 yen
1000 yen
Yamaguchi Prefecture
1000 yen
¥ 1030
Kagawa Prefecture
¥ 1030
Ehime Prefecture
¥ 1030
Kochi Prefecture
¥ 1030
Fukuoka Prefecture
1200 yen
Saga Prefecture
1200 yen
Nagasaki Prefecture
1200 yen
Kumamoto Prefecture
1200 yen
Oita Prefecture
1200 yen
1200 yen
Kagoshima prefecture
1200 yen
Okinawa Prefecture
1200 yen
* Shipping costs include consumption tax. * Conditions may fluctuate depending on the delivery destination and purchased products to remote islands. Please contact us for details.
▼ Please be sure to read the following ▼

Information on dealings
* Transactions from a successful bid"Within 5 days"Please give me.Payment within 5 daysThank you.* Only if [hand -/ -handed/pick -up] is described in the title and product description, it can be received directly. Products that are not listedI can't accept it directly.* Please be sure to check the product description, shipping fee, etc. so that there is no bidding cancellation or successful bid.. ※We cannot accept bundled bids with multiple IDs.Please note that we cannot respond even if you request after a successful bid. * We provide our information after a successful bid, but please refrain from contacting by telephone. Most of the cases where you can not answer the phone, please understand and cooperate.

Flow of dealings
1. BidPlease check the status of the product, notes, and the transaction method once again, and please bid after understanding and understanding.2. Successful bid confirmedWhen the successful bid of the product is confirmed, Yahoo auction! Automatic successful bid distribution email from. * If you have set up email reception, you will not receive the email. Please check the settings before a successful bid.3. Purchase procedurePress the [Purchase procedure] button, check all items, and press [Confirm purchase] to complete the purchase procedure. * If you need a payment procedure after the purchase is confirmed, such as when you make a convenience store payment or transfer to a bank account at the store, please complete the payment..* If you do not confirm payment within 5 days after the successful bid is completed, we will complete the procedure as "Cancellation of the highest bidder convenience". In that case, please note that the customer will be evaluated as "very bad". 4. ShippingAfter payment is confirmed, it will be shipped within 3 business days from the next business day. When the shipping is completed, we will notify you of the shipping and the tracking number of the luggage by e -mail.5. Arrival of the productThere is no necessary operation for receiving contact after the product arrives due to the store exhibition. We will end the transaction by receiving and confirming the product. * Please note that the "Reception contact" button is not displayed..[Regarding evaluation]Since there are many people who do not require evaluation, we evaluate "only for those who wish". If you wish to evaluate, please contact us by trading message. ■ About the use of a free email address ■If you use a free email address that is available for free, the email from us may be automatically moved to the "Junk mail folder". If you have not received the email, please check the inside of the "Junk mail folder".* If the e -mail from the Company does not arrive on the next business day, please contact us by trading message or email (as much as possible from the e -mail address registered to Yahoo auction).

About enclosed dispatch
It is possible to ship bundled only [within 5 days] from the successful bid date of the first successful bid. After a successful bid, please tell us your order ID or auction ID that you want to include in the request column or trading message.( * Some things cannot be bundled. )The reserve is within 5 days from the successful bid date.( * The procedure period is 5 days, including reservations. ) * If you use a credit card or PayPay payment with multiple successful bids for the bundled product,
Please proceed with the payment once. We will proceed with the shipping fee, but this will be in a provisional decision state, so
Our shop will correct the difference later and confirm the amount.

■ About payment amount ■
(Successful bid + consumption tax) + shipping fee = payment amount
* Bank transfer fees will be borne by the customer.. ■ Payment method ■(How to Use)・ Bank transfer (PayPay Bank)
·pay by a credit card
・ PayPay Payment
・ PayPay later payment
・ Convenience store payment
■ Consumption tax ■
Since we are exhibiting as a store, the consumption tax will be added to the amount we made a successful bid. Please tender after consent.* If you do not confirm payment within 5 days after the successful bid is completed, we will complete the procedure as "Cancellation of the highest bidder convenience". In that case, please note that the customer will be evaluated as "very bad".

Shipping items
■ Shipping method ■
Shipping is designated by our shopYamato TransportIt will be shipped only.* How to send out other shipping companiesWe can not accept itSo please understand in advance.The product shipment will be shipped within 3 business days from the next business day after confirming payment. Please note that confirmation of payment and shipping before and after a large holiday may be delayed than usual.* Please note that reused items may be used for packing.■ About the time of the arrival of the product ■
We will respond to the time specification as much as possible. (In the morning, 14:00-16:00, 16:00, 18:00, 18:00, 20:00, 19:00* Date and time specification may not be possible.)
Please tell us in the request column or the transaction message. Please note that it may not be possible to respond depending on the conditions.* Nekopos is post posting.

Returns / repair
■ About returned goods ■
We have made a thorough product shipment and management, but if you receive damage, defective, or different products, we will accept returns..(Within 3 days after the product arrives)Please be sure to contact us by e -mail or trading message.. Please refrain from sudden contact from the evaluation column. We will bear the shipping costs required for returned goods. ■ About repair ■
At this store, the warranty of repair and repair priceWe do not.Please note.* "Junk" indicates that it is junk (broken) in product titles and product information. There may be problems that cannot be expressed in product images and explanatory documents. Even if you find "defect", "scratches", "damage" that did not list in the product information after receiving it,No claim / no returnWe will respond to. It may be risky, so please give me a bid after understanding it.* Returns for junk products will be accepted only if we have a cause for the company, such as a significant difference from the delivery mistakes and the content described in the product description.

Holidays / business hours
■ Regular holiday ■
Wednesday, Sunday, holidays
* Regular holidays are changed in GW, summer and winter. ■ Business hours ■
11: 00-17: 00
* We cannot answer inquiries outside business hours. We will contact you on the next business day.
Business calendar

■ If you have any questions about various procedures, please feel free to contact us by e -mail by e -mail. ■ When making inquiries, please let us know the auction ID in the product information column.. ■Store information

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