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■■■ New article ■ For golf ball collection case 12 pieces ■■■
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Current price ¥1,379 $14
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Seller tudor911 +14809
Condition New
Start time 2019-10-20T21:00:17+09:00
End time 2019-10-22T21:00:17+09:00
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Lot number d285568898
Seller position Tokyo

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★ ★ New item ♪ Golf ball collection case ★ ★
Description of item
collection case specialty store ♪♪ SOULBIRD ♪♪ can be stored golf sign balls or the like, which will introduce a collection sense of a golf ball collection case. You can collect valuable collections from dust, and you can collect memorial balls, sign balls, figures.It is a popular collection case, but it is a bid for prompt decision by bid price.〓 [Product Size] Width 161 × height 220 × depth 78 mm
〓 【1 block size size】】 (approx) Width 41 × height 45 × depth 45 mm
〓 It is also perfect for collections such as figures, bottle caps, minicars, Choro Q etc, which can be removed vertically and horizontally. 〓 additional order: please tell us the number of hope after a successful bid. It is possible to ship from 1 to 100 enclosed itemsInformation on shipping cost · home delivery company · consumption tax〓 The ball of publication photograph is not attached
〓 We do not accept delivery at shop front
Please do not hesitate to ask questions, inquiries etc▼ ▼ It is after a successful bid ▼ ▼
Please fill in the necessary items from the input form of "successful bid Navi" after it makes a successful bid and send it. "Successful bid navigator" can be accessed from the following. (1) Product details screen after successful bid for successful bid products
(2) [transactions] link of "auction store transaction situation" of everybody's my / auction "winning bid"

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2: Bank transfer: Sumitomo Mitsui
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A comment
made in japan
Model number GB-12P Item width 161 × height 220 × depth 78 mm
Material: Body / Styrene resin
Cancellation: If you wish to cancel or if you can not ship within seven days including the successful bid day (If there is no transfer or no delivery address etc etc, we will charge a cancellation fee (Yahoo's system charge) I will.
WOOD case · soulbirdWatch case / Winding machine / WOOD case SOULBIRDCollection Case · soulbirdCollection case SOULBIRD コレクションケースのソウルバード Yahoo!かんたん決済がご利用いただけます
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