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Telephone caulkige play acquisition 6 blue Yoshiden Watase Yuki Shogakukan pallet paperback 50 degree unused
Auction ends 5 days
Current price ¥600 $6
Start price ¥600 $6
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller x_satoshi_ihsotas_x +770
Condition Used
Start time 2021-08-03T23:24:39+09:00
End time 2021-08-10T23:24:39+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number d351533064
Seller position Tokyo

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From Japan
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i think the lines on my cheeks are peeling off. There are several abrasions in the place that is not reflected There are some scratches There are some scratches

Teleka まし ま ま Gaiden 6 Seiran Den Yuu Watase Shogakukan Palette Bunko 50 degrees is unused. The state is the surface "B ~ C", the back side "A". The state is an unused article, but because there is not a one owner goods, not suitable at all towards the collector. There are multiple abrasions (see 2nd to 5th photo) and dirt on the surface. Sorry, who will be a state in mind, so that you can not offer a bid, I would like to humbly thank you. This item is, only those who divisible as 500 yen worth of vouchers, so that you can offer a bid, I would like to humbly thank you. About the state, delivery method, packing method, bundling, etc., mount and case without bare
Teleca (new goods unopened other than) only, dealings. explanation. all common becomes. Therefore the goods under exhibition product name is "telephone card ~ title name", before we will bid, be sure the following items of (URL destination)
So that you can check the , I would like to humbly thank you. Brand name"GLAY premium telephone card 15 pieces set new goods unopened"
It should be noted that at the time it was bid, "All agree" to the contents of the above URL destination I will assume that I received. Sorry, for the above-mentioned support (for each of the tax increase) must be things finely specified in the individual a description of all items,
The text of the page we were allowed to take a little even so as not to be a long sentence (omission including) unavoidable treatment. If you have any questions or doubts, please feel free to ask from "Questions to Sellers".
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