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Nume leather round ID Case name holder pass case neck strap leather message brass gift 5 colors
Auction ends 2 hours
Current price ¥5,400 $57
Start price ¥5,400 $57
Buy-now ¥5,400 $57
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller ishimoto1122 +2300
Condition New
Start time 2021-01-17T19:51:23+09:00
End time 2021-01-19T19:51:23+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number d391798474
Seller position Hyōgo Prefecture

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Nume leather round ID case Nume leather round ID case Nume leather round ID case Nume leather round ID case Nume leather round ID case Brass Late Key Holder Heart Dalma S-shaped Leather order belt brass with name gap
Nume leather round ID case

Nume leather round ID case

◆ ※ Please tell the following three points in the remarks column after a successful bid. ◆
1. Select leather color from the following 5 colors. Camel Chocolate Red Green Black
2. If you wish to imprint, please see the explanation and tell the stamp pattern. Stand up to 12 characters on pattern 1 surface. Pattern 2 Up to 12 characters can be imprinted on the back side. 3. Enable engraving characters can be used with letters and possible characters.. ※ If there is no engraving specification, it will be delivered without stamping.
Description of item
Nume leather round ID Case name holder pass case neck strap leather message brass gift
Leather ID case with a round form using Nume leather from Hyogo Prefecture. Nume leather and brass brass fittings will be good enough to use. It is a gift that can be engraved with your favorite message or name, etc., a lazer ID case that is ideal for gifts. A unique design of a round form and a unique design with a solid form of a solid form. You can easily install ID card from the back. Since the main unit uses screwed brackets, the neck strap can be removed. It can be used as a passcase or a name holder by hooking a separate selling hook etc.. The neck strap has a longer length of the leather part and any men and women.. ※ Please feel free to contact us because it is possible to combine the brass key holder separately as a sample photo.. 【About engraving】
List Century Italic
Imprintable letter
Alphabet capital letter (A to Z)
Alphabet lower case (A to Z)
Numbers (0-9)
This item prepared two types of stamp patterns. Stand on pattern 1 front. Up to 12 characters can be imprinted. Stand on pattern 2 back. Up to 12 characters can be imprinted. ※ Please listen in the remarks box when purchasing your favorite imprint character. ※ If there is no engraving specification, it will be delivered without stamping.
size Body part: diameter 11 cm
Neck strap: full length 42 cm
Double Kana: diameter 2 cm
Color Chocolate Camel Red Green· Black
CowhideBrass hard chloride vinyl chloride
Attention ※ Please note that the leather may violate clothes such as friction and moisture, etc.. The engraving is the difference in the character by the letter, so it may not be a letter depending on the sentence.. If the champion arm width is over, we will contact you after order. Please note that the imprint product will be manufactured after payment is confirmed, so please be aware that it will be shipped about 3 business days..
Shipping guide Nationwide uniform 680 yen bundled
In principle, we will deliver by Sagawa Express. However, delivery methods are different only for Hokkaido, Okinawa and remote islands. ※ Hokkaido, Okinawa, remote island can not be used by cash on delivery. Please understand because it is for shipping rate reduction to customers. ※ We do not ship with mail service without delivery security.
contact information Please feel free to contact us for inquiries about the product.Workshop〒 657-0045
Hyogo City Kobe City Kashiwa Ward Shimogrius Community 3-1-6-1F
TEL: 078-766-9067
Mail:info@studio-ici.comOpening hours: 11 o'clock to 18 o'clock
Holiday: Every Thursday + Fixed Holiday
※ Please refer to the sales day calendar of the auction booth.Studio 壱 Online Shop Main Store Kobo Yahoo Kobo Rakuten Market Store
Kobo Amazon Store

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