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【World】Golf 1KCAV left headlight 301146
Auction ends over
Current price ¥7,200 $72
Start price ¥7,200 $72
Buy-now ¥7,200 $72
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller sanko_parts3 +5814
Condition Used
Start time 2019-10-20T07:10:36+09:00
End time 2019-10-23T07:10:36+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number d393751755
Seller position Oita Prefecture

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This product is shipping category [C].
Car name golf
Model ABA-1KCAV Frame No
Production year 2009/06 By period
Number of kilometers (thousand km) 61 shape 5 HB
Engine model CAVD Displacement 1400
Drive system 4 × 2 Mission classification 7 FAT
Body color Deep Black Pearl Color No LC9X
Part type Second hand parts Trim No TW
information Levelizer (test OK)
State ① Cracks/②reflector degradation?, Melt?/ ③ Degradation of Human Services,stepping stones scratch,thin scratch/see image
Description of item

[Reference part number] 5K2 941 005 H Small scratches・thin scratches, stepping stones scratches and degradation of Human Services・reflector degradation/melt・Human Services Although it is second - hand goods, it is confirmed operation for functional parts. Since it is not a brand new, there are small scratches on the exterior and feeling of use. Please confirm details by image and vehicle information.

Since color NO is extracted from vehicle information, it is due to progress and repainting
There may be a difference in color.

It becomes an exhibition of only the title item. Mounting bolts, etc. and stated no (door lining, etc.)
Ensures eligible.. Please note

shipping method Seino TransportationFukuyama Transporting
Sagawa Express
* Since shipping to individual home will be packing size within 130 sizes, as much as possible,Please cooperate with shipping to the company etc. If the office stop is also possible, it corresponds, but you receive person is,
If it is an individual like name, also added in the office stop shipping will occur.
* Handling of cash on delivery shipping is limited in handling, size and weight of expensive products,Even if you specify, you may be asked to pay by transfer. * New ID or evaluation is very bad due to evaluation restrictions, but those with 5 or moreI'm sorry, but please make a payment by transfer.
method of payment Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts Japan Net Bank transfer
Postal savings transfer
Cash on delivery shipping (accessory only)
Note 1:Since cash on delivery shipping is limited to only small items, there are restrictions on evaluationYou may be asked to make a payment.[In that case, change to simple settlement is not possible in the system. Note 2:Okinawa, the solitary island will be shipped by postage cash on arrival. It will be up to the size that can be shipped by Yamato.Note 3:Since cash on delivery is not possible for products over 50,000 yenPlease be forewarned.

About transaction after it makes a successful bid

Our business is basically done only by e-mail. [We will contact the bulletin board only if an error is found after sending the email. ]
Please input the order form after it makes a successful bid. In the case of holidays and nights, we will guide you the total amount including shipping fee from here on the next day. Please confirm and pay the total amount by e-mail after confirmation. Since we do not contact you for payment confirmation, we will contact you as soon as possible once the shipping number is confirmed. Therefore, it will take some time to reflect the tracking of your luggage. Please check your email settings beforehand if you are bidding from mobile phone. Us from Yahoo using email communications Yahoo. co. jp format so that settings can't be. If there is no contact from us even two days after a successful bid, sorry to trouble you, but please contact us after confirming the above.

About the return of goods

Please bid it after understanding the nature of used parts.We will not accept cancellation of the customer's convenience. We do not accept returns of goods different from attached vehicles. Please check well in the question column and inquiry form before being bid successfully.To confirm compliance, the chassis number, model designation number, and classification number are required.


■ About accidents during transport· Especially for glasses and panels, accidents during transport are considered,
After arrival, please check whether there is any damage under the driver of the express company. For subsequent damage, claims,
We can not accept you regardless of reason, please understand.
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