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◆ new ◆ draw a roundhouse eyes ♪ vintage color stone ring zirconia wedding engagement ring ring party gift jewelry white No. 12
Auction ends 10 hours
Current price ¥1,830 $19
Start price ¥1,830 $19
Buy-now ¥10,320 $103
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller ilovekids184 +44
Condition New
Start time 2019-10-20T21:52:35+09:00
End time 2019-10-21T21:52:35+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number e368772030
Seller position overseas

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☆☆ Thank you for seeing ☆☆
※ This item will be delivered from outside Japan. (Handy to arrive guideline 14 days to 36 days) ※
It is a new unused (^ o ^) 丿
Color ... white (other colors you are being exhibited)
Size ·· US size 6 (Japan size 12 No. equivalent)
Other There is also the size of Japan 1214 16 18 20. It will be in Japan size is an estimate only, We see the image 5, size, please check the inch, etc.. ※ You can change the successful bid after the size. In that case, please let us know before you pay. Material ... zirconia / copper
★★ comment ★★
Shine your hand at once luxurious shine ♪
Outstanding presence!
Roundhouse color stone is a design-catching luxurious and eye ♪
Everyday use, of course, bridal jewelry, perfect for a party!
The recommended can ring with confidence at this opportunity, please enjoy at a reasonable price!
As well as a gift will be very pleased ♪
To present to reward and dearest to your ☆ 彡
We are working hard every day to his ☆ 彡
I love birthday gift ☆ 彡 to her
Gifts for Mother's Day to important mom ☆ 彡
The important marriage proposal once in life ☆ 彡
The cute daughter of the adult celebration ☆ 彡
It is a variety of kits ring that is also appreciated gift (^ _-) - ☆
■ We handle a nice goods made overseas. ■ All initial defects will be returned and exchanged, so please trade with confidence ♪
※ This item will be delivered from outside Japan. (You to hand to the arrival guideline 14 days to 36 days)
★ postage ★
(Because the tracking number is issued, it is safe) international postal 1000 yen nationwide
Peace of mind and cordial will continue to support us until the last so enjoy! ☆ 彡
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