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$ 1 = ¥ 101.63
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to ship goods from
Yahoo! Japan Auction
If any problem, call us:
+81 (50) 580-66548
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Examples: Guitar, Transformer, Tires, Lamp

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Auction ends over
Current price ¥2,500 $25
Start price ¥2,500 $25
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller bonheur131106 +2506
Condition New
Start time 2021-03-08T21:02:42+09:00
End time 2021-03-09T21:02:42+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number e420783078
Seller position Wakayama Prefecture

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I will organize and exhibit.
Box, no case.
Currently working properly, but if the battery stops and stops
Please note.
It will be the status quo give you.
When cutting the battery, we will not exchange batteries.
Nikanshimashite new you, but state of the commodity,
Please refer to the image because there are individual differences.
The dispatch method: non-standard-size mail 140 yen
※ will be simple packaging to put your products directly to the recycling bag wrapped in cushioning material.
Please check the product details on the website, etc.
* Please read the notes carefully, please bid. *
■ Only the items in the image will be on the exhibition product.
■ For home storage, those who want perfect goods should refrain from bidding.
■ I have checked enough, but please understand if there is an oversight for amateur inspection.
■ We will not inform you of the address and contact address of the address to the municipality.
Please bid only for those who can understand.
■ Question · Contact · · · · · · · If you can contact us for the convenience of work.
The answer to the question about the content I am allowed to list is not supported.
■ Free shipping · Price negotiation is not supported.
■ We do not accept cancellation after bid.
■ Please refrain from the tender of those who have one bad evaluation.
If you wish to bid, please contact us from the question column before bidding.
If there is no inquiry, we will delete even if you bid.
■ If you would like to bid by a new person, please contact us from the question column before bidding.
If there is no inquiry, we will delete even if you bid.
■ I need your help by no claim no return no cancellation.
■ Product changes / cancellations / returns after a successful bid are not accepted.
■ Those who can contact within 24 hours after a successful bid, please bid for those who can pay within 3 days.
■ Payment by stamp is not supported.
■ Issuance of receipt does not correspond.
■ I work full time, and because of irregularities, I may get time to contact and ship.
Those in a hurry should withhold a bid.
■ Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, Golden Week, Bon Festival, New Year's holiday, questions and answers, contact and shipping are not possible.
■ Packaging will be recycled simple packaging.
■ Since shipping is measured at home, I think that some errors may occur.
We will pay for the shortage, but we cannot refund if there are many.
Also, we will not contact you if there is an error in shipping costs.
■ If a problem occurs after shipping, please contact the shipping company by the successful bidder.
■ damage of goods in me does not correspond compensation of refund and alternative Hinto.
Please inquire for shipping companies by the successful bidder.
■ Please ask each manufacturer for skin problems when using cosmetics.
We do not correspond.
■ Please use each manufacturer for repair of appliances.
It does not correspond with us.
■ Please note that some errors may occur in the actual color etc. due to the monitor settings and the environment..
■ In order to prevent mistakes for those who do not need evaluation, we have evaluated it back to those who have evaluated it.
If you do not need evaluation, please do not evaluate.
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