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Manipulative treatment tickets twice Nagoya Minato-ku sum manipulative NagomiSeitai ● professional also attend manipulative Institute of trust and results ● result in a prescription treatment to suit the individual good
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- Introduction ...
Thank you very much for seeing it. I'm exhibiting on behalf of you.
It is a wonderful plastic surgery clinic that we have also been to..
If you are in pain and you are in trouble, please try it.. It's really good..
Exhibited for 2 times of Japanese (garbage) body NagoyaSeitai in Minato-ku, Nagoya City
It is a treatment ticket about.If you live in nagoya city or suburbs...
As a feature of Japanese body NagomiSeitai ...
Improves natural healing power with whole body treatment and improves pain and recurrence with original treatment
Pro-body clinic to suppress!
In addition to the symptoms of the a painful part as a feature of our hospital, treatment that matched the symptoms (
we will perform a method of treatment..
There are dozens of treatment methods, and it is tailored to various information of individuals (gender, age, etc.)
will be chosen.
Further posture correction: Creates an ideal arch for the spine based on pelvic correction
If the posture is bad or the length of the foot is different, the pelvis that becomes the foundation tilts, and when the foundation is tilted, the person
I'm not going to fall in between.the spine bends in a complex way in an attempt to balance with nature in order to
I will. This is variousPain, lumps,It is often the root cause of numbness..
In addition, the inside of the spine is built-in, etc.Because the nerves of theNerves are compressed and internal organs work
causes of various diseases that also get worseThere is also a thing that becomes.
By returning to the correct posture of human beings, we will
I'm not up..
Our hospital improves your pain, suppresses recurrence, leads to improvement of constitution, and
for the purpose ofis a pro-body clinic that has.
Especially in those with strong pain (chronic pain), good progress can be obtained in plastic surgery and osteo clinics.
The one who isAlso from a distanceWe have received voices of thanks for coming to many people..
-------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------
As a regular rate
First look fee: ¥1500 (first time cost)
Treatment fee: ¥4500 (normal treatment fee, amount that is easy to pass at any time)
Usually the first treatment is required for the first visit fee + treatment fee = ¥6000.
You can choose from the following courses.
A Careful systemic treatment (ideal for pain prevention and regular treatment)
BPain area & whole body treatment (chronic, severe, recovery, pain improvement)
C Cosmetic surgery (pelvic correction, bowel massage, constitution improvement)
D Maternity body control (stretching for pregnant women to improve back and back pain)
The style is re-styled with post-baby pelvic correction ... It is popular.
*Treatment time is about 45 to 60 minutes depending on content and symptoms.
If you wish to treat again, it is ¥4500.
After winning the bid, we will ask you the date and time of your reservation during the transaction..
※ Please contact us to receive the product before coming to the hospital for trading.
There are no shipping and other fees for the product
*Please check the website for details such as location..
- Japanese chirhythmal coronavirus measures!
(1) Space disinfection... Installation of plasma cluster ions in the treatment room
On July 27, Sharp decided to release a large amount of ions into the air.
Therefore, it belongs to the same coronavirus family as SARS coronavirus
announced that it has demonstrated the ina activities of the neko coronavirus.. Demonstration fact
99.7% of virus inays within 40 minutes.
That. In other rooms, disinfection cleaning spray is used every regular time.
I'm managing it..
(2) Alcohol disinfection cleaning at the end of patient treatment
Treatment Bed & Macra Co-Disinfection Spray
(3) Removal of patient-shared objects in our hospital
Disposable equipment for individual use
(4) Disinfection of fingers with alcohol at the time of visit with your cooperation
Installation at the entrance entrance
(5) Wearing the practitioner's mask and managing alcohol hygiene
As a please...
(1) Those with a slight temperature (37 °C or higher) cannot come to the hospital..
(2) Please come wearing a mask. If there is no case, you can not come to the hospital.
(3) Please disinfect your hands and fingers at the entrance when you come to the hospital..
(4) Please bring a face towel..
(5) We limit the number of treatments visited per day.
(6) Shortening of opening time.
※ Please make a reservation early to think about (5) (6).
- Basic conversation through the mask ... Don't talk when you remove your mask.
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