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Super Cheap / Sansui J33 book shelf type / piano paint / SANSUI / sound out OK / landscape / 2WAY speaker pair ferrite magnet / ultra exceptional bargain basement price 1,000 yen
Auction ends over
Current price ¥1,700 $18
Start price ¥1,000 $11
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller nana1026jp2002 +1726
Leader K*w*Y***
Condition Used
Start time 2020-08-08T09:06:15+09:00
End time 2020-08-15T21:06:15+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number e453730871
Seller position Fukuoka Prefecture
Super Cheap / Sansui J33 book shelf type / piano paint / SANSUI / sound out OK / landscape / 2WAY speaker pair ferrite magnet / ultra exceptional bargain basement price 1,000 yen

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Rating of the model
Model 2 ways, 2 speakers, a sealing system, and a book shelf type
Use unit For low-pass: 21cm cone type
For high-frequency: 2.54cm dome type
The maximum permissible input 60W
Impedance 6Ω
Output sound pressure level 90 dB / W / m
Frequency characteristic 45Hz ~ 20kHz
Crossover frequency 2kHz
Network 2way, 12dB / oct, LC parallel
Dimensions Width 240x height 410x depth 200mm
Weight 6.9kg
Incorporating the design back to the origin of the book shelf, the speaker system of the piano finish which attained high-quality sound in a compact size. The low-pass is equipped with a 21cm cone type Woofer which uses a sheet-seamed cone. The sheet seamed cone, in rich uniform unevenness of density and thickness are less resistant material, it has to have a strength by the shape of the curved cone. The achieved flux density of 9,500gauss by a magnetic circuit using a large-sized ferrite magnet, high efficiency by a combination of the like voice coil 30Fai, to achieve a high input resistance. In the high region it is equipped with a 2.54cm soft dome tweeter. The diaphragm is used as coated with acrylic damping agent in special way to polyester fibers, with obtaining excellent directivity domed specific and is moderately absorbing harmful resonance. The enclosure, employs a high-density and high-density particle board, it has become the sealed structure this as a three-way stop structure. Also, the unit arrangement tweeter is to come to the outside of the baffle, with the aim of improving the localization by a further symmetrical design. The exterior finish has adopted a piano mirror painting finish. Beginning to surface preparation (polishing), undercoat twice, grinding, top coat three times, grinding, it has achieved a beautiful finish by wax buffing. In addition, many are exhibiting. That I do not know the image will give me a question. Status
Energizing confirmed. Postage
170 size to 200 size
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