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Rental falling dvd that takes the sky
Auction ends 2 days
Current price ¥1,636 $17
Start price ¥1,636 $17
Buy-now ¥1,636 $17
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller otakara_e_town2 +33481
Condition Used
Start time 2021-04-13T14:20:52+09:00
End time 2021-04-20T14:20:52+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number e457591979
Seller position Fukuoka Prefecture

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title Rental falling dvd that takes the sky
JANCODE 4527427635340
Part number ASBX3534
Appearance 島 か (アン) / 小 小 小 / Asano り (George) / Kobe Nakagawa (Edward)
Original work Jack Ducenowa
Production year, time 49 minutes in 2002
Maker Amus software
Genre Anime / TV Anime / Kids / Friendship / Fantasy / Comedy
Category DVD
Summary Aircraft in more than 30 countries worldwide!Popular series suitable for fostering "soving" and "friendship"!"Become a ghost empty" "Become a George Hero" and "Ahnrikled by Cloud" and others, all six episodes recorded.
Arrival day 2020-11-17
Title code 129856XYZ
"Please read the following before making a successful bid"
"Only those who can understand, please make a successful bid"

About the annual holiday and shipping◇ ◇ New Year holidays will be December 30 (Wed) to January 5 (Tuesday). ◇ 12/29 (Tuesday) We will ship from 8:00 am 8 am (Wed) to shipping from time to time. ※ Please note that orders after 12/29 and subsequent are shipping from the closed operation and you will receive time.

● image is an image sample image
● as a used article to the last, please bid after understanding. Too nervous person ●, a successful bid of those who search for perfection need to refrain from. ● is a point to be worried about, please ask you a question before a successful bid without fail.

※※※※ for the case ※※※※

◆ DVD case will be soft case. ※Brand new,
In caseShinko,
In case[Translation],
In case"Case-free ::"Except for the product or the like. ※ [in translation] will be only to disk. ※ "Case No ::" is the disk and paper jacket. ※ case unnecessary one and, in the case of a change you want from the soft case to the tall case thank you to fill in the demand column. ※ In the case of the case unnecessary, we will discount 10 yen per case
※ By If you would like a tall case, the case of Yu-Yu packet,
There is a mailing cost will be shipped up to DVD2 sheets in one copy are subject to change,
I will contact you for shipping from here.

※※※※ about shipping cost ※※※※

◆ Yu ※ No tracking number, no compensation
(Post mailing, no delivery on Sundays and public holidays, BOX size can not, can not be delivered by the date specified and cash on delivery)
Yu DVD10 sheets in one copy (soft case) bundled can be shipping 170 yen
1 to 10 sheets ※: Yu 1 copy 170 yen
※ 11 ~ 20 sheets: Yu two copies of 340 yen
※ 21 ~ 30 sheets: Yu three copies 510 yen
※ 31 ~ 40 sheets: Yu 4 copies 680 yen
None ◆ Yu packet ※ tracking number and compensation
(Post mailing, BOX size can not, can not be delivered by the date specified and cash on delivery)
Yu DVD10 sheets packet per copy (soft case) bundled can be shipping 230 yen
1 to 10 sheets ※: Yu packet per copy 230 yen
※ 11 ~ 20 sheets: Yu packet two copies of 460 yen
※ 21 ~ 30 sheets: Yu packet three copies 690 yen※ Yu-Yu packet, the compensation of the loss, theft, case crack after delivery or on post-mailing is not attached at all. If the loss accident or the like occurs, but you do the investigation request to Japan Post, I can not do, such as dispatch of refund and replacement of the price. On your note, please select.● Because it is a dispatch from Fukuoka Prefecture, 3 to 7 days before and after, it takes you time to deliver.

◆ In the case of delivery in transportation facilities
Postage 800 yen,Tohoku and Hokkaido regions will be 1700 yen.※ In the case of more than a successful bid a total of 3000 yen, and made a shipping 550 yen discount service. ※) DVD-BOX, CD-BOX, Fuyugyua, BOX size and posters will be in all transportation facilities. 1, you can not specify the shipping company. 2, in the case of cash-on-delivery, cash-on-delivery commission 330 yen is required separately. 3, there is some post-mailing. 4, shoes are not eligible.

About sending
● I will send out work on the next business day from successful bid day. ※ We receive weekends, public holidays, New Year holidays, Bon Holiday, etc. Successful bid ※ If you hurry, please refrain from. We can not respond.
Business hours · Contact
● Saturday, Sunday, and a public holiday, we have obtained the rest. Confirmation of payment and product preparation and dispatch, Contact Us, weekday (9: 00-17: 00) to thank you. ● If you have any questions, please contact us at the address below. "OTAKARA_E_TOWN2@YAHOO.CO.JP" in charge: Honda
[Important: regard successful bid commodity stock]
● for Heibai goods and stock as long as, when sold will contact you immediately successful bid canceled. On your note, thank you for your successful bid. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------
[Payment with respect to ※ easy settlement use of the person should be sure to confirm If you have any! ]
● after your input to the order form, thank you payment. Or, after the final check the completion of the product, so we will send you an invitation of payment,
Please confirm that place, thank you payment. ● When the product is determined to be a defective product at the final check, we will contact you to cancel the successful bid. If payment is complete, full refund will be made. ● In the case of payment by か ん た ん settlement of accounts, change, cancellation after procedure completion is on Yahoo's system,
It can not be done at all, so please proceed on your note. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------
● Be sure to give me the input to order form within one week from the successful bid day. If even contact us after one week is defunct, it is determined that the intention of dealings there is no cancellation by the highest bidder convenience
I will consider it as. Bad evaluation is because luck and do the cancellation processing, please acknowledge it humbly. ● reserve of goods, it has been 10 days from the successful bid day. After your input to the order form,
Please give me the payment within the period. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------
● In the case of a successful bid two or more points, your input to the order form is, is fine in your input of only either one point. We do the procedure of bundling shipment. (Thank you to fill in a successful bid points to the demand column)
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------
● to the evaluation is not required person is demand column of the order form, you will enter ask that effect always. Case without your input to the order form is, we have been evaluated input to the successful bidder after shipping products. (Even if I received contact us by other than the order form I can not respond)
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------
● [About Japanese dubbing]
Movie, overseas documentary, there are many products that does not have a Japanese dubbing. (Japanese dubbing does not mean you are always attached)
Japanese stand-in is needed customers, after confirmation by the always the question, you give me a successful bid. If you have questions there is nothing, as you have been a successful bid are convinced, because the returned or exchanged I do not do at all,
On your note, please use our shop. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------
All ● contact from our shop, we have sent to your registered address. Can not send e-mail (come back) and customers Welcome. Your registered address
Reception setting (junk e-mail settings, and the like) to be sure please check. To permit email reception, "" or
Please set the permission setting of the domain name of "". -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------
● our handling product will be mainly in the product of rental omission. Please check the product information Always. Management seal bar code such jacket will remain attached. Sunburn is the jacket, there is the case that there is a label peeling to disk. Last on the understanding as for viewing and a used article, please bid. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------
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