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Free Shipping Green Stamp Gift Certificate 100 (100 Skills) 1 book 2
Auction ends over
Current price ¥26,000 $256
Start price ¥26,000 $256
Buy-now ¥26,000 $256
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller hokkaidomart +7013
Leader 4*a*4***
Condition New
Start time 2021-03-17T16:14:23+09:00
End time 2021-03-17T16:34:27+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number e499352889
Seller position Hokkaido

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Free Shipping Green Stamp Gift Certificate 100 (100 pieces of spell) 1 volume
Description of item 【Green stamp gift ticket 100 pieces】
· Please acknowledge the deterioration state, such as thread, dirt, break, breaking, etc.. · Free shipping is only letter pack light
(If you would like other things, please pay for the shipping fee)
[Because it will be purchased from individuals etc., purchase date and place,
Frequent use etc. can be known other than the contents described in the product description column. Please bid for understanding that it is a purchase product once acquired once]
· Date and time specification, receipt etc. Please give me early. Please note that it may not be possible if the shipping preparation is finished.. [Conventional holiday etc. is not shipping work, please check the self-introduction column]
«Shipping method · Shipping fee»
Making method, shipping fee · Letter pack light (up to 3 cm thick) · · · Free (with tracking)
· Letter pack plus · · · · · Nationwide uniform 520 yen (with tracking)
Yamato Takkyubin Compact (with tracking and compensation)
【Hokkaido】 · · · · · 500 yen
[Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu] · · 900 yen
[Okinawa, Some remote islands] · · · 1,300 yen
[The courier service is either Yamato or Yu Pack, by regional and size
Please note that Yamato description may be a pack. (Okinawa is the basis for the exception of compact)]
· Over-the-counter collection · 0 yen (product payment is only cash payment only)
※ We do not basically correspond to shipping other than the above. (If you want to force a shipping method not described above after a successful bid, it will be canceled)
※ Please note that cardboard reuses usage products. ※ We recommend Takkyubin and Yu Pack with mail accident compensation. Please select at your own risk even if there is a description of other shipping methods. ※ Out of fixed form, letter pack, click post selection (if there is a description in the above option)
Please understand the following. · It becomes [simple packing] by thickness limit, but malfunction and damage
And please note that you can not compensate any, etc.. · It may be different from the amount described when packing,
Please note that we do not charge and refund. · Please note that you may be using stamps in the postage.
Other ヤフオク! 2021年2月度 出品マスター ダイヤモンドヤフオク! 2021年1月度 出品マスター ダイヤモンドヤフオク! 2020年12月度 出品マスター ダイヤモンド«Notes»
· We accept receipt issuance. Please say (address, Term) to the transaction [first]. · Evaluation 6 If you say or less than 95% of the evaluation, please contact the question column before bidding.. · Since all of the states can not be expressed in photos and words, please bid only for those who understand second-hand goods
· Photos and real things may be visible in the situation of monitor and shooting. · There is no smoker in our shop, but the seller is not limited to. If the smell is felt, we will listen to that effect, but the sense of individuals
Please understand what happens. · Please check before bidding. Please refrain from any question after it makes a successful bid. · We do not correspond to cancellation after bid etc., so please check after carefully. · Sales at the store may also be done at the same time,
Please understand that you may cancel the exhibition. · Please use the transaction navigation "Summary transaction" for bundled. (Please contact us in the trading navigation if it is a successful bid across the sun)
· If you can not contact you within 30 hours after a successful bid, cancel the successful bidder convenience
Let me do it. At that time, please acknowledge that "very bad" is evaluated automatically. · Please refrain from bids other than those who can receive payment within 3 days from the successful bid date.. (If you have contacted before bidding, we will respond as much as possible. )
· Initial defect of goods that can not check the state here by unopened or unused etc.
It will be in the form of contacting the manufacturer directly. (Repair of manufacturer warranty can not be accepted)
· Because our sales product will be a secondary distribution product,
Please check the manufacturer directly to the manufacturer if you can use the manufacturer's warranty. · Although there is a defect in the product you purchased, it corresponds to returned goods, but
Refund will only be the product fee + round trip fee. It occurred by the product purchased
Please note that you can not accept any damage. · We will decide that we acknowledged the above contents at the time of bidding. · I have otherwise sent. Please have a look.
store information
Recycling mart Aeon Town Hiraoka store 004-0872
Hikida-ku Hiraoka 2-5 Aeon Town
TEL 011-886-8777
Business hours 10:00-19: 00
Regular holiday 2,4 Wednesday
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