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[☆ New / Free Shipping] Full -scale specifications Nishito Nishiyuki Son Goku Goku Wooden Durable Movie Cosplay Weapon Director Kung Fu Temple Chinese Martial Arts 170cm
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Wooden Monkey King Staff Kung Fu Wooden Martial Arts Stick Monkey Club Carving
greeting ● Greetings ●
Thank you for seeing the product. We specialize in many products that are difficult to obtain in Japan. We will do our best so that customers can trade with peace of mind,
I try to deliver each point carefully with all sincerity. Thank you.
Description of item ●Overview●
Brand: Lucamino
Material: Imported wood called ironwood. Flexible, durable, sturdy and carved with dragons. Handle fits antique alloy with Dargon carving. Size: Total 170cm~175cm. The length of the handle is about 26 cm. Weight: Approx. 1.6kg. This weight is good for practice. The golden club is recommended not only for monkey-style staff, but also for the practice of traditional-style staff. Note: It is not stainless steel, it is a wooden stick. ●Product Details●
Color: Red Golden Ball / Wooden Gold Bard
Brand Name: Lukamino
Martial Arts Style: Kung Fu
Model Number: JGB200
Material: Imported wooden, flexible, durable
Length: 170cm-175cm
Weight: 1.6kg
※ Please select the color (red golden club / wooden gold club) and tell us in the transaction message after successful bidding. (Please select with reference to image 7 ~ 8)
Flow of dealings ● Transaction flow ●
① Bid for the product and make a successful bid. ↓
② After a successful bid, select the destination and payment method by simple transaction. ※ If there are multiple types of products, choose the type of desired (color, size, other), please let us know after a successful bid. In addition, to ensure that the goods are delivered
Please let us know the Roman alphabet notation in the transaction message. ↓
③ Complete payment. ↓
④ After the payment is completed, it usually takes about 3 to 6 days for normal payment confirmation and shipping processing. (Except if there is a separate information. Please note that this number of days may be slightly around you for overseas shipping. )

⑤ After shipping the product, we will send you a shipping contact. ↓
⑥ After the shipping contact, the product will arrive in about [14 to 20 days]. (Delivery period fluctuates depending on the product, time, etc. )
* Please note that it may take about one month to deliver as it is shipped from overseas.
Notes ● Notes ●
・ This is a new product of overseas products. ・ Depending on the lighting at the time of shooting and the PC environment, the color may be different from the actual product
 It is. ・ There may be some rubbing during transportation in the main body and outer box. ・ It may be opened for inspection. ・ In rare cases, sudden missing items due to poor product or out of stock may occur due to the timing of sales. At that time, we may have time to deliver or prepare products. We apologize for any inconvenience, but only those who can understand will bid. ・ In rare cases, we may see fine dirt, scratches, roughness of making and sewing sweetness for overseas products. Please bid only for those who can understand. If you are particularly nervous or seek perfect quality, please refrain from bidding. ・ For overseas imports, it may not be included in the instructions, or may not be Japanese even if it is included. We can not support our shop, so please bid after understanding. ・ We accept questions before a successful bid. Please feel free to contact us for any trivial matter. ( * We do not respond or support questions after purchasing the product. Please contact the manufacturer directly. )
・ We would like to answer your request as much as possible for price reduction negotiations, so please feel free to contact us. ● About cancellation, claims, returns, refunds ●
・ Cancellation after bidding, complaints, returned goods due to the highest bidder convenience
Please note that we will refuse. ・Initial defects, damage during transportation, etc. affect the use of the product itself
 If there is such a defect, or if there is a difference in the product itself,
 If you contact us within 3 days, we will exchange it for a good product.. If there is no stock available at that time, we will respond to refunds
 Will. ・ After a successful bid, we ask for payment within one week. If there is no contact or payment, cancel at the convenience of the successful bidder
 We may be able to. ● About Yahoo Japan compensation ●
We are trying to send quick shipping and careful contact,
For transactions with someone whose face is invisible
I think some people feel anxious. I myself will respond sincerely,
Since Yahoo! JAPAN has a lot of compensation
Please be assured. Trouble not arriving / unpaid Trouble Sympathy System
When using Yahoo! Oku!, Yahoo! Shopping, the product does not arrive,
When troubles such as not having a deposit occur,
It is a system to sympathize with the payment / successful bid amount. Shopping Anshin Compensation
Return compensation, home delivery and postal accident compensation, damage compensation
And so on, for troubles after purchase
Yahoo! JAPAN will compensate you.
About Shipping & Shipping ● About shipping and delivery ●
We will deliver free shipping nationwide by international mail, etc. Because it will be delivered from overseas, it will take time. It is around 7 days until shipping. Depending on the product, it may take 14 days to up to 1 month to your hand. Please purchase with extra time. This product cannot be supported by bundled (including the same product) depending on the storage status of the stock. Therefore, please note that even if you receive multiple orders, it will be shipped separately. ● If the product does not arrive ●
After shipping, we will inform you of the tracking number and tracking page. Please be assured that you can grasp the delivery situation in the visible shape. In the unlikely event that the product does not reach even after more than 60 days of delivery
Please contact us as we will reinest or refund.
Payment Method ■ Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts
This guide is an exhibition support tool ■ @ spot sale WEB ■ ■ It is created in.
Since it has otherwise sent, please have a look, if very well.
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