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☆ Katoji KATOJI 03900 Baby Bouncer NEWYORKBABY ◆ Baby and Gokigen 1,991 yen
Auction ends 21 hours
Current price ¥1,991 $15
Start price ¥1,991 $15
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller robokon2_coo62 +25844
Condition Used
Start time 2022-09-30T02:02:31+09:00
End time 2022-10-01T22:06:34+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number f1049953442
Seller position Inuyama -cho, Sakae -ku, Yokohama -shi, Kanagawa

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☆ Katoji KATOJI 03900 Baby Bouncer NEWYORKBABY ◆ Baby and Gokigen 1,991 yen
● Everything in the photo. ● Shake with an exquisite curve and make a baby!
Play, naps, meals active in various scenes. It is a recommended baby supplies bouncer that is busy with Ayashi.. You can see your mom anytime, anywhere, so your baby is in a good mood
You can use it immediately by setting a toy bar and holo without the need for troublesome assembly.. A nap
Easy shaking with an exquisite curve
I will sway. Flat can be used from 0 months. 2 roles per unit according to the scene
You can use it as a chair if you stand the front and rear stopper. You can use it as a chair from around 7 months when your waist sits. Sweary cute moon and star toys
The secret of the baby is toy bar. Toy bars and toys can be removed and adjusted angles. There are still many fulfilling functions
Lock function
You can lock the shaking when you eat or use it as a chair. Big holo
If you spread the holo, it will protect your baby from the light of electricity and the air conditioner.. Head support
Supporting the head of a baby in a low moon
Cleaning is easy because it can be removed. 5 -point belt for peace of mind
Prevents falling with a belt. With a crotch belt cover so that the baby does not hurt
How about preparing for childbirth celebration and greeting your baby?. We look forward to this on this occasion.. ● Specifications
Target age: Newborn -Weight 15kg (around 3 years old)
Reclining 7 steps (120, 125, 130, 145, 150, 155 °)
Size (when the backrest is the most): Width 46 x length 77 x height 64cm
Size (when the backrest is the most defeated): 46 x 84 x 54cm in height
Weight: 4kg
Frame material: iron
Seat, holo, toy material: 100% polyester
● We will not ship overseas. If you wish, please purchase from the BUYEE sales page below. Also, please use those who do not use Yahoo! ID or not want to bid directly.Click here for the BUYEE sales page. THE PERSON WHO HOPES FOR THE OVERSEAS SHIPMENT IS HERE.● If you can come to get it, there are days when you can respond and you cannot do so, so please let us know the date and time in advance. Basically, we cannot respond in the morning. ● Shipping will be 200cm size. This item cannot be specified by the shipping company. It will be shipped by Kuroneko Takkyubin. ・ Kuroneko Takkyubin
Kanto / Shinetsu / Hokuriku / Chubu / South Tohoku (Miyagi / Yamagata / Fukushima) → 2,840 yen
Kansai / North Tohoku (Aomori / Akita / Iwate) → 2,950 yen
Shikoku / China → 3,060 yen
Hokkaido / Kyushu → 3,280 yen
Okinawa → 5,260 yen
If you wish to bundle, when you pack it, Yu -Pack will be 170cm size 30kg or less, and Kuroneko Takkyubin will be 200cm size 25kg or less.. In addition, Yu -Pack will be treated as a weight Yu -pack if the weight exceeds 25 kg, and it costs 500 yen for the shipping cost. Even if the size or weight is within the standard, if it is judged to be dangerous depending on the combination of luggage, the bundle will be refused. ● Link the price list for Kuroneko Takkyubin. Please see the 200 size part.Kuroneko Takkyubin Fare● You cannot use cash on delivery for this product. It will only be a prepayment. ● The condition varies from person to person, so it may be difficult to understand, but please refer to the photo. ● Because it is USED, there are scratches, dirt, etc., including small scratches that are not shown in the photo, so please bid after understanding.. ● Unless the above special descriptions in all products, including new, unused items, and shallow products, are not stamped in our shop. ● The total amount you pay
(Successful bid price + consumption tax) + shipping fee
is. Please refer to the order form after seeing the successful bid notification sent after the successful bid. ● It will be shipped after payment or easy payment confirmation. Basically, it will be shipped until the day of the remittance or the next day, the next day, but if there is no post to the shipping email or contact bulletin board after 3 days, please contact us individually. If you wish to cash on a cash on delivery product, you will receive the order form and ship within the above schedule. Shipping by household goods courier service cannot be picked up on the day, so it will be picked up the next day or the next day. ● there is a case where I am allowed to delete without permission of the judgment here to see the evaluation column, please know. ● Seller basic information
Ancient business license [452600004773/Kanagawa Public Safety Commission]
31-4 Inuyama-cho, Sakae-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Maeda Maeda (Maeda Masahiro)
● Payments with stamps, gift certificates, and income stamps should be 30 % more than the total amount, including shipping costs.. ● The payment method is
Easy settlement
Japan Post Bank
PayPay Bank (Japan Net Bank)
Rakuten Bank
Mizuho Bank
Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
Sumishin SBI Net Bank
Shinsei Bank
Stamp payment (face value 30 % increase)
Please choose from among. ● We cannot respond to bidding cancellation after bidding. Please take care. ● There are many other exhibited, so please take a look. ↓ ↓ ↓Other exhibits are here
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