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Agabe Titanota Sword Dragon Strong Tower of Babel Babel Babel Stock Sharp Sharp Thorns and fine saw teeth are characteristic and they grow very cool!
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Current price ¥1,599 $12
Start price ¥1,599 $12
Buy-now ¥1,599 $12
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Seller ziorc31776 +329
Condition New
Start time 2023-01-11T12:02:32+09:00
End time 2023-01-17T13:14:42+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number f1073986152
Seller position Tokyo

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Thank you very much for seeing it. Agabe Titanota Sword Dragon Tower of Babel Strong Plenty ☆ Exhibition of excellent pedigree stocks.
Six photos are listed above, so please see. The first to third is the actual child stock. We select good stocks and ship randomly. 1599 yen per shareThis is the actual photo. The photo is multiple shares, but it is an exhibition for 1599 yen per share.. We will send you any number of shares for the shipping cost of 130 yen, so please contact us if you have any desired number..This is also a real photo. Thorn, hell, very cool pedigree. Expectations for growth. It is a type of stock that grows a little slender and grows vertically vertically and is also called tower type, tower of babel.. Agabe with a very unique and distinctive character.. It is very beautiful with sharp and straight stretched thorns and fine saw teeth.. The leaves are also linear, and they are very smart than other titanota.. Saw teeth are the coolest!It is also interesting to watch the process of growing changes
Sword dragons are very durable and easy to grow unlike other species
This ease of raising may be one of the charms
If the soil is dry and the soil is dry, it will grow without permission as long as the basic method of watering is watered..Houseplants, whose tip stretches over the sharpness like Agabe, pays "evil" in feng shui, and in addition to the fact that it is a disgusting point, the "positive" is distributed, and the place where it is placed is purified. It is said to give me.Therefore, it is said that Agabe should be placed in a place with contact with the outside, such as the entrance and entrance.. It is a cool agabe for interiors and ornamental use, but it is attracting attention to improving luck.
(^-^ゞ* When the winter cold, which is below the temperature of 5 ° C, is getting harsher, it is safe to manage indoors as much as possible or to train in a well -heated plastic house.. We are trying to make a pleasant transaction, so thank you for your continued support.. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.. We will pack it with caution, but for the plant, the leaves may be removed, so please purchase only those who can understand.. If you have any problems such as damage at the time of shipping, please contact us before the evaluation.. We will respond as much as possible, such as returned and exchanged.. Because it is a plant, the condition changes every day. Please understand that it is not perfect because of your living things before purchasing.. We will ship by type 4.
* Part of the photo is an image image.
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